BTS’ RM’s Marriage Rumors: Spotted With a Ring and Has Kids?

BTS' RM Married

Everything You Should Know About BTS’ RM’s Marriage Rumor and the Truth Behind It

K-pop is often surprised by some news about K-pop idol dating news or even sudden confirmations of being married and having babies. Similarly, BTS’ RM was rumored to have secretly dated long before he debuted and now has a child!

The BTS leader was rumored to already be married and even have kids because he was spotted with a ring that looks like a wedding ring. However, the news is totally fake because BTS’ agency, HYBE Labels, didn’t confirm anything about this.

Without waiting any longer, let’s find out the details about BTS’ RM’s marriage rumor in this article below!

BTS’ RM Is Not Married Yet

BTS' RM Married

Rumor has it that BTS’ RM has married and has kids, but, apparently, the news is not true and he is still single. That’s because the marriage rumors of BTS’ RM are not confirmed by the agency.

However, there is a small possibility that RM is hiding his private matters from the public. The risk of becoming a celebrity or K-pop idol is indeed quite large because they must remain professional throughout their career and not involve any personal life in their work life.

When it comes to dating news, it becomes very sensitive among K-pop fans because they expect that every idol should act professionally, and if the dating news is confirmed, it will damage the image of the K-pop idol.

Not only reaping the pros and cons, but BTS’ members’ personal lives have also entered the spotlight because they are at the peak of their careers at the moment. Some of the members were also rumored to have had special relationships or been close to women, but none of the dating news from BTS members was confirmed.

BTS' RM Married

Likewise with BTS’ RM who is being watched about his romance life. There are rumors about BTS’ RM dating someone or not, and there are even rumors that BTS’ RM has been married since his pre-debut and now has children. But, this rumor is not true because this is just an assumption among fans, and they imagine that BTS’ RM is boyfriend or husband material who has positive vibes and is the dream of many people.

Still, some fans and netizens suspected him because they have gathered some evidence. Check out the evidence below!

A Woman Sleeping With a Man Who Looks Like BTS’ RM

BTS' RM Married

Kim Nam-joon, also known by the stage name BTS’ RM, is indeed an idol who has the talent and soul of a leader. He is an ideal man, both handsome and with a fit body figure, making many ARMY fall in love with him.

But, ARMY must be curious about the picture above, right? Why was Namjoon spotted sleeping with an unknown female? There was a picture that was circulated on social media because the male figure in the picture is very similar to BTS’ RM.

So, the male figure is not BTS’ RM. Of course, ARMYs must have been surprised while seeing this picture at first glance. The man who is very similar to Namjoon was kissing the cheek of the beautiful woman who was under suspicion of being his lover. Some ARMY said that the picture made them feel heartbroken because, in time, BTS’ RM will have a girlfriend.

ARMY Noticed BTS’ RM Hinting About His Kids

BTS' RM Married

BTS’ RM made a joke that managed to make fans heartbroken. How? The leader of BTS (Bangtan Boys) jokingly said that he had a very smart child.

In a video released by BANGTANTV, BTS’ RM had a hard time choosing the best glasses to wear to their album press conference MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. Each pair of glasses looked like they were made especially for him, so it was no wonder he had a hard time deciding which to wear.

The first glasses he chose immediately became his favorite. Unfortunately, RM didn’t like them because they lacked nose pads. RM then tried the round sunglasses but didn’t really like them. After that, the owner by the name Kim Nam-joon chose slightly curved beige glasses that matched his skin color.

Not yet finding a match for the item he chose, RM tried a dark shade of round glasses which were also amazing. Finally, after much thought and deliberation, he chose glasses that made him look smart.

The staff praised him for looking smart with the glasses. He then joked that his son was so intelligent that he was able to master Korean characters at a very young age. “My son mastered Hangeul at the age of 4 years,” he said convincingly.

BTS' RM Married

“I had a heart attack because I thought Nam-joon had a real child,” commented a fan. “How can he make a joke so convincingly, I almost believe that he is a father, hahaha,” added another fan. “His wife is me,” said another. “No wonder BTS’ Jimin calls him dad, hahaha,” concluded another.