Choi Ji-woo’s Husband: Rumors and Controversies

Who Is Choi Ji-woo’s Husband?

Choi Ji-woo is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her roles in the popular Korean dramas with high ratings, Winter Sonata in 2002, Stairway to Heaven in 2003, and Twenty Again in 2015. Her drama Winter Sonata became a phenomenal hit throughout Asia and has been credited as one of the initiators of the Korean Wave.

Choi Ji-woo got married in 2018 when she was 43 years old or 44 years old in the Korean age system. Choi Ji-woo has dated him for around 3 years in private before marrying him. It was also reported that her husband is a CEO of an O2O business and is 9 years younger than her. In 2020, Choi Ji-woo gave birth to their first child.

Let’s dig into more details about Choi Ji-woo’s husband and married life in this article!

Choi Ji-woo Got Married to a Non-Celebrity Husband

choi ji woo wedding and husband

Choi Ji-woo married her non-celebrity fiancee on March 29, 2018.

Before the wedding was publicly announced, Choi Ji-woo surprised her fans by posting a handwritten note on her fan club website, saying that the couple had a private wedding in March, but little was revealed at the time about the groom. The message was uploaded by fans to Instagram, provoking a lot of different responses from the fans and  the media.

She said that the ceremony had been a quiet, private event because her husband was not a public figure.

The message Choi Ji-woo wrote said:

“Today, March 29, is the day I promised to begin a new start with my life partner. We held a quiet ceremony this afternoon, with only our family members present. My heart was heavy while planning the wedding, as I was not able to share this news. I should have shared this earlier… but ask for your understanding, as I had to be cautious to spare family members and my husband-to-be, who is not a public figure, the potential burden [of a public wedding]. Sorry for our late announcement. We promise to build a home together, tolerate each other and live happily ever after.”

The wedding was held on the 76th floor of the Lotte Hotel, at 5:30 pm. Instead of renting a large hall, the actress chose a small wedding room with 40 guests, who were all the immediate family and close friends of the couple. She even didn’t invite her acquaintances in the industry and celebrity friends. Unlike most celebrity weddings, the 43-year-old actress’s wedding room was simply decorated with flowers and seating for guests. After the event, everyone had a party in the restaurant next door, and the bride and groom welcomed the guests.

From several photos she shared after the wedding, Choi Ji-woo looked stunning in her white wedding dress. She personally chose and ordered the beautiful dress from Ash Studio, according to the Korean popular portal Nate. Unfortunately, there’s no picture of her husband. A man wearing a suit (probably Choi’s husband) is seen in one of her photos, but it didn’t reveal his face, so her man still remains a mystery.

Choi Ji-woo’s Husband Controversy

Choi Ji-woo’s non-celebrity husband has been involved in some controversies. It is known that one of the reasons Choi Ji-woo kept her husband private is because he worked in a business industry that will put him in an uncomfortable position if there is a rumor about him.

But, there are people who noticed some scandal about him. Let’s check out some controversies about Choi Ji-woo’s husband!

The Agency Gave False Information About Choi Ji-woo’s Husband?

choi ji woo husband wedding

Some people suspect Choi Ji-woo’s agency to give false info about her husband. Thye notice that there were some differences between the official statement and the rumors going around about Choi Ji-woo husband.

Choi Ji-woo’s agency, YG Entertainment, only gave an official statement that confirms Choi Ji-woo’s wedding, but not a profile of her husband. The agency only said, “We express our thanks to everyone who has sent their congratulations for Choi Ji Woo’s wedding. The wedding ceremony on March 29 went well, with the blessings of the family members who took part.”

However, Dispatch released an exclusive report on the actress’s husband. Dispatch claims that the man, identified by his surname, Lee, is nine years younger than Choi Ji-woo. In addition, they claimed that the couple dated for at least three years, instead of the one year that was previously stated by YG Entertainment.

They added that he changed his name in 2015, while he was dating Choi Ji-woo, and he started his own O2O (online to offline) business. Insiders then alleged that he used to work at a host bar, and that Lee’s business is funded by Choi Ji-woo.

In response to the rumors, YG Entertainment confirmed that her husband is nine years younger than Choi Ji-woo and that he is the CEO of a company for an application based on an O2O platform. They added that the actress did not share more about her husband because it may cause preconceptions about his business or other areas, and that they hoped that “unfounded speculation” will no longer be made.

After Choi Ji-woo broke up with her 6-years younger boyfriend Lee Jin-wook, announced that she would never publish about her private life anymore.

Until now, she hasn’t revealed any details about her husband – not even his name and profession. The only thing we know is that he is a “non-celebrity”, which is why the actress decided to keep the wedding a low-key affair. Even Choi Ji-woo’s friends didn’t know about her boyfriend until the wedding information came out.

Choi Ji-woo’s Husband Had an Affair: Spotted In a Motel with a Woman?

choi ji woo husband controversy

Choi Ji-woo’s husband was exposed by a Korean YouTuber, Garo Sero Institute who spilled a picture of him with a woman in a motel. As you may know, Choi Ji-woo’s husband’s face and identity were never revealed to the public. So, this information really shocked people.

Not only that, but Kim Young-ho the YouTuber’s host also said that Choi Ji-woo’s husband has changed his name completely.

With this sudden info leaked by Kim Young-ho, YG Entertainment as Choi Ji-woo’s label confirmed once again that Choi Ji-woo and her husband decided to keep their lives private to prevent biases. They confirmed that Choi Ji-woo’s husband is 9 years younger than her and is a CEO of an O2O company. So, it is better to keep everything private to not burden each other.

“They are currently focusing on their family and please understand Choi Ji-woo’s deep intentions. And please refrain from the baseless speculation,” said YG Entertainment, Choi Ji-woo’s label.

That’s all the information that we can give you about Choi Ji-woo’s husband and her married life. Choi Ji-woo is indeed a celebrity who likes to keep her private matters to herself. But, let’s wish the best for her and her family. Make sure to keep updated about Korean celebrities by checking other articles from Channel Korea. Cheers!