Who is BLACKPINK’s Rose Boyfriend? Check Out Her Relationship Status!

rose boyfriend

Does BLACKPINK’s Rose Have a Secret Relationship?

BLACKPINK’s Rose is a South Korean singer known for her miracle voice and fascinating guitar player. As a member of BLACKPINK, she managed to show her other side in dancing and performing. Rose got accepted as a trainee in YG Entertainment after doing an audition in Australia.

Many people are curious about whether Rose has ever been in a relationship or not, who her boyfriend is, etc. BLACKPINK’s Rose is currently single however, there’s a rumor about her relationship. Find the details of BLACKPINK’s Rose boyfriend on this Channel-Korea below. Stay reading!

BLACKPINK’s Rose is Single

rose boyfriend

Yes, it’s true Rose is likely to still be single. She is passionate about music and singing and also currently focuses on activities with BLACKPINK and individual activities. Nothing information about Rose’s relationship in public, so her boyfriend is not yet revealed.

Although some of the companies have dating forbidden rules, YG Entertainment is quite slacking on this. In 2018, one of the members of BLACKPINK, Jennie was dating EXO’s Kai, so eventually, the dating rule was not a drawback for her to do dating. Although YG Entertainment is strict, if there’s a discussion with the company and not doing it secretly, there’s a chance to get easy approval.

BLACKPINK’s Rose Ideal Type: Polite and Can Sing!

rose boyfriend

BLACKPINK’s Rose revealed on Weekly Idol that her ideal type is someone polite, and friendly, and could sing too. Besides, BLACKPINK’s Lisa added that Rose would be fallen for someone who could also play guitar.

BLACKPINK’S Rose Almost Has No Dating Rumor

rose boyfriend

BLACKPINK’s Rose has almost zero dating rumors since she never entirely goes out public with any man besides her work. She looks more focused on her career in music rather than exploring or dating any man. But, her fans might be against this reality. They are pretty wild to imagine Rose could date someone. The rumor about Rose and BTS’s J-Hope is interesting to know.

BLACKPINK’s Rose and BTS’s J Hope

rose boyfriend

BLACKPINK’s Rose and BTS’s J-Hope are rumored to be dating after two of them did something similar in the photo uploaded on Instagram. At that time, Rose met Pierre Sang, a Korean-born French chef. On the other side, BTS’s J-Hope was doing the same thing with the French chef. Pierre Sang posted photos of them on his Instagram account, although there’s no proof that they met the chef simultaneously. However, this photo brought much speculation to many fans of both groups.

BTS and BLACKPINK are successful K-pop groups that always get attention and are linked. The dating rumor about Rose and J-Hope is also the nail polish color of the two of them matching. This detail makes the rumor more interesting to dig into; however, there’s no announcement from both company until now. So, it could be just rumored that both of their fans love making connections. But no one will know in the future.

This is all about BLACKPINK’s Rose boyfriend and relationship status. What is your theory of this? Put your comment and share your thought on Twitter too! Keep supporting BLACKPINK’s Rose with her solo and group!