Let’s Take a Look at Sandara Park’s Sexy Toned Abs!


The Visual of Former Group 2NE1, Sandara Park

Sandara Park (born on November 12th, 1984), also known as Dara, is a famous singer, actress, and television presenter from South Korea who has been originally known as a former member of 2NE1, a girl group from YG Entertainment. Sandara Park gained her fame in the Philippines as a contestant in the talent show Star Circle Quest and had a successful acting and singing career. Among her Philippine fans, she is popular by the nickname Pambansang Krung-Krung (National Crazy Personality).

She returned to South Korea in 2007 and made her first step toward fame in South Korea as a member of the girl group 2NE1 in 2009. Sandara Park released her first single titled “Kiss,” featuring her fellow member CL of 2NE1, in 2009. The girl group took a hiatus in 2014 and Sandara Park shifted her focus to her acting career. After 2NE1 reached it highest at popularity, unfortunately, they disbanded in 2016, due to some internal issues. Sandara Park herself renewed her contract with YG Entertainment and continued to be active as an actress.

Sandara Park was the eldest of the group, with a sweet and heartwarming voice. Moreover, Sandara Park has a pretty visual, quite petite body, and a cute baby face that makes her look younger than she actually is. Her beauty is being recognized by many people, including many commercial beauty product brands. Her face is not her only visual asset, she also has killer abs that were readily displayed at her performance with 2NE1, on their world tour concert in 2014 and the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015. Her abs hit the headlines at the time because she used to be famous for being cute and feminine. Let’s take a look at the pictures below, showing Sandara Park’s killer abs, and some lessons from the process of shaping the body!


Are you already shocked? She rocks so much as she is the only one wearing a crop top, showing her killer abs. Keep scrolling for more stunning photos of her:



Sandara Park, The Skinny Girl Who Loves to Eat


Sandara Park was the skinniest of all the members of 2NE1. She used to weigh only 39 kg. Despite having less food in their daily regime, unlike the other members of the group, Sandara Park loves to eat food. She likes to eat instant noodles a lot, which is the worst enemy for most girls because of being on the unhealthy side and the high-calorie content. She often shares on her Instagram account some delicious and good looking foods.

But, in one of tvN’s talk shows, Sandara Park revealed that she actually wanted to gain weight very much. Her weight target is 42-43 kg, but it’s hard for her weight to increase. Poor Dara! It seems like now she has already gained a few kilograms in a healthy way and has enhanced her look even more.

Work Out Routine of Sandara Park


On July 6th, Sandara Park wrote on her Twitter account, Working on my abs at the music video set without resting. I have tried to be consistent in keeping up my fitness for the comeback which is coming after a year of break. Tomorrow is the D-day of 2NE1’s comeback. ‘Falling in Love’ is to be first presented at the SBS The Music Trend. I hope you all fall in love with 2NE1.”

In the photo within the tweet, she seemed to be working really hard even it was only above the plastic chair, not in the gym.

Sandara Park also tweeted that she exercises constantly ever since she was a trainee and it has become her lifestyle. She already had some abs, but she wanted to shape it more into an amazing six-pack for 2NE1’s upcoming comeback at the time. She said that strong self-motivation, self-discipline, and constant workout were the main keys to gaining the super sexy and killer six-packs abs!