Moment of Sandara Park And Park Bom Together That Will Make You Miss 2NE1 Even More

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You guys must be familiar with one of the K-Pop girl groups called 2NE1, right? One of the groups under YG Entertainment that succeeded in becoming a legendary idol group and has gained many achievements both in their country and abroad. In 2016, 2NE1 officially disbanded and terminated the contract with YG Entertainment as a result of their agreed decision to leave their old agency.

However, their friendship did not end there. Until now, they are reportedly still active in promotions and have just made a comeback. Such is the case with one member, Park Bom, who recently signed an exclusive contract with her new agency is now a solo artist and invited Sandara to collaborate with her!

Curious about Bom & Dara’s friendship that is still great today? Let’s check the details in the article below!

Collaborating on Songs

After 2NE1 disbanded, they had a vacuum and did not appear on television shows or other promotions. For almost 2 years, the members did not appear to have any activities or promotions because they still had not signed a contract with a new agency. However, the news that Park Bom will soon debut as a solo artist was certainly very much awaited by every 2NE1 fan, Blackjack.

Before debuting as a solo artist, Park Bom also had the chance to release her own songs like “You and I” and “Don’t Cry” when she was still actively promoting as a member of 2NE1. Many praised her for her unique voice and very unique songs because they were sung by Park Bom.

The former 2NE1 member ended her hiatus with a solo comeback in March 2019. According to reports, Bom completed her new song titled “Spring,” produced by Brave Brothers.

In an interview with XSportsNews, the famous producer revealed details about his new song for Park Bom. He described the song as an R&B mid-tempo track that would present a different bomb. He also said, so far, “Spring” is the best song he has made for a female singer.

As reported from HelloKpop, the source told the media, “I can proudly say that the public will be amazed by this song and really enjoy it.” The producer also expressed his confidence in Bom’s extraordinary vocal skills that would not disappoint people.

In addition, YG Entertainment confirmed the participation of fellow former 2NE1 member Sandara Park in the upcoming Bom song. Reportedly, Dara cried after hearing the song. The collaboration news of the two singers brought joy to many fans, as this was their first collaboration after 2NE1’s last single, “Goodbye.”

In fact, Yang Hyun-suk expressed his support for Bom’s comeback. The CEO gave his support, even though now Park Bom is no longer at YG Entertainment. “Even though she is no longer with YG, I sincerely hope that Bom will achieve much success,” he said.

Fans have been waiting for Park Bom’s new song after she decided to join D-Nation in July 2018. The singer then gave a hint that she will soon comeback in her Instagram upload while in the recording studio in August 2018.

Park Bom expressed her gratitude as well as the joy of being able to return to work with her former groupmate Sandara Park. “She (Sandara Park) is very loyal. When I called her and said that I wanted to collaborate with her, she immediately agreed,” said Park Bom.

On the other hand, although 2NE1’s two personnel did not return in full group formation, but the return of Park Bom and Sandara Park to the music industry made fans happy. Especially in the music video, Park Bom and Sandara Park performed together and seemed to make fans who missed 2NE1 a little relieved.

Through her personal Instagram account, Park Bom uploaded a photo of her new album cover. In the photo, there seems to be a forest where there is a chair and a cherry tree that is blooming nicely.

In her caption, Park Bom revealed her happiness to be able to release a solo album. “Finally, my solo album will come out. I can’t believe this,” Park Bom wrote in her caption.

Beside that, Sandara also showed a video behind the scene of the process of shooting the music video for “Spring” from her collaboration with Park Bom. They both look very pretty and their charms as members of 2NE1 will never disappear. Bom and Dara became friends who support each other in this comeback and this is the most beautiful gift for fans in almost 2 years of not seeing their comeback.

Let’s take a look at Park Bom and Sandara’s excitement in filming for “Spring” on DaraTV’s YouTube channel!

Beside the “Spring” comeback, Bom and Dara also re-launched their collaboration on the next project. On October 12th, 2019, fans got a surprise from this close friendly idols. The two sang their sweet memories song together while still in the group. “Lonely” is one of 2NE1’s popular songs that was chosen by Bom and Dara to collaborate this time.

Long time not involved in a joint project, now the Blackjack (a nickname for 2NE1’s fans) was horrified by the video on Sandara Park’s YouTube channel. The singer, who is familiarly called Dara, uploaded a music video of her singing “Lonely” along with Park Bom. Dara and Park Bom themselves are known to often show their closeness as 1984-born singers. The melodious voice of the two when singing in the video naturally becomes a homesick for fans.

“My heart is breaking so that they can all be together again. Blackjack 2019 will last forever,” Tulip *** wrote.

“My heart hurts a lot, but it feels like a huge burden on my chest is slowly slipping from me. I really miss them together (emoji). Thank you Ssangpark for giving us this beautiful gift (emoji),” wrote wonder ***.

“When I watch this video… I can’t stop crying because I really miss you guys… I hope that one day virgin, cl, bomb, minzy will create another song together,” wrote Evan ***.

In December 2019, Bom and Dara greeted their fans again through a joint collaboration project. Bom who had just finished her activities at the time as one of the participants in the Mnet show Queendom now greeted her fans by releasing a new single with Sandara with the title “First Snow.”


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The excitement ahead of the release of this duet song was also shared by Dara on her personal Instagram account. She uploaded two photos, one of which shows her and Bom recording in the studio. “First Snow” is a composition that features Park Bom’s distinctive vocals and Dara’s soft touch. This collaboration also gives its own warmth in the middle of winter.

According to the agency’s description, the song was released on December 10th, 2019. “Park Bom will release the duet song ‘First Snow’ (the title of the translation), which she sang along with Sandara Park on December 10th at 6 p.m.,” the agency representative said.

It also did not escape the attention of Sandara. On December 8th, 2019, Dara finally expressed her support for the collaboration. Through her personal Twitter account, Dara shared some Polaroid photos of herself and Park Bom wearing warm winter clothes and posing for the camera.


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In the upload, she wrote a sweet message for her groupmate from 2NE1. “2NE1’s duet song unnie and SsangPark’s vocal ‘First Snow’,” she wrote. “It’s a beautiful song with complementary chemistry from Bom and Dara’s individual voice of a different charm! 20191210 Please give lots of support to our SsangPark and Chaerin (real name CL)!”

Park Bom’s Appearance In Sandara Park’s Show

In early 2019, Sandara Park was appointed as one of the permanent MCs of the talk show MBC’s Video Star. Every 2NE1 member send a message through their respective videos. Dara herself uploaded the video back through her personal Twitter account. Opened with videos from Park Bom and Minzy. “I love watching Video Star,” Minzy opened. Followed by footage of Park Bom who said, “I heard Sandara Park became the Video Star MC! Yay!”

Second generation girl idols guested on MBC’s Video Star that aired on June 2nd, 2019. The idols present included 2NE1’s Park Bom, Wonder Girls’ Yubin, 4Minute’s Jiyoon, and Secret’s Song Ji-eun. MC Sandara Park also joined their chat.

When asking them how celebrities invited each other to date, the MC assured the guest stars that they didn’t have to answer based on personal stories. Thus, they can be frank. Park Bom, who was present as a guest, added she heard celebrities meet on variety shows and music shows and chat and then call the people they were appraised.

Sandara Park made everyone laugh by adding, “You know the dressing room right before going on the stage at Inkigayo? Many looked at each other there. Everyone gathered there and everything seemed to always start there because everyone had to gather for a welcome at the end.”

Beside that, the presence of Bom and Dara at the MBC Video Star event also released several statements that were previously unknown to fans. Sandara Park talked about why she changed her mind about getting facilities from her manager.

When the idols were asked whether the agency should regulate their personal lives, none of them said yes. Yubin said, “I think they will handle it themselves,” and Sandara Park said, “Someone who will do something will do it even if you try to stop them.” Yubin added that trying to stop someone made them want to do something more.

It was said by the MC that Park Bom and Sandara Park had been arranged even for their personal appointments by their manager when they were at 2NE1. Sandara Park said, “Yes, at first I thought that was a good thing. I was taken by our agent’s car to do everything, like going to a dermatologist, going to eat, shopping, or seeing friends.”

“My other friends were jealous at the time,” she said. “But once, my manager made a mistake and sent me a message that was supposed to go to the manager’s group chatroom. It said ‘Dara and CL were eating stew at Itaewon.’ That was very detailed. Apparently they reported my every move.” She added that lately, she had not enjoyed the facilities of the company.

Not only that, Park Bom and Sandara who reunited and talked together with the second generation idols in the talk show felt that they both had sweet memories together. They also always show closeness wherever they are and always support each other in each of their schedules.

Supporting Each Other

In 2017, through her personal Twitter, Park Bom uploaded a photo featuring several snacks with a large paper bag that read, “Bom ~ enjoy your meal!!! From Darongie.”

Beside her was a picture of a smiling person’s head that clearly represented the figure of Sandara Park. “Darongie ~ bought this for me ~~” wrote Park Bom in the photo caption. Shortly afterward Sandara Park answered the tweet of her former colleague at 2NE1. She also promised one day to take the time to eat with Park Bom.

“Oh! Looks like you already ate one huh? Haha, next time I’ll buy more for you! Next time, let’s eat together ~” Sandara Park said. The sweet friendship of the two former 2NE1 personnel also made fans excited. “They are too sweet, Park Sisters’ friendship is very cute. Bomb the queen of corn,” said a netizen.

“They are both very cute! Dara is very attentive bringing corn pie to Bom who is obsessed with corn XD… I am crying because of this Twitter conversation…” said another netizen.

In March 2017, Sandara Park also showed their closeness with each other. CL and Park Bom attended the screening event for Sandara Park’s debut film One Step.

Both CL and Park Bom showed off their photos at the event with Sandara through their social media accounts. Park Bom posted several photos with Sandara Park with the caption “Today I went to the film premiere of One Step,” and “It would be even more fun if CL could come too.”

They both took pictures together using some filters that were very cute and adorable. Many wrote compliment comments because of their closeness and support together even though their group has been disbanded.

Sandara Park also uploaded a selfie of herself with Park Bom and greeted their fans via Instagram. In the photo, Sandara Park and Park Bom appear relaxed. Sandara Park was seen wearing a white shirt top. Park Bom, who was beside her, wore a black face mask and a green sweater.