‘Running Man’ Invited Sexy Guest Star Lee Yoo-ri

“Running Man” Invited Sexy Guest Star


Beautiful and sexy Korean actresses will be filling the program Running Man episode 213 on Monday (15/9) Local Time. They are Lee Yoo-ri, Choi Yeo-jin, Seo-woo, Yoo In-young, dan Kim Min-seo. The five sexiest artists became guest stars of the Running Man episode titled “Aggressive Actress.”

The five guest stars are considered to represent aggressive and powerful characters. On Thursday (28/8), Lee Yoo-ri uploaded a photo on her SNS Account while filming Running Man in Incheon, South Korea with the caption “Only one with thick makeup.” The photo shows Yoo-ri having a funny expression posing among the other Running Man members.

Running Man members, Kang Gary, Kim Jong-kook, Ha-ha, Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-soo, Song Ji-hyo, and Yoo Jae-suk waited for the guest star to be taken care of in the waiting room. In one of the sessions, Yoo-ri shows her fierce side. She entered the room where Gary was eating. ”What are you doing here? You always eat! Eat! Eat! Can a person live by just eating? Are you a cow or a pig? You are a good for nothing glutton!” Hearing this, of course, Gary was shocked. ”You just come to destroy my life,” replied Gary. She continued acting, “The moment you came into my life it got ruined!” Then Lee Yoo-ri took the glass of water, and Gary tried to stop her by saying, “You’re not going to…” But Lee Yoo-ri didn’t stop and threw the water at him while yelling, “Is this what you were waiting for?” Gary, drenched in water, asked, “What did I do wrong?” and Lee Yoo-ri answered, “Don’t blame me. It’s your overly charming life’s fault! Stop liking only Song Ji-hyo. Today you have to like me too!” This brought laughter, as Gary held an admitting expression.

Who is Lee Yoo-ri?


Lee Yoo-ri is a South Korean Actress and Businesswoman. Lee Yoo-ri first became known for her role in the teen drama series School 4 and then gained additional popularity with her role in the drama Precious Family (2005). Recently, she had become one of the characters, and also an antagonist in the television drama series Twinkle Twinkle (2011) and Jang Bo-ri is Here! (2014). Lee Yoo-ri’s popularity is increasing with her role in the latest drama series My Father is Strange (2017).

Lee Yoo-ri Profile

Name Lee Yoo-ri ( 이유리 )
Born January 28, 1980, Seoul, South Korea
Profession Actress and Businesswoman
Height 162 cm
Weight 42 kg
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Agency The Jun Entertainment
Education Kyewon University of Arts and Design
Husband Jo Kye-hyun (since 2010)


Drama Series

  • Hide and Seek | Soombakkokjil (MBC / 2018) – Min Chae-Rin
  • My Father is Strange | Abeojiga Isanghae (KBS2 / 2017) – Byun Hye-Young
  • Another Miss Oh | Ddo Ohhaeyoung (tvN / 2016) – Heo Ji-Ya (young – ep.10)
  • The Promise | Cheonsangui Yaksok (KBS2 / 2016) – Lee Na-Yeon / Baek Do-Hee
  • Super Daddy Yul (tvN / 2015) – Cha Mi-Rae
  • Come! Jang Bo-Ri | Watta! Jangbori (MBC / 2014) – Yeon Min-Jung
  • Your Lady | Dangsinui Yeoja (SBS / 2013) – Oh Yoo-Jung / Lee Eun-Soo
  • Ice Adonis | Nolan Bogsucho (tvN / 2012) – Seol Yeon-Hwa
  • My Daughter the Flower | Nae Ttal Kkochnimi (SBS / 2011-2012) – (cameo)
  • Twinkle Twinkle | Banjjak Banjjak Bitnaneun (MBC / 2011) – Hwang Geum-Ran
  • Daring Women | Dangdolhan Yeoja (SBS / 2010)
  • I Love You, Don’t Cry | Saranghae Euljima (MBC / 2008) – Jo Mi-Soo
  • Mom’s Dead Upset | Eommaga Bbulnada (KBS2 / 2008) – Na Young-Mi
  • Super Rookie Ranger | Moojeokeui Nakhasan Yowon (SBS / 2006) – Eun-Hyuk’s ex-lover
  • Young-Jae’s Golden Days | Yeongjaeui Keonseongsidae (MBC / 2005)
  • Precious Family | Bumoonim Jeonsangseo (KBS2 / 2004)
  • Only You | Ahnae (KBS2 / 2003)
  • Yellow Handkerchief | Noran Sonsukeon (KBS / 2003)
  • Argon (MBC / 2003)
  • Loving You (KBS / 2002)
  • School 4 | Hakgyo 4 (KBS / 2001-2002) – Park Seo-Won

TV Show Theme Song

내 맘이 널 기억해 ( I Remember My Heart ) – Yellow Boots OST (2012)


  • Love Song (2007)
  • The Customer Is Always Right (2006)
  • Bunshinsaba (2004)

Music Videos

  • All I Need is Your Love (2007) – Baek Ji-young (The Sixth Miracle Album)
  • Tonight (2004) – Hong Kyung-min (Listen and Repeat Album)
  • You Touched My Heart (2002) – Sung Si-kyung (Melodie D’Amour)

Variety Shows / Hosting

Year Title Network Notes
2018 Single Wife Season 2 SBS Host
2017 Single Wife Season 1 SBS Host
2017 KBS Drama Awards KBS2 Host
2014 MBC Gayo Daejejeon MBC Host
2014-2015 Quiz to Change the World Host (Episode 274-283)
2013 Bright Solutions Channel A Host
2012 Food Essay O’live TV

Ambassador Activities

Year Title Campaign organiser
2011 Goodwill Ambassador for Ministry of Unification Ministry of Unification
Goodwill Ambassador for Good People Good People
2008 Goodwill Ambassador for 3rd Seoul Christianity Film Festival Seoul International Agape Film Festival
Goodwill Ambassador for Seoul Metro Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation


  • 2017 KBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2017
    • Best Actress (“My Father is Strange”)
    • Best Couple Award (“My Father is Strange”)
  • 2016 KBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2016
    • Excellent Actress (daily drama) (“The Promise”)
  • 2014 MBC Drama Awards – December 30, 2014
    • Grand Prize (“Come! Jang Bo-Ri”)
    • Best Actor or Actress Selected by Directors (“Come! Jang Bo-Ri”)
  • 2011 MBC Drama Awards – December 30, 2011
    • Excellent Actress (drama) (“Twinkle Twinkle”)

Lee Yoo-ri’s Romantic Life



Jo Kye-hyun

Lee Yoo-ri is known to have been married to the missionary theologist, Jo Kye-hyun since 2010. The two of them met while studying the Bible in 2008. After getting to know each other better, they started dating in 2009.
In September 2010, Yoo-ri and Kye-hyun held a private wedding at EL Tower in Seoul. It looks like Lee Yoo-ri has married her first love. Before marrying her husband, Lee Yoo-ri was never known to have established a relationship with anyone.

Lee Yoo-ri’s Ideal Type of Man



Currently, Le Yoo-ri can be said to have met her ideal man in her life. Lee Yoo-ri has said that her husband is her ideal type of man, the kind she had always imagined. Before getting married, she had held a fan meeting and told her fans and the media that she has found her true love.

Views on Marriage


Lee Yoo-ri has said that she believes that marriage is like a steady heart. For her, it is a necessity that can make a couple happy in the sense of mutual understanding. She felt that her marriage gave her plenty of time and space to travel. She is optimistic that she will lead a happy life with her husband.