Here Are the ‘Running Man’ Episodes with Appearances by Actor Ji Sung!

Episode 203

This episode was broadcast on July 6, 2014, and continued with the same guests from the previous episode. The theme for this game was about forgetting things which had happened before. Before the missions began in the morning, Ji Sung and Lee Kwang-soo were called by the PD because they were chosen to be spies. Their mission was simple; throughout the day, they have to rip off other member’s nametags, and then reattach it, without being caught.

The team structure was different from the last episode. This time, the group is divided into eight groups. Ulzzangs team; Joo Ji-hoon and Yoo Jae-suk, Blind-Date Couples team; Kim Jong-kook and Apink’s Naeun, Workshop team; Ji Sung and Lee Kwang-soo, Billiards team; Gary and Cha Yoo-ram, Siblings team; Song Ji-hyo and Ji Suk-jin, Event group; Haha and Heo Kyung-hwan, Travel team; Sam Okyere and Fabien, and the last team, 1 Year Anniversary team; Baek Sung-hyun and Apink’s Bomi. When they were all about to travel together to the next location, Ji Sung was jokingly playing with Kim Jong-kook’s nametag, and ripped it.

Their first mission was located at the Silkworm Center at Yeongcheon, Wishing Rock, and at the farm. While doing the mission at the Silkworm Center, Ji Sung and Lee Kwang-soo wanted to rip Yoo Jae-suk’s name tag, and they started tocome up with some plans. Fortunately, they be able to rip both Yoo Jae-suk’s name tag and Baek Sung-hyun’s name tag without getting caught. Then, they moved on to mandoo restaurant for the next mission.

In the restaurant, they were allowed to order anything they wanted. To pay for the food, they had to answer questions. When Fabien arrived at the restaurant, Lee Kwang-soo tried to rip his nametag, but failed. Also, Lee Kwang-soo tried to give a wrong answer, to buy time. Haha became suspicious, but he didn’t do anything about it. In the restaurant, Lee Kwang-soo was able to rip off Ji Suk-jin’s nametag, Heo Kyung-hwan’s nametag, and Haha’s nametag. The three of them didn’t mind much about their nametags being ripped, because their minds were focused on the food and on answering questions correctly.

The third mission was at a photo zone, where all member’s faces had to appear in the photo of a traditional wedding. During this mission, Lee Kwang-soo was able to rip off Naeun’s and Cha Yoo-ram’s nametags. While he was trying to stand behind Cha Yoo-ram’s name tag, her head was hitting Lee Kwang-soo’s nose, which made everyone laugh. Lee Kwang-soo also ripped Gary’s name tag when they were falling. For the mission, both Ji Sung and Lee Kwang-soo able to take the picture. Afterwards, they headed to the final challenge. The last task was to find their key’s car, so they could open the car and get the prize. When Ji Sung and Lee Kwang-soo arrived, Sam and Fabien had already found the key. Ji Sung had no choice but to reach for Fabian’s name tag and rip it. In the end, Lee Kwang-soo and Ji Sung won, while the other members of the group didn’t know what happened.

In most of Ji Sung’s appearances on the Running Man he’s been the winner, showing his ability to finish the mission physically. You can watch the episodes at Viu or Viki!