Are You A Fan Of ‘Running Man’? Check Out The Best Episodes of 2016 That You Shouldn’t Miss!

Episode 297


The title for episode 297 was “Descendant of the Sun.” On a spring day of 2016, the actors from the hit drama Descendant of the Sun, Jin Goo and Kim Ji-won appeared on Running Man. The third guest was WJSN member, Eunseo. The guests came from the second floor and went down to greet Running Man members and staff. The appearance of these beautiful and handsome artists was like Running Man welcoming the beautiful spring flowers. At the time, the drama Descendant of the Sun had reached peak popularity.

Lee Gwang-so became the deputy MC for the day. He introduced and welcomed the guests with a stuttering voice. The way he introduced the guests became the subject of mocking from Running Man members. All male members were stunned by Kim Ji-won’s beautiful face. Lee Kwang-so introduced Kim Ji-won and Eunseo as members of the same entertainment company as him. As the episode was Descendant of the Sun-themed, leading actors from the drama were invited. Other members were suspicious of Eunseo’s involvement in the drama. Lee Kwang-soo’s excuse was that Eunseo appeared in the music video of the drama’s OST.


During the introduction, guest members showed their dancing skills. Eunsoo, as a member of an idol group, performed an energetic dance. Jin Goo as a serious and stiff military sergeant performed a military-style stiff dance, while Kim Ji-won performed a cute heart dance. Everybody was mesmerized by her cute dance.

As usual, before the start of the mission, each member must select a team. In this episode, it was a couple’s team. There were three women and the women got to decide their preferred couple team. Kim Ji-won was the first contestant to decide her couple. All the men gathered at the start line in a mini skateboard race. The first person to arrive in front of her and answer her question within five seconds would become her partner. The second person until the last person must wait in line before being able to answer. As usual, there was chaos right after the whistle blew. Kim Jong-kook got entangled in a scramble with Lee Kwang-soo and Yoo Jae-suk.

The first person to answer was Haha but he ran out of time to answer the question. When it was Jin Goo’s time, Kim Ji-won deliberately slowed down her counting but he ran out of time as well. For the first race, all the men couldn’t answer her question. In the second race, Lee Kwang-soo finally got the chance to answer. In order to stop her counting, he deliberately chopped her neck. She was surprised by Lee Kwang-soo’s unexpected action and started crying.

Other members quickly scolded him for his rude action toward Kim Ji-won. She cried because it was unexpected and she deliberately acted out. In the end, Kim Ji-won chose Yoo Jae-suk, Song Ji-hyo chose Jin Goo, and Eunseo chose Lee Kwang-soo. Haha was paired with female Kim Jong-kook and Gary was paired with female Ji Suk-jin.


The mission for this episode was to find a spy named Red Sun. Argus, the antagonist character from the drama Descendant of the Sun appeared on the mission briefing screen. Each member must compete and find Red Sun. During the competition, each member must be positioned higher than Red Sun’s position. If the position is lower, the person would receive a loser sticker. At the end of the mission, the person with the most loser stickers has to ride one of the most fearsome amusement park attractions.

The first game for each couple was Tray Quiz. Female members sat in front of their partners and answered questions, while the man sat under the tray. If she failed to answer correctly, the man sitting behind her must receive a punishment. If the female member knew the answer, she must push the buzzer, dance and sing to answer the question. The question is taken from a scene from the movie Music and Lyrics.

Kim Jong-kook was the first to answer but her answer was wrong so Haha got beaten by the tray. Yoo Jae-suk whispered the answer to Kim Ji-won but the answer was wrong, so he got punished. Gary got punishment simply because Ji-suk-jin sang a very old song. There was no one who could answer the quiz so the PD gave a hint.

He said that actress Kim Jong-kook’s answer was the closest. Kim Jong-kook was the first to push the buzzer and answered. Her answer, the best hit was correct. For the third quiz, they switch places. This time, the male member must play cute before answering the question. It was easy for a woman to act cute but in the case of men, it was hard to play cute. All of the male members tried hard to act cute and got the right to answer. They failed several times trying to act cute. In the end, Haha managed to act cute and answered the question correctly.


The second mission was the marketplace mission. The male members had to find 3 items that start with “gu”. Each female member found 3 items containing “won”. Each couple was supplied with 100.000 won. If the item was more than 100.000 won, they must take a picture. While searching for the items, the couple must hold hands in the marketplace. There was a lot of time left for the final mission so all the members took their time and drank coffee.


The third mission was Master of Cheesy Acting. Each couple had to choose a scene from Descendant of the Sun to reenact. The couple with the best acting skills gets more time to complete a task. They must open a box within a limited time, wear the wing inside the box and say “I am an Angel.” If they can’t finish within the provide time, they will be splashed with cool water. Before starting the mission, the real Goo couple reenacted one of the famous scenes. Jin Goo had to return to Korea and he was stopped by Kim Ji-won. Kim Ji-won and Jin Goo reenacted the scene perfectly and received huge applause from the audience.

Only the Yoo Jae-suk-Kim Ji-won couple and Jin Goo-Song-Ji-hyo couple completed the mission. Gary, Lee-Kwang-soo, and Haha failed to open the box on time and got drenched in cold water. In the end, it was revealed that Red Sun is Jin-goo.