K-Drama Review: ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ Is An Office Romance Set In A Book Publishing Company

Romance is a Bonus Book: The Soundtracks

  • “A Story I Couldn’t See” by Jannabi

[MV] JANNABI (잔나비) - A Story I Couldn’t See (나는 볼 수 없던 이야기) Romance is A Bonus Book OST Part.1

Singed by an indie band Jannabi, the song  “A Story I Couldn’t See”  is a heartbreaking song, especially when it reminds us of the scene where Eun-ho always came to Dan-i’s house every time he got drunk because he loved and missed her so much. But his feelings were forced to be buried because Dan-i was married to another man at that time.

Or another sad scene in the early episodes when Dan-i painstakingly started her life again after a divorce. She even had to live in her old house that had been confiscated even without electricity and water.

  • ” Rainbow” by Rothy

In contrast to the sad Part 1 OST, Part 2 OST of Romance Is a Bonus is cheerful. Who’s the one who gets excited every time you hear this song sung by a young singer, Rothy, this?

  • ” All I Do” by Roy Kim

Soothing and romantic, this song from Roy Kim indeed will make you feel emotional. Being a background song when Eun-ho sat together with Dan-i under the soft moonlight, your heart must have been thumping, right when Eun-ho said, “The moon is beautiful,” which represents his “I love you” to her.

  • ” I Pray” by Motte

As the title suggests, the song  “I Pray,”  sung by Motte, tells the story of a sincere prayer of someone who hopes his girlfriend always smiles happily, and the gloomy days of disappearing are replaced by a bright, cheerful good day.

Isn’t this song perfectly represent Eun-ho? His feelings of love for Dan-i are so pure and sincere since ll he thinks about is the happiness of the woman he loves even if his own heart hurts. Sweet and romantic.

  • ” Someday” by The Black Skirts

This song is a part of Part 5 OST of the drama, sung by indie musician, The Black Skirts. Unique and catchy, this song is also very suitable to hear when you are reading a book. Try it!

  • “A Book is You” / “Your Book” by Son Ho-young

Sung by singer Son Ho-young, this song is sweet and will make you smile when hearing it. It’ll also remind you of the exciting times when falling in love. This song is a perfect match for the romantic love story of Eun-ho and Dan-i.

  • “Close I’ll Be” by Kim Na-young

After being made emotional on the part 1 OST, this Kim Na-young’s song succeeded in jerking the audience’s sadness. This song was very successful in making the hearts of the audience feel sliced ​​whenever it appeared on the background of the drama.

  • “You’re Beautiful” by Will Bug

The song “You’re Beautiful,” whose lyrics are entirely in English, is sung by Will Bug. With beautiful lyrics like poetry, this song also has serene and soothing music. Hearing this song makes the heart cool and calm.

  • “Walking on Sunshine” by SAya

This song is suitable to be heard before you start the day. It will make your whole day become more beautiful and vibrant!

  • ” Happy End” by SAya and Kim Ki-won

Having a soothing effect, the song sung by SAya and Kim Ki-won has successfully made viewers emotional too. The title,  “Happy End,” summarizes all the love stories portrayed in Romance Is a Bonus Book. Like romantic novels, the story in this drama also has a happy ending that warms your heart.