SBS’ ‘Running Man’ Special Anniversary Fan Meeting: Singing and Dancing Performance Running Man Style

Fun Facts


Through this event, Running Man for the first time featured an original theme song arranged by musician Jung Joon-il. The lyrics themselves are summarized from the members’ proposals.

Their toughest challenge was the group dance with complicated choreography, even though none of them mastered the field of choreography. Lia Kim, one of South Korea’s most famous choreographers, was sent to help all Running Man members. All of these preparations took around 4 months, the process of which can be seen in several episodes of Running Man since last May.


Latest News of Running Man


Running Man Episode 474 Preview: Gold Bullion Thief Search Mission!

The 33-second preview of the latest Running Man episode is distributed directly through SBS Now’s official YouTube Channel. SBS’ flagship program, Running Man, has released a preview of its latest episode on Friday (10/25/2019). The 33-second preview snippet is shared directly through their official YouTube account, SBS Now.

The preview begins with footage of the Running Man players who are preparing to hurry to a place. Initially, Yoo Jae-suk appeared in a detective brown suit. Seconds later, the layer shows Jeon So-min wearing a jacket and a baseball cap.

Soon, the screen then displays two guest stars who will also enliven the 474th episode. Based on the excerpt, it is known that this week’s episode of Running Man will be attended by two Korean actresses which are Go Ming-si and Hwang Bo-ra.

Seconds later, the screen then immediately displays another footage from the players and guest stars of Running Man who were rushing to find something. The rest of the preview footage then shows the excitement of the players and guest stars in completing the mission of the game ranging from running, laughing happily to finding clues, to footage of the surprise of all players and guest stars when they find out the answers to the missions they have carried out.

In this 474th episode, the players and guest stars are also required to complete a mission to search for gold bullion thieves. In this search mission, the players will be divided into two groups, the Gray team and the Black team.

The Gray Team consists of Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo, Song Ji-hyo, and Go Min-si. While the black team consists of Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Jeon So-min, Yang Se-chan, and Hwang Bo-ra. In this episode, the two teams will have to compete against each other in finding the gold bullion thieves. He exclaimed, without their knowledge, that the thief would turn out to be someone from within their two teams.

More about the 472nd episode of Running Man was aired on Sunday (10/13/2019) at 17:00 KST.

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