Are You a Fan of Samuel Kim and ONE? Let’s Get to Know Their Previous Duo, 1Punch!

Samuel Kim’s Father

Recently, in March 2020, Samuel’s father got killed in his home at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Jose Arredondo, his father, was a car dealer who was called “classic rags to riches American success story,” was found dead in his home Tuesday morning. Samuel got many condolences, no further information about this is available yet.

On August 2nd, Samuel got so much on his second anniversary of debut. He expressed that he has been through some painful time that drained him mentally and emotionally but he will keep growing stronger. Samuel said that he felt grateful for the support that has been given to him. He promised to have an open-minded heart and deeper thoughts.

ONE in The Romance

Whereas ONE has been on the variety show on JTBC titled The Romance with Kim Ji Suk, Yoo In Young, Kang Han Na on February 20th. ONE and Kang Han Na were talking about the script of a web drama which they are working on together. He said: “Whenever we meet someone, we think, ‘What are they thinking?’ I think that that is where the story begins.”

ONE said during the variety show, that he found it easy to connect with the male lead who can’t express his feelings because he is also the same. ONE revealed that he was at some point scared to be in a deep relationship with people and thought that maybe he is still immature or dating is difficult.

That’s all about the 1Punch profile and their journey in the entertainment industry. Even though they already separated and Samuel has become the only Punch, please keep supporting them and expect some good things from them! Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts and leave a comment in the section below!