K-Pop Group RHEA: Profile, Members, Facts, Etc.

Rhea Kpop profile members

Let’s Get Closer with K-Pop Group RHEA and Members Profile!

Every year, South Korea always shows up their new rising stars both in the acting and music industry. For example, the new girl group named RHEA in 2021. Perhaps, half of you must feel unfamiliar with them, especially with their members. As simply introduction, RHEA is a girl group which consists of 5 pretties and talented members, namely Soojin, Jiye, Byeolha, Jaeeun, and Eunjeong.

Through this article, Channel-Korea want to introduced about RHEA and the members profiles. So, keep on reading this article!

RHEA Group Profile

Rhea Kpop profile group

Group name : RHEA (레아)

Debut year : 2021

Agency : I.O Entertainment

Members : Sojin (former member), Jiye, Eunjeong, Byeolha, and Jaeeun

Origin : South Korea

Genre : K-pop

Instagram : @rhea__official

Twitter : @RHEA_official_1

RHEA’s Sojin’s Profile and Facts

rhea soojin profile

Stage name : Sojin (수진)

Other name : Vesta (베스타)

Birthday : September 1, 1998

Zodiac : Virgo

Nationality : Korean

Height : 165 cm (5’5″)

Weight : 55 kg

Position : Leader

Agency : I.O Entertainment (2021) & Litchi MCN (2021 – present)

Group : RHEA (left) & 4seazn

Color representation : Red

Soojin’s Facts :

  • Sojin was the first member who joined the group.
  • Her name “Vesta” means as a Roman goddess.
  • Vesta means the goddess of home, family, and hearth.
  • In 2021, Sojin decided to leave the group for unknown reason.
  • Currently, she’s known as 4seazn member.
  • Among other members, Sojin is the most popular in RHEA.
  • She’s makeup enthusiastic.

RHEA’s Jiye’s Profile and Facts

rhea jiye profile

Name : Jiye (지예)

Other name : Hera (헤라)

Former name : Yeji (예지)

Birthday :  South Korea

Zodiac : –

Nationality : Korean

Height : 168 cm (5’6″)

Weight : 53 kg

Position : Vocalist & Rapper

Agency : I.O Entertainment

Color representation : Black

Jiye’s Facts : 

  • She was the second member to joined the group and revealed by RHEA.
  • Jiye is very kind-hearted and humble person.
  • Her other name is Hera, according to the mythology Hera means as a goddess of the marriage, women, family, and childbirth.
  • Jiye is very likes selfie, she calls as a ‘selfie lover’.
  • Her birth date still not found, but she was born around in 2000/2001.

RHEA’s Eunjeong’s Profile and Facts

rhea eunjeong profile

Name : Eunjeong (은정)

Other name : Flora (플로라)

Birthday : South Korea

Zodiac : –

Nationality : Korean

Height : 157 cm (5’9″)

Weight : 59 kg

Position : Vocalist

Agency : I.O Entertainment

Color representation : Violet

Eunjeong’s Facts : 

  • She was born around in 2000 or 2001.
  • She was the third member to join the group and to be revealed as RHEA member.
  • Eunjeong called ‘happy virus’ because she’s the mood maker.
  • Eunjeong has a bright personality and always full of smiles.
  • “Flora” name is from mythological and means the goddess of flower.

RHEA’s Byeolha’s Profile

rhea byeolha profile

Name : Byeolha (별하)

Other name : Thetis (테티스)

Birthday : South Korea

Zodiac : –

Nationality : Korean

Height : 170 cm (5’7″)

Weight : 55 kg

Position : Vocalist

Agency : O.I Entertainment

Color Representation : Sky Blue

Byeolha’s Facts : 

  • Byeolha was the fourth member to join and revealed by RHEA group.
  • She was born around in 1998.
  • Byeolha has the stage name, namely “ZeroSix Byeolha”.
  • Her other name “Thetis” is from a Greek Mythology and means goddess of the sea.
  • She’s good at dancing.

RHEA’s Jaeeun’s Profile

rhea jaeeun profile

Name : Jaeeun (재은)

Other name : Selen (셀레네)

Birthday : October 7, 2002, South Korea

Zodiac : –

Nationality : Korean

Height : 168 cm (5’6″)

Weight : 53 kg

Position : Vocalist & maknae

Agency : I.O Entertainment

Color Representation : Yellow

Jaeeun’s Facts : 

  • She was the last member to be join in the group.
  • This maknae has a bright personality and have a pretty smile.
  • Jaeeun is the secret member of RHEA.
  • “Selene” is the name of Greek Mythology which has means a goddess of the moon.

RHEA Debut and Disbandment

Kpop rhea debut

RHEA is a group which formed by I.O Entertainment which has planned by actor Kim Raehyuk who is the owner of this agency. He said that, in 2021, I.O Entertainment would debuting a group inspired from Greek Mythology, namely RHEA. Before their debut, this group introduced their members one by one alongside the stage names named the Greek Goddesses based on their charm.

Kpop rhea debut

On July 21, 2021, the first member that was revealed is Soojin. Then, followed by Jiye on July 24, Eunjeong on July 26, Byeolha on July 28, and the last member is Jaeeun on July 30.

This group were supposed to debut on August 27, 2021, but it was postponed because the two members had health issues. On September 27, 2021, they also should released their single debut “Time Travel”, but there’s no update about it and passed. Then, On October 1, 2021, finally they were debuted.

Kpop rhea profile facts

Still in the same year, RHEA have to lose their leader, Soojin. She decided to left the group and the reason is still be unknown. After losing Soojin, this group seems to be inactive since 2021 and even rumored to have disbanded.

So, that’s all information everything regarding RHEA group and the members profile. What do you think about this group? Are they really disband or not?

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