From a Member of a Girl Group To an Actress: Let’s See Ryu Hwa-young’s Appearances In K-Dramas!


Let’s Take a Look at Former Idol, Ryu Hwa-young’s Acting Transformation

Idols turning into an actor or actress is not something new in the Korean entertainment industry. It could be because when an idol stars in a drama, lots of their fans will watch the drama and definitely will support it, as well. But that doesn’t mean that the idol’s acting is bad or cannot be compared to real actors or actresses. Some of the idols have decent acting skills that could make us forget that they were idols, too!

You might be surprised if I told you that the actress we’re going to talk about used to be an idol before she turned to be an actress. Yes, right! Unlike the other idols-turned-into-actor-or-actress, this actress never starred in any movies or dramas when she was in her idol group. Can you guess who she is?

It’s Ryu Hwa-young!


Hwa-young was a member of girl-group called T-Ara until 2012. Years after she left the group, she started her career as an actrees by taking a supporting role in a drama. Surprisingly, her acting was good enough to impress viewers. From time to time, Hwa-young starred in other dramas. She improved her skills and made us wonder why she hadn’t started earlier. Her acting skill is totally good!

Well, you can just see it yourself to prove it. Let’s take a look at Hwa-young’s appearances in some dramas that she starred in, and tell us what you think about her acting skill! Do you think that her acting is as good as her visual? Well then, just scroll down to find out!

Ryu Hwa-young’s Appearance on Ex-Girlfriends’ Club (2015)

ex-girlfriend club

You gotta love Hwa-young’s acting in the drama called “Ex-Girlfriends’ Club”! The story of this drama is about a woman named Soo-jin, who worked as a film producer and who happened to collaborate with a webtoonist named Myeong-soo. Unfortunately, the webtoonist is none other than her ex-boyfriend. As if it wasn’t awkward enough, the webtoon that Soo-jin and Myeong-soo worked on was a story about Myeong-soo’s ex-girlfriends. So, Soo-jin is basically working on a project that tells a story about her, and not only her, but also three more of Myeong-soo’s ex-girlfriends.


Hwa-young portrayed one of the ex-girlfriend, Ra-ra, a young actress that acts cute and is really affectionate towards Myeong-soo. Even during the first time when all of Myeong-soo’s girlfriends gathered in the same place, Ra-ra is the only one who is so aggressive. She approached Myeong-soo after calling him “Oppa~!” with a seductive voice, and in a cute way entered the room. With confidence like that, Ra-ra, or Hwa-young, successfully made a hilarious scene that made the drama more interesting.


If you look closely, this character really suits Hwa-young, who is young and lovely. She portrayed the character really well and showed us some good acting. Although this is the first drama that she starred in other than a short drama special that she starred before this, Hwa-young looks like a real actress who acted so well.

Let’s just take a look at a clip of Hwa-young’s appearance in “Ex-Girlfriend Club”!

What do you think about her acting? Do you think that Hwa-young has succeeded in portraying the ex-girlfriend, Ra-ra? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Ryu Hwa-young’s Appearance on Hello, My Twenties! (2016)

age of youth

Hwa-young continued to gain more experience starring in dramas. This time, the role that she played is not really a “supporting” role, like before. Although Hwa-young doesn’t became the main lead character, her character on this drama is one of the five important characters. Hwa-young played as Kang Yi-na in a drama called “Hello, My Twenties!”, which is also known as “Age of Youth”.

The drama tells a story about a group of girls that live under the same roof. They all came from different backgrounds and have different personalities, as well. Besides Kang Yi-na, the other girls are Jung Ye-eun, Yoon Jin-myung, Song Ji-won, and Yoo Eun-jae. The five of them live in a share housed together, and share stories. Even though it wasn’t always smooth, the five girls made a good friendship and strengthened their bond, day by day.


Kang Yi-na is a sassy girl who is straightforward. She doesn’t really open up with other girls, making the other girls wonder who Kang Yi-na really is. This is especially true when Kang Yi-na always wears luxury brands and lives in the most expensive room in the house. Later on, they found out the mystery behind Kang Yi-na’s life. She is not a student, as the girls think she is, she dropped out of school and gets all her money from rich men.

If you think that Hwa-young can’t portray this kind of character, well, you must see her acting first! She once again showed us her good acting skills by portraying Kang Yi-na flawlessly. Let’s take a look at a scene from Ryu Hwa-young in “Hello, My Twenties!” or “Age of Youth”!

What do you think about Hwa-young’s acting? She really acted naturally, right? Well, if you want to see more of her, you can watch the whole drama. If you get interested in the drama, don’t forget to watch season two! Hwa-young also made a special appearance in the second season. Let’s take a look at Kang Yi-na’s life in “Hello, My Twenties! 2”.

Indeed, Hwa-young proved to us that she is a great actress!