Who’s Sandara Park’s Current Boyfriend? Learn More About Her Dating Style and Her Foreigner Exes!

Sandara Park

Sandara Park’s Current Boyfriend?

A romance between celebrities is a personal matter that is often covered up. They cover the relationship that is being lived or the relationship that has long been over. That’s because romance can have an impact on the career they are building.

Hiding the romance is apparently also done by the former member of 2NE1, Sandara Park. She was born in Busan, South Korea but later moved to the Philippines in 1992. She got famous from her talent search event, ABC-CBN. She came to show a talent search, she hosted by herself the Sandara Romance program, which is a TV drama. Sandara then joined ABC-CBN entertainment program called Star Magic. She is a former member of 2NE1.


Sandara Park’s Ex-boyfriends

Common people

There is a rumor that Dara is dating a common person and she is keeping it a secret. Additionally, according to two other rumors she even bought an engagement ring a few days ago. Their close friends are optimistic that they will soon be engaged. And she did not deny the rumor.



Dara with G-Dragon

Dara does not have any known relationships. This is probably because Dara always keeps her relationships a secret. She does not want her every relationship to be public knowledge.

However, there were rumors about Dara and G-Dragon when they were both in the Philippines and did the same work.


Joseph Bitangcol

Dara with Joseph Bitangcol

After being investigated, Dara once dated a man from the Philippines, the country where she moved to. An old photo of Dara and her ex-boyfriend was recently discovered by observant netizens and it circulated online. Originating from Koreaboo, Dara’s former lover is named Joseph Bitangcol.

Joseph Bitangcol is a Filipino actor who had been Dara’s lover in 2009. The two met at the Star Circle Quest audition where they were both contestants. After several years of dating, they decided to end the relationship on a good note. Both of them maintain their friendship and have met several times since then.

In several interviews, Dara admitted that she felt devastated when she broke up with Joseph Bitangcol. Now Joseph Bitangcol is married to an ordinary person (not a celebrity) and Sandara Park is focusing on her solo career.


Her ideal man

sandara park

Dara wants someone like Wonbin. She said she likes the character Wonbin plays in the drama. She said she might want to tighten up with someone who is younger and not rude. What are her thoughts on marriage? Dara hasn’t planned a wedding; she said that she likes her solitude. But she has positive thoughts about marriage. She hopes she can marry someone younger than her.

The Date of Her Dreams

sandara park

She hasn’t spoken about her dream date. She just wants to be alone, waiting for someone who is right for her. Her close friends think that now that she is an adult she should be in a serious relationship. Others think that she shouldn’t rush to get married. And yet others say it’s okay if she’s engaged.