Check Out Rowoon from SF9’s Sweet and Adorable Moments From ‘Lipstick Prince’!

Cute Interaction From SF9’s Rowoon With Female Guest Stars In ‘Lipstick Prince’

SF9’s Rowoon became the hot topic for many people, including his fans, after his appearance in the K-Drama Extraordinary You (2019), and being a romantic man in his character there. After getting a lot of attention from his career as an actor, Rowoon is also still active in his promotions with SF9 members, and several times he’s appeared on variety shows.

Let’s take a look at SF9’s Rowoon’s appearance, which gives the image as a bias wrecker, on Onstyle’s ‘Lipstick Prince’ variety show, and its ability for having make-up transformations on K-Pop female idols!

SF9’s Rowoon & Sandara Park

All K-Poppers must know Sandara Park, who is a member of the popular girl-group from YG Entertainment, 2NE1. The woman, who is now 30 years old, is also actively present as a guest on variety shows. On January 12, 2017, Sandara Park was present as a guest on an episode of ‘Lipstick Prince’. On the show, Dara expressed her desire to be dressed like Harley Quinn.

Park Tae-yeon, as a professional artist, asked who roughly wanted to try turning Dara into Harley Quinn. According to Tae-yeon, the most important aspect of makeup that is similar to Harley Quinn’s character is the focus of forming a bold and sharp expression, not the focus on the crazy character.

Initially, all the cast members complained about the difficulty of forming Harley’s character, who must look feminine, but is still brave and threatening. When Tony Ahn gave basic makeup to Dara, Tony admitted that he was one of her fans. Tony said he had seen Dara in the documentation video, and at that time Dara was a child.

When she was little she was very funny. I even wanted to invite her into my agency,” said Tony. “But YG refused my suggestion to invite Dara.”

NCT’s Doyoung was putting on eye makeup, Block B’s P.O gave red and blue eye shadow to Harley’s character. Block B’s U-Kwon put on her eyelashes, and SF9’s Rowoon succeeded in making a black heart shape on Dara’s upper cheek. After wearing clothes according to Harley’s character, Dara took a picture with Block B’s P.O as the prince of her choice, because Block B’s P.O looked funny and shy.

Upon entering the dressing room, Rowoon bowed to Sandara Park and introduced himself as Rowoon, a member of SF9, who at that time had debuted only two months ealrier. When he wanted to start her makeup, Rowoon said he would call her Noona (read: older sister) and speak informally.

In addition, he also provided her with a hot pack before he started putting makeup on the 2NE1 member. Meanwhile, Super Junior’s Heechul and NCT’s Doyoung, who were also cast members at the event, said that today the weather was hot. Rowoon reassured the tense-looking Sandara Park by saying, “Today you look beautiful.”

While Rowoon was putting on her makeup, Heechul and other cast members commented on Rowoon, who was teasing Sandara Park, and the man looked even more hesitant when he wanted to draw eyeliner on the MBLAQ’s Thunder sister’s cheeks. He looked back and forth, and hesitantly touched Sandara Park’s shoulder when he wanted to do the makeup.

Slowly and carefully, Rowoon drew Harley Quinn’s little make-up heart on Sandara Park’s cheek. He looked very focused and concentrated when doing the drawing, and he also looked very handsome from the side.

While drawing hearts on Sandara Park’s cheeks, the cast members and panelists of ‘Lipstick Prince’ saw pictures of hearts drawn by Rowoon that looked like chicken thighs, and Heechul said that Sandara Park likes chickens, so he drew chicken thighs instead of a heart, making U-Kwon laugh at his comment.

After the heart drawings on Sandara Park’s cheeks were almost finished, Doyoung commented that her eye makeup looked good, and others praised the makeup they had done on Sandara Park’s face instead of commenting on the results of Rowoon’s makeup.

Before finishing the hearts on Sandara Park’s cheeks, Rowoon also took care of the senior idol by asking if her skin felt dry, and he offered a hand cream for her to try.

He also said that he didn’t want to apply Sandara Park’s eyes because he couldn’t see the woman’s eyes directly, and he had to close them. Rowoon also said that Sandara Park wouldn’t be able to see it when he was putting on her eye makeup.

Park was immediately surprised by Rowoon’s seduction when he was putting on her face, and said she remarked that he had only been debuted for two months, but was already good at seducing women and making her heart beat fast. Rowoon also won praise from the panelists that he only appeared on variety shows, but was seen as a pro now.

When he had finished drawing the hearts, Sandara Park laughed and smiled broadly because Rowoon, who liked to tease her in a soft, soft voice, managed to make Sandara Park nervous in front of him.

SF9’s Rowoon & AKMU’s Suhyun

In April 2017, AKMU’s Suhyun came as one of the guest stars on ‘Lipstick Prince’, and she also got a chance to get a makeover from SF9’s Rowoon. During the show, the cast members were told to answer questions about Suhyun, including her ideal night date. The members answered with short thoughts, like watching adult films and running together. However, Rowoon provided one of the correct answers, namely PC room dating.

Rowoon and Suhyun were acting like they were a couple, and the sister of Lee Chan-hyuk was given a sweet and an aegyo for Rowoon, who acted like he was upset. Super Junior’s Heechul told her that her aegyo was something that even made the CEO of YG Entertainment stunned, even though he was angry.

When Rowoon entered the makeup room, he greeted Suhyun and was ready to make over AKMU’s Chan-hyuk’s sister with lip gradation makeup. Before starting, Rowoon asked what color lipstick she liked, and she chose orange.

Suhyun was also distracted by Rowoon’s finger, which was covered by a band-aid, and he told her that his finger was injured during the promotion, causing her to give him a worried look. When Rowoon said Suhyun looked worried about his injured finger, Heechul immediately pretended to be in pain, and he laughed, afterwards.

Rowoon looks very focused while applying the orange lip tint on Suhyun’s lips, but he was also very friendly, asking questions like, “How old is your brother?” Suhyun answered, “He is 22 years old now.” Rowoon replied that he was the same age as her older brother.

He also said that he wanted a younger sister like Suhyun, and made the girl smile shyly. Rowoon used a tap-tap technique on her lower lip for the lip gradation, and suddenly Heechul asked, “What kind of brother do you want to have?

Then, without answering with words, AKMU’s Suhyun pointed to Rowoon, who was concentrating on her makeup. “She said she wants a brother like me.” SF9’s Rowoon answered, making AKMU’s Suhyun blush.

Heechul looked surprised by Suhyun’s answer and by how serious she looked when she gave it. AKMU’s Suhyun said that she wanted to have a caring brother.

Heechul asked Suhyun another quesiton, “What do you think you have a brother like me?” Suhyun refused to answer the question because she didn’t want her precious moment with SF9’s Rowoon to be disturbed.

After being interrupted by Heechul, Rowoon re-applied Suhyun’s face and continued his seduction by saying, “I don’t have a sister. I really want to have one,” making Suhyun smile shyly when he applied the lip tint gradation on finishing.

In the end, AKMU’s Suhyun said, “Rowoon Oppa” while completing the lip gradation done by SF9’s Rowoon while smiling shyly like she was doing aegyo. AKMU’s Suhyun looked very comfortable with SF9’s Rowoon’s treatment while he was making over her face in one of the episodes of ‘Lipstick Prince’.

SF9’s Rowoon & WJSN’s Chengxiao

In the next episode, WJSN’s Chengxiao was one of the guest stars on ‘Lipstick Prince’ and had a makeover with SF9’s Rowoon. Because Chengxiao was wearing a miniskirt, Rowoon gave her a small pillow to put over her skirt, as she had to sit on a rather high chair.

After that, Rowoon got ready to choose what make-up tools and brands were suitable for use on WJSN’s Chengxiao’s face. NCT’s Doyoung, who at the time was watching Rowoon, commented that he would run out of time if he continued to seduce without starting his makeup. “Even without makeup, Chengxiao’s face still looks like spring,” Rowoon said, and made all the cast members and guest stars laugh at his seduction.

Every move from SF9’s Rowoon was like he was flirting, especially when he brushed Chengxiao’s hair behind her ear, and the WJSN members who were also guest stars at the event blushed.

After that, Rowoon rubbed blusher on Chengxiao’s face and made her automatically blush. “It’s beautiful. I think we can get out now,” SF9’s Rowoon said, as he finished wiping the blusher on Chengxiao. The cast members looked at the monitor, and it was true that Chengxiao already looked beautiful with just a blush.

After that, Heechul asked Chengxiao, “How do you feel right now?” She didn’t have time to answer the MC’s question, because Rowoon immediately asked her, “Hao?” In Mandarin, that means “Good?

Because of his high confidence, Rowoon also said that the cast members didn’t talk much this time because his work seemed to be going well, and that was known by Heechul as one form of seduction. There was a clip that showed how much flirting there was between Rowoon to WJSN’S Chengxiao.

You look like a doll now.

You’re really beautiful now.

SF9’s Rowoon succeeded in making Chengxiao blush as a result of his repeated flattery. She is often seen looking down with a shy smile every time SF9’s Rowoon praises the makeup he did on her face.

When Rowoon was applying eye shadow on WJSN’s Chengxiao’s eyelids, he suddenly leaned forward and blew towards Chengxiao’s eyes, which were then covered with powder. The WJSN members who saw the scene blushed at Rowoon’s sudden treatment, which made the audience’s heartbeat very fast.

Chengxiao smiled shyly as she closed her eyes when SF9’s Rowoon did that, and Super Junior’s Heechul said that women love it when men do that.

When Rowoon was told to show his manners, he immediately stretched his legs to either side of Chengxiao and continued his makeover by applying light pink lipstick on Chengxiao’s lips.

Rowoon leaned closer to Chengxiao’s face, and the camera behind her captured Rowoon’s visuals. He seemed to almost kiss the face of the Chinese WJSN member, and the scene was greeted with hysterical screams from other WJSN members who were in the studio.

Rowoon’s face was too close to Chengxiao’s, and besides making the cast members and guest stars scream hysterically, he also managed to make the girl’s face look like a Chinese doll with makeup he had done.

SF9’s Rowoon & Yoon Bora

The next woman who got a chance to get a makeover with SF9’s Rowoon was a former member of SISTAR, Yoon Bo-ra. The idol is now active as an actress, and appears as one of the figures in the K-drama Dr. Romantic 2 (2020). Whether Rowoon or Yoon Bo-ra are lucky with their interaction on ‘Lipstick Prince’, she is a guest who can give a sweet impression in this episode.

When Rowoon came into the makeup room, Bora was already waiting to be made over. He bowed to give a greeting, saying that he was from the SF9 boy group who debuted two months ago, and she returned the greeting to Rowoon with a sweet and shy smile. Rowoon also asked if he could call Bora Noona, and she nodded in agreement.

Super Junior’s Heechul, who was watching Bora, said that she had never had such a big smile when she met someone new. Rowoon, who was just about to start choosing makeup and make-up tools, seemed confused by what he had to do.

Seeing Rowoon was confused when choosing makeup, Bora smiled at his very cute behavior. “I looked from the outside and you looked uncomfortable with your hair. May I tie your hair?” Bora, who looked very embarrassed, smiled again and said that she had not prepared himself for the temptation of Rowoon at the event.

At that time, Rowoon, who was behind Bora, looked very confident wanting to tie the hair of the former member of SISTAR, and his hands on Bora’s head made the audience’s hearts flutter. Rowoon also said that this was the first time he had tied a women’s hair.

Bora felt like melting because of Rowoon’s romance. Even his comments about the shampoo Bora used were very romantic right then. Bora became embarrassed and could only smile while saying, “Thank you.” Rowoon was not the best hairstylist, but he tried to tie Bora’s hair with his best efforts.

He also asked if when he pulled Bora’s hair it hurt, and she said no. “You can just relax when talking to me,” said Rowoon. When he turned around at Bora’s body and looked at her from the front, he said, “You are very beautiful.” Inevitably, Bora became a woman who was very embarrassed when dealing with SF9’s Rowoon.

Rowoon returned to Bora with several lipstick choices, and he chose two lipstick colors. He asked if he should mix the two colors, and Bora agreed after seeing the color of the lipstick on his hand which he had mixed before.

Bora seems to like the mix of the two colors of lipstick made by Rowoon, and he was ready to apply it to Bora’s lips. Before his finger reached Bora’s lips, he asked politely if he could touch Bora’s shoulder, and she immediately nodded in agreement. Because she was so nervous, Bora kept her face apart when Rowoon wanted to touch her lips.

Both of them laughed, and the entire studio laughed when they saw Bora acting awkwardly when Rowoon approached her to review the lipstick on her lips. Bora immediately apologized and Rowoon cautiously approached Bora and placed his hand on her shoulder again to apply the lipstick. “You really don’t need to worry. You have beautiful lips,” he said, teasing Bora, and the romantic compliment managed to make her heart flutter.

SF9’s Rowoon began applying lipstick with his fingertips and didn’t use a brush at all. There were panelists who commented that basically they were kissing now. Rowoon’s eyes looked very focused as he rubbed his fingers on Bora’s lips. Bora also looked very stunned when her eyes focused on Rowoon in front of her at this time.

Her eyes were like that when she saw a handsome man.” Super Junior’s Heechul said from outside the studio, when he saw Bora staring at Rowoon with sparkling eyes. “Look, she can’t stop staring at him.” Heechul continued teasing Bora, who couldn’t take her eyes off Rowoon. “Be quiet,” Bora said to Heechul.

I want to stay longer, but make up that lip very quickly. And I think you look prettier if you have your hair tied.” Rowoon said before he left Bora, who was still in the makeup room.

After all the cast members had finished Bora’s makeover, she wore a dress suitable for going to the awards ceremony. Bora looked mature and elegant, wearing a black dress that made her very beautiful in the event. She finally chose SF9’s Rowoon as the ‘Prince’ because of his ability and his romantic lines that made her melt.

SF9’s Rowoon & GFriend’s Yerin

‘Lipstick Prince’ continued for a second season. In the new season, they continued to present a number of guest stars from girl-group idols, models, and actresses. This time, GFriend’s Yerin was present as a guest star on ‘Lipstick Prince 2’.

There is a clip that shows like GFriend’s Yerin, who feels burdened by Rwoon’s existence, and she immediately answers that Rowoon’s figure is like a flower boy, which makes him smile while raising his lips up.

Then he stood up and applauded the praise GFriend’s Yerin gave to him. The other cast members, like Super Junior’s Heechul and Block B’s P.O, also teased him, and he smiled and his cheeks turned red because he was looked like an ideal type of flower boy.

SF9’s Rowoon did look very cool, especially when he stood up and faced Yerin, and approached Yerin in front of the cast members, immediately making the female idol smile shyly because of SF9’s Rowoon’s act.

Well, there some of the scenes and interactions between the guest stars of ‘Lipstick Prince’ and SF9’s Rowoon, who is famous for often teasing women with his romantic lines and making their hearts beat fast because he was very good at seducing other people, especially during the first meeting in the TV program. Let’s continue to give love and encouragement to SF9’s Rowoon so we can see his appearance on upcoming variety shows or K-dramas as soon as possible!