Then and Now: Let’s Compare Sandara Park’s Looks from the Past to Now

The Trendsetter, Sandara Park

Sandara Park, more familiarly known as Dara, is a former member of girl-group 2NE1. The performer, who was born in 1984, started her solo career after 2NE1 was officially dissolved by YG Entertainment in 2016. Not many know whether Dara’s career journey is not as smooth as imagined. She’s experienced 3 major turning points in her career, so far.

YG Entertainment officially announced 2NE1 had disbanded on November 25, 2016. 2NE1’s dissolution was a blow to Sandara Park. During the ‘Talking Street’ event, Dara admitted that she was afraid to start over by herself after working as part of a group for so long. However, the people closest to her provided support and continued to encourage Dara until she was well-established in her solo career.

From the beginning of her debut with 2NE1, Dara’s appearance was indeed often a concern for fans. Just look at the “palm tree” hairstyle that is iconic even today. No wonder so many brands want Dara endorse them. She’s been approached by Head & Shoulders (Shampoo), Penshoppe (clothes), and recently she attended the opening of the Adidas Brand Center in Bangkok, Thailand. At that event, Dara had the opportunity to appear again on the stage as a singer.

Given that her appearance is so iconic, how about those rumors about plastic surgery? Did she did have any plastic surgery? Let’s take a look at her pictures from her debut until now.

There are many Korean actresses who are obsessed with having plastic surgery procedures. Either they want to fix some flaw in their face or want to generally make it more beautiful. Physical appearance is something that matters a lot in Korean entertainment, especially for female celebrities.

Sandara Park is a popular Korean actress who recently got a lot of buzz about whether she’s undergone plastic surgery because she has such a cute face. Since her debut with 2NE1, Dara is the only member of 2NE1 who had a cute look, rather have a hot-looking one. Her face hasn’t ever shown signs that she’s growing older, even though she’s around 30 now.

The primary medical procedure that is believed to have occurred is an eyelid procedure, otherwise called Blepharoplasty.The Korean entertainment industry or the artist’s company sometimes pushes their idols to have a look that is wide and dynamic. This could be one reason why Sandara might have decided on an eyelid procedure.

The character of her eyes seems to have changed, with a full open look that was not there already. It appears the work was done by an exceedingly experienced specialist.

Despite the fact that Sandara previously already had twofold eyelids, some individuals contend that her eyelids are more articulated than previously. A similar impact can be accomplished using different strategies, though, for example, – twofold eyelid tape and makeup. Because of that that, it’s hard to decided whether the performer had an eyelid procedure or not.

When she was a teenager, her nose appeared a little bulbous. In the present, her nose seems more slender and defined than before. It also appears that the nostrils have been thinned down to compliment the changes to the shape of her nose..

Fans who are arguing against Sandara Park’s nose work say that the change could be an aftereffect of good cosmetics systems. The Korean magnificence hasn’t responded so far to the theories that she’s had nose work done, leaving her fans and critics in a hot discussion

Looking at her photographs, unmistakably Sandara’s smooth, maturing skin is enhanced by the adding of Botox. She understands the idea of control, because the work seems to be no more than was strictly required.

The hotly disputed theories about Sandara Park’s plastic surgery remains a divisive topic, isolating her fans in two groups. Performers like Dara are under pressure to enhance their appearance without appearing to make themselves look too different.

Lots of Sandara fans have called her a beautiful vampire because her fans think that she had a immortal beauty that was never touched by surgery.But, the same as CL, Dara has said that her cute face and youthful skin are the result of nature, not cosmetic procedures. She only confesses to having a really good makeup artist.

Sandara Park was once was advised by YG Entertainment to have plastic surgery on her cheekbones and chin, saying she’d look more beautiful if her face were less round. She rejected the idea outright, though, which some see as proof that she’s never had a plastic surgery procedure on her face, and even her flaws are part of her natural beauty.