Scandals and Controversies Involving iKON’s Junhoe

Let’s Get to Know The Main Vocalist With a Husky and Deep Voice from the South Korean Boy Band iKON – June

Koo Jun-hoe was born on March 31st, 1997, in Seoul, South Korea. He is also known by his stage name June. He is a South Korean singer and member of the boy band iKon under YG Entertainment. In March 2009, he made his first television appearance on SBS’ Star King as “13-year-old Michael Jackson.” In 2011, Jun-hoe appeared in the first season of SBS’ K-pop StarFollowing elimination from the show, in April 2012 he was scouted by YG Entertainment and joined the company as a trainee. He has made appearances in the survival programs WIN: Who Is Next and Mix & Match in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of the scandals and controversies involving iKON’s main vocalist, Koo Jun-hoe. So, stay tuned!

Clubbing with Girls


As an idol, you have to be prepared to accept the watchful eye and criticism of the netizens. Just like iKON’s June, who became a hot talk among netizens about his photographs allegedly when he was at a nightclub. Posted in Pann, netters were busy discussing photos like iKON’s June who was caught at a nightclub with women. In the photo, the iKON member looks relaxed in black clothes. Next to him, there seems to be a beautiful woman dressed in sexy clothes.


The photos were immediately spread virally to various sites in South Korea. Not only photos, but there are also netizens who talk about the incident that happened when the woman met the singer of “Dumb & Dumber” at the nightclub.

A netizen claimed to feel disappointed with iKON’s June‘s attitude that was not polite when at the nightclub. This netizen claims that iKON’s June was cool when she found out that many people realized it was him. The netizen’s statement certainly caused controversy among netizens and fans.

“He goes to night clubs with the girls? Is he really a rookie?” netizens scorned. “Leave him alone. This is no big deal, he just wants to be himself,” another defended. “Maybe he was upset that someone recognized him during clubbing. My question was, is he legal for clubbing?” asked another.

IKON’s June’s response to the controversy


Junhoe aroused controversy after his photographs at a nightclub were scattered in the online community. Although he was already an adult, many regretted this because he was still classified as a rookie idol at that time.

In one of the episodes of MBC’s It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, Junhoe talked about why he ended up being a house boy and revealed the story behind his old habits of going to night clubs. This 1997-born guy revealed that he began to stay more at home during his trainee days. “Because I spent a long time as a trainee, so when I met my friends, we didn’t have anything in common. That’s why I started enjoying spending time alone and staying at home,” he said.

Junhoe also opened himself to other performers, which is Loco and Jang Ki-ha about the short period in which he plunged into the glitter of the night world. ”When I was only 20 years old, I suddenly liked clubbing, and I went six days a week. I went six times and was finally caught on camera (by the press), so I haven’t been going since.” He went on to talk about his love of poetry, which he now uses to fill his spare time. “I like things that last a long time and I find poetry very interesting,” he said. Junhoe later revealed that there were around 100 poems of his work that were stored in his cellphone.

Mocking Momo’s Accent


Junhoe iKON is considered to have ridiculed the Korean dialect of one of the foreign TWICE members from Japan, Momo. On June 22, 2017, two members of iKON, Junhoe and Bobby became special DJs on the ‘Youngstreet Radio’ radio program. In one segment Junhoe mimicked Momo’s accent in Korean, as he was a member of TWICE originating from Japan.

Junhoe’s action apparently made a lot of people disappointed, because he mimicked Momo’s accent as if he was mocking him. Netizens even likened it to the case of TMZ media from the United States who mocked the English accent of EXID members some time ago.


Momo’s fans were very angry and said that it such a careless actions hurt her (Momo) feelings and reduce her confidence to talk. However, iKon’s fans denied TWICE fans saying that he only imitates and in the process of imitating he only emphasizes characteristics.

Netizens Reaction

Junhoe imitates Momo’s speech at 34:40 & around 40:00
Pann: Controversy of iKON’s Junhoe harassing TWICE’s Momo
  1. [+294, -22] You might think it’s not a serious matter but let me say a few things to the fans that will defend them. iKON has not been around for 10 years or anything. They’ve been around for only 2~3 years, the industry will still consider them a rookie group. Honestly, without the agency power, they wouldn’t even have the chance to be special radio DJs. Bobby’s arrogant position is not excusable when it’s not even their own show. The radio staff members are much older than the iKON members. And the audience of radio shows is various age groups, not just their fans. They must be careful with their behavior and attitude. Twice and their fans have the right to be upset. They’re ’95~97ers and still young. They need to know their position and be modest.
  2. [+256, -22] Those who made fun of EXID’s pronunciation got a lot of hate overseas. How is iKON any different ㅋㅋ
  3. [+187, -41] Christina uses her pronunciation as her talent, though. And it’s not like the iKON members are close to Momo. They even laugh openly on broadcast, I’m sure it’s more severe in private.
  4. [+162, -19] Is he even close to Momo? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’ve always felt that these jerks are so full of themselves with no manners ㅋㅋㅋ Of course, it could be because I’m not a YG fan but as far as I know, Winner never had a controversy like that.
  5. [+137, -11] iKON should be glad ㅋㅋㅋ If EXO or BTS made fun of a girl group or put up their feet on radio, they would’ve gotten so much hate.
  6. [+124, -17] YG idiots need to be educated on personality. Now we have these fucking nugs pulling this bullshit. Who do they think they are? Look at their YG pride ㅋㅋㅋㅋ As a non-fan, they’re just total nugs to me.
  7. [+106, -11] Bobby thinks he’s a superstar ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Is he out of his mind?
  8. [+103, -11] Weren’t they already controversial because of their personality? I’m sure a lot of other things got buried. They need to think when they’re on the broadcast.
  9. [+87, -8] The only flopped kids in YG.
  10. [+87, -9] There’s a reason why they’re not popular~

Controversial Instagram Post

Daily Naver

The latest news about iKON’s Junhoe is related to a controversial Instagram post he has made. The post in question was uploaded to his Instagram @juneeeeeeya account. In this post, Junhoe showed off the prize he got from the Japanese comedian and director, Kitano Takeshi. In the post’s caption, Junhoe wrote, “Kitano Takeshi-san, thank you. Please come to the iKON concert.”

Seeing this Junhoe post, fans also gave him a warning and asked the singer of “Love Scenario” to delete it. “Kitano Takeshi has a history of controversial issues where he hates Korea. Please delete all posts (related to him),” wrote a fan. But the fans’ request was not responded to by Junhoe. The 1997-born singer expressed his dislike when someone ordered him to do this.


“Don’t make me do this or that … I don’t like it,” Junhoe wrote. “I like (Kitano Takeshi) as an artist. Why every time there is a certain problem, you have to step back and erase all traces. I also have feelings, so please respect. There is no problem if I personally like him as an artist.”

Junhoe’s reply was not responded to warmly by netizens. The reason is that Kitano Takeshi himself does not have a good image in the eyes of the Korean public since he once stated that Korea was “still a Japanese colony” which “needed to be recaptured.”

“Does he have a brain?” netizens commented. “Why does he cause trouble when iKON wants to make a comeback?” said another netizen. “He must apologize and provide an explanation,” said another netizen. “You are arrogant,” said another.

“I heard you want to release ‘Goodbye Road.’ I think that means you want to separate from your fans,” said the netizens sarcastically. “You should be more humble, the higher your position. The fans give you advice for your own good and you instead ignore it,” added another.

iKON’s Junhoe Apologies for His Posts and Comments on Instagram Causing Controversy

One of the members of iKON, Junhoe, became a concern because his posts and comments on Instagram caused controversy. The handsome idol had to apologize twice and one of the apologies he immediately made was handwritten. The controversy began with Junhoe’s post on Instagram showing a gift from a Japanese comedian and director named Kitano Takeshi. Junhoe also wrote a caption that read, “Kitano Takeshi-san thank you. Come to the iKON concert.”

The post was in the spotlight for fans, especially those from Korea. One fan wrote a comment that said, “Kitano Takeshi has a history of hating Korea. Please just delete posts related to Kitano Takeshi.”

Junhoe responded by saying, “Don’t order me to do this and that. I don’t like it. I really like Kitano Takeshi as an artist. Why if there is an issue I have to step back and erase all traces. I also have feelings, so please respect. There’s no problem for me because I like him as an artist.”

Junhoe’s comments also triggered many other negative comments. Many fans who were from Korea thought that what the iKON member was doing was wrong and they asked him to apologize. A few hours after Junhoe’s posting was in the spotlight, he finally deleted the photo and revealed an apology.

“I’m sorry. He (Kitano Takeshi) is an actor I like and I don’t know any other information. Because the fans consider me as their friend, I didn’t realize that having talked to them comfortably made things like this. I really apologize. In the future, I will be the one who will speak more carefully. Again, forgive me for being inconsiderate.”

Despite having apologized, there are still many netizens who are annoyed and are constantly giving negative comments on Junhoe’s Instagram. Finally, the idol with the husky voice returned to making a handwritten apology.


“Hello, this is Goo Jun-hoe. A few hours ago all the iKON members were filming so I was in a hurry to make an apology. I’m really sorry to the fans who always support me even though I still make mistakes. I’m not aware of the situation from the advice made for me. I made a mistake because I had a chat like with my own friend and thought that if it was not a big problem. I only realized it later and felt ashamed of myself. I’m really sorry.”

“I am very sorry for replying to comments with no caution on fans who care about me. I will go back to working hard to become a more mature and careful Goo Jun-hoe. Once again, I’m really sorry,” he concluded.

Calling Taiwanese Fans ‘Chinese’

Following his recent controversy involving Japanese film director and actor Kitano Takeshi, iKON member Koo Jun-hoe found himself in trouble again recently. On September 22nd, during iKON’s visit to Taiwan for a concert, the K-Pop idol yelled out:

“I’m the boss of YG Chinese fans!”

Needless to say, the audience and fellow group members seemed rather shocked. He quickly then attempted to cover up his mistake by yelling “I love you.” Unfortunately, the damage seems to have been done as fans and netizens seemed quite upset over the incident.

The recent event doesn’t necessarily help the fact that China and Taiwan have an unstable and highly sensitive relationship due to historical conflicts.

Dating Rumor with Kim Yoo-jung

iKON’s Junhoe is rumored to be dating actress Kim Yoo-jung!

The news of an idol and a celebrity dating now approached iKON’s Junhoe and actress Kim Yoo-jung. This rumor circulated after the netizens smelled suspicion towards both of them with various hints through SNS photos. Through the Instiz forum, fans saw that the rings worn by both were the same. This ring immediately made fans speculate that those were couple’s rings.

Then a screenshot of Kim Yoo-jung and Junhoe’s Instagram also raised suspicion. But there are also some netizens who do not believe this, they assume that they are just ordinary friends. Following the netizens’ comments about this as well as evidence that caused this rumor to emerge, here are some of the comments.

“They seem to be very close. I think the words of the person who saw Junhoe and Yoo Jung in the cafe together is the truth.”

“Junhoe’s ring is an iKON friendship ring and Kim Yoo-jung’s ring is a friendship ring with Suhyun. No one believes this rumor.”

“This rumor was fabricated. If you read posts in other communities you can find the title of the article ‘Let’s spread rumors of Goo Jun-hoe and Kim Yoo-jung dating.'” said another comment.