Sandara Park’s Life After 2NE1, What Is She Doing Now?

Sandara Park

Sandara’s Life After 2NE1

Let’s catch up with Sandara Park! After all this time, there are a lot of people, especially her fans, who miss her so much! You might recognize her as one of the earliest K-Pop stars in the Hallyu wave, since Sandara Park had already started her career with 2NE1 back in 2009.

Sandara Park gained a lot of attention starting from her first debut with 2NE1 in 2009. Since that time, her popularity has just continued to grow. With a beautiful face and tons of talent, it’s no wonder that she became one of the earliest successful K-Pop stars. Sadly, YG Entertainment disbanded 2NE1 in 2016 and, after that, Sandara Park has continued her career as an solo singer, and has also appeared on some television shows and built up her YouTube Channel through DARA TV.

Through this article, Channel Korea will tell you about the chic Sandara Park and all the details of her life after 2NE1!


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As previously mentioned, Sandara Park continued her career as an solo singer after 2NE1’s disbandment. She successfully released some of her solo singles, and she even collaborated with other famous singers! Let’s find out more!

Featuring in Epik High’s Love Love Love

First of all, we have Sandara Park with Epik High’s song, Love Love Love! In 2016, Epik High released the song which featured Sandara Park. Epik High was also under the umbrella of YG Entertainment at the time, even though they were decided to leae the agency in 2018.

Watch Sandara Park’s performance with Epik High in Love Love Love here:

One Step OST

Next, we have an official soundtrack from Sandara Park! She sang a song for One Step, a South Korean drama. For the drama, she presented a soundtrack with the title Song of Memory, which she sang together with Han Jae-suk!

Watch Sandara Park’s performance with Han Jae-suk in Song of Memory here:

Feauturing in Park Bom’s Spring

Her most recent song was with her mate, Park Bom! Both of them used to be in the same girl-group, and after the group’s disbandment, they were reunited through Park Bom’s single, Spring! The song took Park Bom to the top in many song charts, and it also was a bit of a flashback for both Park Bom and Sandara Park’s fans, since it was their first time performing together since 2NE1 disbanded!

Watch her performance together with Park Bom performing Spring here:



Sandara Park

In addition to her solo music work, she’s also taken up acting. Let’s move on to her acting career after 2NE1’s disbandment!

Sandara in One Step

First, we have One Step! Not only did she appear as one of the main characters, but she also sang one of the official soundtracks, Song of Memory! In One Step, Sandara Park played Si-hyun, a multi-talented singer who was collaborating with Ji-Il (played by Han Jae-suk).

Sandara Park

The performer once revealed that the story-line commonly was based on the music, which was very similar to her previous focus.

Watch Sandara Park’s appearance on One Step here:


Sandara in Cheese in the Trap

Another series she was involved in was Cheese in the Trap! In Cheese in the Trap, Sandara Park was cast as Jang Bora, an energetic woman who was also Hong Seol’s (played by Oh Yeon-seo) best friend.

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Cheese in the Trap already is a drama which was adapted from a Webtoon, but then Cheese in the Trap was adapted again, as a movie, with Sandara Park as one of the characters!

Watch one of Sandara Park’s appearances in Cheese in the Trap here: