Say It Again (2018) by TWICE

“Say It Again” (2018) by TWICE

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album BDZ
Release Date December 26, 2018
Length 3:30
Label JYP Entertainment
  • Min Lee “collapsedone”
  • Mayu Wakisaka
  • Min Lee “collapsedone”
  • Mayu Wakisaka
Genre J-pop


Falling in love is incredibly beautiful, they say. When you fall in love, you want to be with that person all the time. That feeling is what TWICE tried to convey in their song “Say It Again.” “Say it Again” is TWICE’s Japanese song that was released along with the BDZ album.

BDZ has ten tracks on it, and “Say It Again” is the sixth track on the album. The album BDZ was TWICE’s first Japanese album and was released on September 12th, 2018.

Background of “Say It Again”

Before the release of BDZ, TWICE released a Japanese single and was doing a tour. During their Twiceland Zone 2 tour in Osaka, TWICE announced that they were going to release a Japanese album. The album was scheduled to release in autumn.

The songs included on BDZ have been previously released by TWICE, and they added five more songs to the album.

say it again twice

Story of “Say It Again”

There’s a tingling and exciting feeling when you hear someone you love call you by your pet name. Names such as baby, honey, hon, and darling are commonly heard when dating someone. The feeling of wanting to hear someone call your pet name at all places surely leaves an exciting feeling.

In “Say It Again,” TWICE is wanting to hear someone they love call them baby all the time. That’s why they want them to say it again. When you fall in love, you also want to be with the person all the time, and talking on the phone sometimes doesn’t feel like enough, especially if you both have busy lives.

Falling in love is beautiful. You even just want to share headphones, put on a playlist, and talk about any song that pops up on the playlist. Even the image of the situation is enough to make the other one excited and start blushing.

“Say It Again” has an upbeat tempo and energetic feeling and is written by Min Lee “collapsedone” and Mayu Wakisaka. Min Lee “collapsedone” previously worked as a producer for TWICE’s “What Is Love.” Both Min Lee “collapsedone” and Mayu Wakisaka were also the music composers for “Say It Again.” The producer for “Say It Again” was also Min Lee “collapsedone.”

“Say It Again” Achievement

Being their first Japanese album to release didn’t hinder TWICE from reaching commercial success with their first Japanese album. TWICE’s BDZ album was certified with platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). BDZ also topped the Billboard Japan album and Oricon Weekly chart.