K-Drama Review: ‘Suits’ Lived Up to the Original Version While Still Making It Their Own

Suits: The Soundtracks


You In My Dream by MAMAMOO

People might want to hear the soundtrack since it was performed by MAMAMOO! From the lyrics translation, we can tell that the song was related with Go Yeon-woo and Kim Ji-na’s feelings towards each other!

You’re in my dream

I met you again

You, who I long for

Under the empty sky

Even the lights look like you“.

Calling You by Laura

Next, we have Calling You by Laura! Have you heard the song? If you haven’t, you shouldn’t miss it. From the lyrics and the words, the song related to several situations, whether it was about Go Yeon-woo and Choi Kang-seok’s relationship, Go Yeon-woo and Kim Ji-na’s relationship, or anything else!

I don’t think this’ll end

Another day has passed

I’m crying here like a fool“.

When I’m With You by MLC

Last, we have MLC with When I’m With You! From the lyrics, we could see that the song told us about the struggle of each character in Suits!

We’re gon’ make it alright

It’s hard for you to see

But I can feel it now, when I’m with you“.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Suits


Prepare yourself, because we’re about to serve you the five reasons why you should watch the K-Drama Suits!

1. Different Story, Different Euphoria!

As we already know, Suits was the Korean version of a U.S series with the same title. But, the Korean take on the series has its own attractiveness, since it was different from the original version! The script writer wanted to adjust the story-line to better reflect South Korea’s daily life. In the series, you can watch how Choi Kang-seok and Go Yeon-woo deal with problems with chaebol or rich people in South Korea!

2. The Great Bromance Between Choi Kang-seok and Go Yeon-woo

If you see the relations between Choi Kang-seok and Go Yeon-woo, you can’t help being drawn in. As an boss and his subordinate, the way they were treated each other got a lot of attention, moreover, some people thought that they looked like father and son!

3. Craving For Law

Suits is a great pick for viewers who love a legal K-drama.! Since the story-line was mostly about law and how to overcome it, you’ll be loving it! But still, for you who aren’t law K-Drama lovers, you’d still be able to watch the drama and not get boring with the story-line!

4. A Lot of Interesting Cases

Since Choi Kang-seok and Go Yeon-woo were working a lot of cases and issues in Suits, the story wasn’t focused on one certain point, but the story as a whole would continue with each new case.

5. Moral Values

Last, but not least, Suits demonstrated a lot of moral value in daily life and felt relatable. Through every case and issue in the series, the show reminded us how to deal with problems, and to be a kind person, because every mistake would lead you to a consequence!

That was all of the information about the series Suits. If you’re looking for a new drama to watch, don’t worry, Suits won’t let you down with the good actors, good story-line, and good scenes!

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