All About Sandara Park’s Current Boyfriend, Dating Rumor, and Ex-Boyfriend

Sandara Park

Sandara Park’s Relationship

A romance between celebrities is a personal matter that is often covered up. They cover the relationship that is being lived or the relationship that has long been over. That’s because romance can have an impact on the career they are building.

Hiding the romance is apparently also done by the former member of 2NE1, Sandara Park. She was born in Busan, South Korea but later moved to the Philippines in 1992. She became famous with her talent search event, ABC-CBN. She came to show a talent search, she hosted herself the Sandara Romance program, which is a TV drama. Sandara then joined the ABC-CBN entertainment program titled Star Magic. She is a former member of 2NE1.

Who is Sandara Park’s Current Boyfriend?

Sandara Park

Sandara Park who is also famous for her stage name Dara, now is 36 years old or in Korean age, she is 37 years old. Becoming one of the few most influential Korean stars in the Philippines, she is also nicknamed by her fans “Boa of the Philippines”. Looking at her age, her successful carriers both with her former group 2NE1 alongside with CL, Minzy, and Park Bom and recently her television carrier, and foremost her babyface, plus her eccentric and distinct fashion style, all these make people frequently wonder whether now Sandara Park is dating someone or not. According to some information published, Sandara Park is not dating anyone currently. Well, it is highly due to Dara’s ability to hide her relationships from the public, thus even the media cannot sniff them out. What do you think? Do you truly believe that Sandara Park, the National Crazy Personality, is single today? Comment below!

Sandara Park’s Ex-boyfriends and Dating Rumors

Having a partner who becomes your other half is probably the answer to everyone’s prayers, including celebrities like Sandara Park. However, during her time as a K-pop trainee, as she recalled, she experienced a platonic relationship (non-face-to-face contact) and was even scolded for being in a relationship. In addition to this, after her debut, she had this dating-ban for five years. Despite the rules and the dating-ban, the dating rumors of Sandara Park and her old love story, though it is not a surprise, still circulated among the media and fans. Are you one of them who are also curious about Sandara Park’s Ex-boyfriends and dating rumors? Well, check this out!

Sandara Park With Common People

There is a rumor that Dara is dating a common person and she is keeping it a secret. Additionally, according to two other rumors she even bought an engagement ring a few days ago. Their close friends are optimistic that they will soon be engaged. And she did not deny the rumor.

Sandara Park With G-Dragon

Dara with G-Dragon

Dara does not have any known relationships. This is probably because Dara always keeps her relationships a secret. She does not want her every relationship to be public knowledge.

However, there were rumors about Dara and G-Dragon when they were both in the Philippines and did some work together.

Not only did they appear together, but Daragon, the nickname from their fans, once took goofy photos that made everyone assume that they were kissing. Although Dara confirmed that they are just like family, the netizens still found it hard to believe. Further, in 2019 G-Dragon even personalized limited edition yellow swoosh versions of his PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1 Para-Noise collection for Sandara Park. G-Dragon painted and customized Dara’s name on the shoes. Although the shoes did not match Dara’s size, she still adored them saying that the shoes are beautiful because of the personal touch done by GD. Do you wish Daragon to be real or just to be a family?

Sandara Park With Joseph Bitangcol

Dara with Joseph Bitangcol

After being investigated, Dara once dated a man from the Philippines, the country where she moved to. An old photo of Dara and her ex-boyfriend was recently discovered by observant netizens and it circulated online. Originating from Koreaboo, Dara’s former lover is named Joseph Bitangcol.

Joseph Bitangcol is a Filipino actor who had been Dara’s lover in 2009. The two met at the Star Circle Quest audition where they were both contestants. After several years of dating, they decided to end the relationship on a good note. Both of them maintain their friendship and have met several times since then.

In several interviews, Dara admitted that she felt devastated when she broke up with Joseph Bitangcol. Now Joseph Bitangcol is married to an ordinary person (not a celebrity) and Sandara Park is focusing on her solo career.

Sandara Park With JYJ’s Jaejoong

Sandara Park With JYJ’s Jaejoong

In 2019, there was also a dating rumor involving Sandara Park and JYJ’s Jaejoong. Dara and Jaejoong appear together in the Big Bang concert which was 10 years after their last encounter. Since they are very close, everyone assumes that they have a love affair. Some evidence was revealed. For instance, in 2013, some said that they saw them at a coffee shop together. One of the netizens posted a photo, yet unfortunately, the photo was very blurry. So it could not be proven. Later, another netizen posted on me2day stating that she saw Dara and Hero Jaejoong at Amokka Café. Many of their fans wrote fan-fictions about them ever since.
Their interactions were also spotted at other events including the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2009. During this MAMA event, the media noticed that Dara seemed to steal a look from Jaejoong so many times while shyly smiling. The speculation heated also because of their couple stuff from accessories until outfits. Further, Jaejoong named her sister’s birds Dada and Rara, which can be combined as Dara. Do you think it is a coincidence? Or do you think they were really dating?

Sandara Park With Eunhyuk from Super Junior

Sandara Park With Eunhyuk from Super Junior

The rumor involving Sandara Park and one of the members of Super Junior, Eunhyuk, began to rise since Eunhyuk posted Sandara Park’s picture candidly on his Instagram account. Being the first woman posted on Eunhyuk’s Instagram who does not appear in groups made the ELF extremely jealous of this Scorpion girl who decided to be a singer after hearing Seo Taiji and Boys. Although, after Eunhyuk uploaded Sandara Park’s photo, he still uploaded rapper Dindin and the scenic view of Switzerland.

Turns out, Sandara Park and Eunhyuk were collaborating on the new JBTC2 variety show Borrow Trouble Season 2: Paradise. In this show, they had to go on vacation to Switzerland as backpackers, which means they have to travel in minimum accommodation. Are you surprised to notice that K-pop artists under YG and SM entertainment appeared together in a show? How did Sandara Park and Eunhyuk comment on this? Check it out, here!

Sandara Park’s Ideal Type of Man

sandara park

Sandara Park’s status may be single but it does not mean that she bans her ideal type of man. She stated that she prefers someone cute but also has a tough side and slim rather than someone muscular. She also wants a man who shares similar interests with her in fashion, music, and cats. Due to this statement, people link this ideal type of man to G-Dragon. Though G-Dragon is boyfriend material, Sandara Park confirmed that he is only like a brother to her.

Further, Dara also wants a younger guy because her thinking way is youthful which is not suitable for her age. Therefore, she is not attracted to mature guys. However, Dara who also has the ability to speak more than three languages, emphasized that the most essential factor is that she doesn’t like guys who fall in love quickly.

Dara also stated that she wants someone like Wonbin. She said she likes the character Wonbin plays in the drama. She said she might want to tighten up with someone who is younger and not rude. What are her thoughts on marriage? Dara hasn’t planned a wedding; she said that she likes her solitude. But she has positive thoughts about marriage. She hopes she can marry someone younger than her.

Sandara Park’s Dream Date

sandara park

She hasn’t spoken about her dream date. She just wants to be alone, waiting for someone who is right for her. Her close friends think that now that she is an adult she should be in a serious relationship. Others think that she shouldn’t rush to get married. And yet others say it’s okay if she’s engaged.

Sandara Park, who was born on November 12th, 1984, might be the dreamy type of woman for men. Because there are a lot of reasons to fall in love with her. Yet, unfortunately, the news spread nowadays saying that she is still single. Probably, she highly focuses on her carrier or probably men think that they cannot match Sandara Park’s high standards. Well, as Sandara Park stated on a Korean Variety show named MBC’s Sister’s Salon: “Don’t be such a wimp and go on a date!” Let’s hope the best for Sandara Park, may she find someone with whom she can hold hands in public.