What is Samuel, The Only Half Korean Contestant on ‘Produce 101’, by Nationality?


Samuel, The Rising Idol

Samuel Kim Arredondo, who is famous under the name Samuel and his appearances in the show Produce 101, has a distinctive look that makes him appear different from all the other idols. Turns out, Samuel is half Korean and half American. His mother is Korean and his father is American. Because of that, many fans are wondering, what is Samuel’s nationality? Wanna know the answer? Here’s the article for you.


Samuel’s Family


Samuel was born in Los Angeles, California, United States, on January 17th, 2002. His father’s name is Jose Arredondo and he is an American-Mexican. His mother’s name is Kim Kyung-ju and she is Korean. He has one sibling, a younger sister named Susie Arredondo. Before moving to Korea, he spent his childhood in America. Unfortunately, there aren’t many photos of his father. The only photo that been posted on an online community is of when Samuel was captured playing golf with his dad and his younger sister. Rumor says that his father is only an ordinary car dealer in America. But, there hasn’t been any confirmation about this information.


Meanwhile, his mother actively supports his son’s career by participating in the show Nest Escape Season 2, a show where the kid is going on a journey without his parents. On the show, Samuel makes an appearance with his mother and they are talking about their relationship. In the house, his mother is very fond of his son. Every time Samuel comes home, she always kisses his cheek and follows him everywhere. This becomes a habit for them since they’ve been doing this since Samuel was very young.


You can watch Samuel and his mother’s interaction in this clip below.

About Samuel’s younger sister – also there’s not much about her. Rumors say that his sister, Susie, lives in America with his father. But, still, there’s no confirmation from Samuel about this rumor.


What is Samuel’s Ethnicity?


Samuel is born in California, the United States, which makes him an American, even though he is now living in Korea. Unfortunately, because of his race, there’s a rumor going around, saying that he was allegedly bullied in school. In the school, his friends teased him by pushing him while he would be carrying books and making his books fall down. Also, his friends made fun of his introduction video for the show Produce 101. He, himself, didn’t have any choice but to pick up his books. About this rumor, Brave Entertainment, as Samuel’s agency, has not responded and has not given any official explanation.


Latest News

In early 2019, Samuel took part in the show 1 Night 2 Days, where he collaborated with Cha Tae-hyun and Hong Kyung-min (HONGCHA). The theme of the production team is to help Cha Tae-hyun to make his dream come true, which is releasing HONGCHA’s new song. Previously, HONGCHA already released a song titled “Himnae Song” that was written by Hong Kyung-min. Sadly, the song received poor response from fans. On the show, HONGCHA decided to seek help from producers. One of their choices was Brave Brothers, the CEO of Samuel’s agency. Brave Brothers himself is famous for producing some popular K-Pop songs, such as AOA’s “Heart Attack.” Since HONGCHA wanted to make a good song, they put their trust in Brave Brothers and asked Samuel to collaborate with them. Samuel posted a photo of him, together with HONGCHA, at the music show’s backstage.

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