Singer-Actor Ryu Si-won’s Profile, Wife, Drama List, and Songs

Ryu Si-won’s Music Albums

Ryu Si-won

Ryu Si-won began his career as an actor, however, after his debut in the KBS drama Feeling that had been released in 1995, he expanded his career path and tried his luck as a singer. Here’s the full list of Ryu Si-won’s albums!

Japanese Albums

Year Album Information Chart Position
2004 Yakusoku (約束, “Promise”) 8
2005 Kosumosu (秋桜, “Cosmos Flower”) 4
2006 Asian Blow 3
2007 With You 3
2008 Soten no Ai (蒼天の愛, Azure Love) 7
2009 Mangekyo (万華鏡, “Kaleidoscope”) 5
2010 Ulala (麗~ULALA~~”Bright”) 5


Korean Albums

Year Album Information
1995 Change
1995 Dream



Year Title Chart Position
2005 “Sakura” 2
2006 “Natsu no Yume”/”Suki Desu, Suki Desu” 2
2006 “Only One” 3
2007 “Hana No Kubikazari” 2
2007 “Babylon” 4
2008 “Kimi to Boku” 4
2008 “Aishiteru” 5
2009 “Cafe Wonderland” 9
2011 “Aishitai Kimi o Aishitai” 7

Ryu Si-won’s Wife and Their Divorce

Ryu Si-won

In 2010, Ryu Si-won married Jo Soo-in. Their wedding was never made public in the media, and also their family. The actor has revealed the reason why he didn’t want to share information about his family so far, “I’ve never thought about opening up about my family’s private life.” After getting married, Ryu Si-won had no idea why his fans were gathering at his home. But, he revealed to his fans that he was very happy in his marriage.

Jo Soo-in, his wife, was 9 years younger than him. In 2011, Ryu Si-won and Jo Soo-in’s daughter was born. On one occasion, Ryu Si-won was shown his daughter’s picture through the cell phone. He said, “What am I supposed to do when she asks me for permission to get married someday? I’ll never let her go!”

Ryu Si-won

But, sadly, Ryu Si-won and Jo Soo-in decided to split in 2014. His ex-wife said that Ryu Si-won has been violent with her. She has also reported him to the Gangnam police for fear of being threatened by him. But, Ryu Si-won’s agency denied all the claims. They said that his ex-wife is making use of the recording of a fight they had 2 or 3 years ago so she could win the divorce trial.

Ryu Si-won also added, “Even though I have a lot of things that I need to explain, I won’t say anything about that and keep things private. All I ever did was to consider my daughter’s future.” But, in 2008 the court said that Ryu Si-won has been proven guilty of threatening his ex-wife.

Ryu Si-won also released his apology to his fans. He said that he is sorry for his family’s condition at the time, but for him, his family and his daughter still remain his ultimate priority. Ryu Si-won also revealed that he won’t say anything about his divorce since all he ever wanted to do was protect his family, especially his daughter.

Well, everything happens for a reason. As fans, we must support Ryu Si-won and keep cheering for him in his career in the entertainment industry as always!