ROMEO: Profile, Facts, Debut, ‘MIXNINE’

ROMEO’s Appearance on JTBC’s Mix Nine

Romeo kpop group profile

On October 29, 2017, Romeo’s Yunsung, Milo, Kyle, and Hyunkyung participated in JTBC’s MIX NINE. Their career journey through this survival show can be said to be very short with different ranks from each member. Kim Min-hak or Romeo’s Milo, Hwang Yunsung or Romeo’s Hyunkyung, and Ma Jae-kyeong or Romeo’s Kyle were eliminated in the second elimination round. Only Kim Hyun-jong or Romeo’s Hyunkyung was eliminated in the final episode.

A contestant on the survival program MIXNINE and a member of the boy group ROMEO is involved in a controversy over sexual harassment of minors. According to a Korean netizen’s statement on the Pann site, the idol named Kim Min-hak sent a message to a Japanese fan who was underage to come to his hotel room when he was on vacation.

Kim Min-hak started approaching this fan using a Twitter account. Then, they sent messages to each other using the KakaoTalk chat application. This Japanese fan then uploaded a screenshot of the conversation through their Instagram account.

Some of the conversation can be seen below:


Kim Min-hak: Honoka <3, it’s a secret huh

Fan: Oppa, I could die

Kim Min-hak: Why, hahaha. I want to see you

Fan: Me too, ahhh. It’s the first time someone like you has contacted me, I’m afraid if I get caught

Because the fan wasn’t completely sure that he was indeed a ROMEO member, Kim Min-hak then sent his selca.

Kim Min-hak: At Haneda airport with Honoka

Fan: Yes, an hour? Ah, my house is very far away so I always stay at the hotel

Kim Min-hak: Sorry. Next time I go on vacation to Japan, we’ll both stay at the hotel, okay?

Fan: Oh my gosh oppa

Fan: Oppa is cuter

Kim Min-hak: Honoka is cute and pretty, and sometimes sexy too. Very kawaii. You are mine

After being uploaded, screenshots of the conversation between the two immediately reaped a lot of controversy among fans, causing the entire Kim Min-hak fansite to go out of business. The fan who uploaded the screenshot has also closed their Instagram account.

Currently, the issue involving the rookie idol is also being discussed by Korean netizens and his agency immediately released an apology for Romeo’s Milo on February 20, 2018, stating, “We want to apologize for the recent incident that has worried many fans. Milo is currently contemplating his immature actions as a public figure, and he will take some time for himself. We will do our best to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.”

Well, that is all of the information about Romeo and everything about them that you should know. Even though one of the members was involved in scandals, let’s continue to support them so that Romeo can immediately hold their comeback stage as soon as possible. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!