K-Drama Review: ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ Is An Office Romance Set In A Book Publishing Company

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Romance is a Bonus Book


Now, after we give you a bit of information and review about the drama, we will conclude

This list by giving you five reasons why you should watch Romance is a Bonus Book.

Check out the reasons below!

  • A full package love story, from noona Romance to office romance

What kind of love story do you like? Noona RomanceOffice romance? From friends to lovers? A love story from childhood? Cinderella? Love that grows because you live under the same roof? Or romance stories with widows/widowers like Encounter or Memories of the Alhambra?

Well, you can find it all here! Dan-i and Eun-ho’s love story will make your heart warm and tender at the same time.


  • Inspirational stories from the main characters

Dan-i has had a difficult year after her divorce. Not only that, her husband cheated on her and divorced her, and her home was confiscated, but she was also having trouble finding work, and she needed money for her daughter’s education. Despite such difficulties, she persisted and did not want to despair. Very inspiring, right, seeing her struggle and persistence as a single mother?

Not only Dan-i, Eun-ho, and the rest of the high-ranking characters from the Gyeoroo publishing company were also very inspiring. They founded and raised their publishing names from scratch until now it can be successful and become a large and well-known publication. Was it inspiring, right?


  • The eccentric characters, which certainly makes the drama more enjoyable

The genre of this drama is romantic-comedy. So, it is clear this drama will present a variety of scenes that make you laugh. One of them is by presenting various characters whose characters are eccentric, unique, and funny.

Imagine, almost all one office worker was similar. Starting from the president, chief editor, editor, until the new employees there, who are Dan-i’s colleagues. They are mostly absurd and loud, especially the CEO Kim Jae-min

This drama is perfect for you who want to find a light and entertaining watching. Watching it feels sitcom scenes!


  • Second male lead that makes you catch feelings

The second male lead in this drama is Ji Seo-Joon, a talented book cover designer who is on the rise. Played nicely by Wi Ha-Joon, Seo-Joon captivates the hearts of the audience with a warm, gentle, and sweet attitude.

Even from episodes 1-2 when he met Dan-ii, his gentle and romantic gesture toward her alone can make you fall in love. But since he’s the second male lead, get ready for some heartbreaks and second lead syndrome when Dan-i starts to fall in love with Eun-ho.

Tho you don’t have to worry, he will get his side story served after some time *wink*. Seriously, you’ll fall in love with him!

  • The strong chemistry between all the cast

Not only LeeLee (Lee Jong-suk and Lee Na-young) couple, all the cast of characters in this drama have good chemistry. Moreover, their interaction at the office is unique yet heart-warming. We can guarantee that they will make you laugh out loud.


So, those are all the things and reviews that you need to know regarding the drama Romance is a Bonus Book. What are you waiting for? Watch this drama and tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!