Do You Wanna Know Former 2NE1 Member Sandara Park’s Latest News?

Sandara Park’s Latest News

Are there any “Blackjack” here? I bet a lot of you are missing 2NE1 so bad. After leaving two years ago with Goodbye as their latest song, 2NE1’s former members are busy with their individual careers. Minzy, who was the maknae of 2NE1, has been successful with her solo debut under The Music Works. Park Bom is joining D-nation as her new agency. Meanwhile, CL and Sandara Park are still with YG Entertainment.  Unlike CL, who has made her solo debut under YG Entertainment, Sandara’s next career step is still unclear. But for you who are curious about her latest tidings, here’s what she’s been up to.

Rocking the Eccentric Look at ‘Paris Fashion Week’

Back in September, Sandara Park became the center of attention at Paris Fashion Week. The 34 year old performer showed up sporting a much less feminine look than is usual  in women. You could even call her look downright eccentric. As we well know, Sandara Park and the other former members of 2NE1 have habitually stepped out looking super-stylish.

On her Instagram account, Dara showed some of her Outfits of The Day when she was attending the Paris Fashion Week, and her fashion choices reaped a variety comments.

Looking All Gothic

Sandara Park was looking pretty gothic when she attended Ann Demeulemeester’s fashion show. She wore a long black coat and left her short hair loose. She was rocking the smoky makeup, and completed the look with all-black gloves and heels. Don’t forget the black eyeliner that made her makeup so on-point.

Normal and Eccentric at the Same Time

At the Off White Paris Fashion Week Show, Sandara Park looked like she was wearing a pretty normal outfit at first, but when you gave her a closer look, her fashion choices continued to be as eccentric as her previous outfit. She wore a red striped shirt with her arms wrapped by two different shirts that connected to her skirt. Besides that, she was wearing a pair of mismatched shoes. The right leg wore a white shoe and the left one wore a black shoe.

Reaping Negative Comments with the Hijab Look

When the performer was attending the runway of the famous designer Rick Owens, she combined a long gray coat with a pair of unique sneakers that looked oversized. Interestingly, She was also wearing a hijab-styled headscarf that matched her coat.

A huge departure from her usual looks, her style received a lot of negative comments from netters. a lot of people laughed at her and remarked that she looked homeless.

Joining ‘Real Men 300’ to Raise Her Self-esteem

‘Real Men 300’ is a Korean variety show that shows celebrities who live life as if they were in the military, undergoing training.

Sandara Park, who joined this variety show on November 9, told us the reason why she joined ‘Real Men 300’. She said that when she was in 2NE1, she and the other 2NE1 members rarely joined any variety show, and she couldn’t join ‘Real Men’ because of that situation.

Then, she was asked about her reason for joining a military variety show and she explained that after 2NE1’s disbandment her confidence was running low, and to boost her confidence, she decided to enter the military in the variety show.

Last but not least, she also said that she didn’t want to depend on anyone, she wanted to stand on her own feet.

Winning the Trend Entertainer Award

A row of Korean artists were attending the ‘Elle Style Awards 2018’ which was held at the InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas a couple of months ago, November 12, 2018. Idol celebrities with their own beautiful styles greeted the fans, who had been waiting for their arrival. Sandara Park was one of the celebs attending and looked beautiful in her black dress.

In front of the audiences, while receiving her award, she was really thankful for receiving such an incredible gift on her birthday. She also said that she was the kind of person who would spend a lot of money on clothing, so to receive the award as the result made her very happy. Finally, she said that she hoped to have more projects with JTBC and Elle in the future.