Moment of Sandara Park And Park Bom Together That Will Make You Miss 2NE1 Even More

Reminiscing 2NE1’s Moments

Park Bom and Dara have many memories together ever since they were trainees to the present day. They are seen as 2NE1 members who have long-lasting beauty. Their faces and aura have not changed at all since old times until now.

Park Bom also said that Sandara is very good at being friends with anyone. She chose Sandara to collaborate on her project because Sandara was very able to bring any situation to be comfortable. Park Bom has also considered Sandara as her own sister because of their longstanding friendship.

They are also always seen as members who are very close because they have the same family name, namely Park (박). Besides that, they are also the oldest members of 2NE1 so they look very compatible and always go together. After disbanding, they also can still prove that their friendship is long-lasting.

They both come from 2 different countries. Sandara Park from The Philippines and Park Bom used to live in the USA. Because they feel comfortable and have always been together since they were trainees, many have supported the friendship of Park Bom and Sandara Park until now.

Beside that, Park Bom and Sandara were also born in the same year, 1984. Because they have close relationships like sisters, Sandara Park and Park Bom have nicknames like Park Sisters, Double Park, and SsangPark.

Because Sandara Park has so much positive energy and is known to be very funny because of her behavior, there are many moments that cannot be forgotten when Park Bom and Sandara are together. They really have friendly relations like siblings because until now, Sandara and Park Bom have always been seen together.

So, what do you think about the relationship between Sandara Park and Park Bom as best friends while they were still promoting together with 2NE1?

Latest News

On February 6th, 2020, a new peice of news emerged from Park Bom. Park Bom was a guest on the Jung Eun Ji’s Music Plaza radio show hosted by special DJ Brown Eyed Girls’s JeA. Here, Park Bom expressed her desire to collaborate with Bangtan Boys (BTS).

Undergoing solo activities, Park Bom revealed that it was not easy for her. “I think because I was with my group members before and now I’m alone,” said the 1984-born singer.

Park Bom said that she is still in frequent contact with Sandara Park. “She is very loyal and cool. She is an angel in my heart and also my vitality. Sandara doesn’t realize her own strengths, but she’s very beautiful and cool and humble,” Park Bom said.

One of the best-known things about Park Bom is her fondness for corn. “There is one part of our reality show in the days of 2NE1 that was very famous. I heard when people heard ‘corn’, what they thought was Park Bom,” said Park Bom, who claimed to be currently on a corn diet.

Here, Park Bom also said that it was harder for her to interact with senior artists than junior artists because she used to promote with members younger than her at 2NE1. “It’s difficult because it’s important to be formal with senior artists,” she said.

Meanwhile, Park Bom briefly appeared on The King of Masked Singer and Queendom shows while undergoing promotional activities for her songs. Not long ago she expressed the desire to make a song with CL, 2NE1’s former leader.

Beside that, on February 25th, 2020, – Sandara Park was present at the ‘Sister’s Salon’ show which discussed lifestyle to fashion. Here, the former 2NE1 personnel revealed the secret to maintaining her slim body shape.

Dara revealed that she weighed around 40 kg. This is not the lightest weight of the 1984-born singer because when she was active with 2NE1, her weight had only reached 37-38 kg.

About the meal schedule, Dara apparently has a special habit. The singer, who began her career in 2009, did intermittent fasting. “When I’m not hungry, I don’t eat for 12 hours,” said Dara related to eating habits. Inevitably, Dara’s confession did not escape the attention and comments of netizens. They all expressed their surprise to know that the singer of “Come Back Home” was fasting for up to 12 hours.

“I envy her not feeling joy when eating. I myself was so happy (eating) that it felt like I would ruin my scale,” commented a netizen. “Metabolism like hers is for a person who really only eats for life,” said another netizen.

“My mouth feels bored even when I’m not hungry so I keep snacking. Every time I observe thin people, I can see why they are thin. They don’t only eat a little but they chew for a long time and don’t have a big appetite,” said another.

“Heol, 40 kg? I remember seeing that number on my scale when I was in middle school,” a netizen said. “I can also not eat for 12 hours too… But after that I will eat a lot,” another commented. “Do people… really not… feel hungry…? My stomach must shut itself down,” added another.

Well, that is all about the friendship and the moments between Sandara Park and Park Bom that have existed for a long time since before they debuted as members of 2NE1. They were already destined to become idols as well as friends who always support each other in any circumstance. Not many idols have a relationship as friends like Park Bom and Sandara who always give each other support for their activities and promotions. Let’s pray for the best and support Park Bom and Sandara’s careers and friendship in the future!