Find Out More About Ricky Kim’s Happy Family on SBS’s ‘Oh! My Baby’

Let’s Meet The Handsome Daddy, Ricky Kim!

Do you guys remember this American-Korean, Ricky Lee Neely, better known as Ricky Kim? He’s an American-Korean actor and model that debuted in 2006 in the series Miracle. He studied at Kansas State University, and is popular because of the good visuality that’s the result of his mixed heritage. The actor had chose to marry three years after he started to build his career.

Ricky Kim isn’t ashamed to show his affection for his family in public. He prefers to live his life with his lovely wife and his little family, and they moved to the USA in 2018. How was the journey to of his small, harmonious family? In this article Channel-Korea will give you the information about Ricky Kim’s happy family on SBS’s ‘Oh! My Baby’. Stay tuned!


Most celebrities nowadays choose to stay focused on their careers rather than having a new family or getting married, let alone marry at a young age like Ricky Kim. He started his career in 2006. A year after that, he met a musical theater actress name Ryu Seung-joo when they both worked for Compassion, an International NGO.

After they met and become friends, they developed a special relationship and began dating. They dated for approximately two years, and in 2009 they chose to get married.

Ricky and Ryu Seung-joo were married on May 4, 2009, at Seoul’s Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel, and the ceremony was attended by many celebrities from various backgrounds.

When he made his proposal, Ricky said that there were some obstacles to the ring that he special ordered from the USA. The ring was sent late from the time he specified before. Instead, he proposed to his wife by inserting a ring that was made from pieces of paper in a magazine into the ring case, and he approached her, who was acting in theater drama. He admits to proposing to her on the stage where she was did her job as an actress, then he knelt down with the paper ring.

The priest who presided over their wedding ceremony is a person who worked at the same place with them, named Seo Jung-in. The MC for their wedding reception was singer Shim Tae-yoon.

After getting married, they had to postpone the honeymoon (going to Peru) they planned for three months, until August, because of their work as volunteers.

Here are some of their wedding moments!


After more than a year of being married, they were given the good news of the wife’s first pregnancy, with the baby being due around February, 2011. Ricky Kim became a father for the first time on February 10th, 2011, when his wife delievered a daughter named Kim Tae-rin, and with the English name Taylor.

Two years after Ryu Seung-joo’s first pregnancy, they had a son for the first time, name Kim Tae-oh (Asher William), who was born in March 11, 2013. During Ryu Seung-joo’s second pregnancy, Kim revealed that he often talked to his son (Kim Tae-oh) while holding his wife’s belly, and sometimes his son kicked his wife’s belly. This made him very happy and thankful to become a father at a young age.

Their third child, their daughter Ellysen Victoria (Kim Tae-ra) was born on September 19, 2015.

Welcoming New Family Member

After having two children already, more good news came to the family of the actor and handsome model, Ricky Kim. He announced the news of his third child through his Instagram and Twitter accounts on Sunday, September 20, 2015. His third child was born two years after his second child’s birth in 2013.

Ricky posted pictures of his baby with the caption “Kim Tae-ra, 2015.9.19, Thank you all your prayers.” In one of the photos that he uploaded, he was carrying his baby, who was yawning in a cute way.

Along with the photos, Ricky Kim also announced his baby’s name. His younger daugther’s name is Ellysen Victoria Neely (Kim Tae-ra).

In one of the photos that he uploaded, the eldest sister, Tae-rin, looked at Ellysen (Tae-ra)  lovingly, while Tae-oh is actually preoccupied with his lollipop.

And in the other photos, Ricky was seen staring at Ellysen with Tae-rin and Tae-oh. That was a cute moment!

Appearance On SBS’s ‘Oh! My Baby’

Oh! My Baby is a television program that has aired on the Korean tv channel SBS since 2014. The program documents the lives of Korean celebrities with their families.

Ricky Kim and Ryu Seung-joo were selected to join this program in 2014 with their kids, Tae-rin, Tae-oh, and Tae-ra. They live their lives as a family, and Ricky Kim shows his fatherly side to his children while his wife fills her role as a good mother.

Ricky Kim and the kids often spend their time together with their ways, especially the two siblings who are often the center of the audience’s attention. The siblings often show their cohesiveness and their innocence, especially when they both talking in cute ways. Plus, in 2015 they got a newborn little sister, Tae-ra.

In the program, Ricky Kim shows how he nurtures and educates his children well, fairly, and wisely. In each episode, they run their lives normally. For example, sometimes their kids have friends to play with, or even a guest star who also visits to take care of his children, such as EXO’s Kai.

Three years after joining the variety show, on June 1, 2013, Ricky Kim and TaeTae siblings were confirmed to have left the program because they were moving to the USA. The main reason for the move was that Ricky Kim had been cast in the Hollywood film, Heaven Quest: A Pilgrim’s Progress’. 

The announcement left his fans feeling sad and lost, and they especially miss the cute and adorable siblings, Tae-rin, Tae-oh, and Tae-ra.

That’s the infromation about Ricky Kim being a daddy. How’s his life and TaeTe siblings now? Do you guys miss them, too? If yes, put the answer in the comment section!