K-Drama Review: ‘Suits’ Lived Up to the Original Version While Still Making It Their Own


A Successful Remake of the American Series

From the title you can see that we are reviewing the successful K-Drama, Suits! But did you know that Suits is also a remake of an American series? Channel Korea will tell you about it, so stay tuned!

The original version of the drama was from the U.S. series, which has run for 8 seasons. Suits‘ U.S version told about a fictional law firm in New York City, and about the layers who work there. Meanwhile, the Korean version was aired on KBS TV and only ran for 16 episodes, every Wednesday and Thursday. Suits used the ‘law’ theme as its spotlight. From the drama, we can watch Jang Dong-gun’s appearance, since Suits was his comeback after almost six years since his last appearance in entertainment industry.

Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the Korean version of Suits, and all the details you need to know about it!

Suits: Review


The drama told us a story about Go Yeon-woo (played by Park Hyung-sik), an ordinary man who was orphaned as a child, and lived with his grandmother. Despite his challenging early life, he was also exceptionally intelligent.

Meanwhile, there’s also Choi Kang-seok (played by Jang Dong-gun), a senior lawyer who had a lot of experience. He was famously known as being one of the best lawyers ever, and often came across as being very arrogant. Choi Kang-seok was working at the Kang & Ham law firm. After a while, Go Yeon-woo applied to Kang & Ham and was accepted even though he didn’t have a law license. He was accepted by Choi Kang-seok, who had already thought about the risk when he hired Go Yeon-woo.

After being accepted as Choi Kang-seok’s subordinate, Go Yeon-woo was working hard to prove to Choi Kang-seok that he was worth it. He wanted to satisfy Choi Kang-seok with his own ability, even though often Choi Kang-seok wasn’t satisfied with him. When he was working as an lawyer, Go Yeon-woo used to show his empathetic side, and it was caused Choi Kang-seok to get angry with him because Go Yeon-woo used to much emothion and not enough logic when working his cases.

Even so, Go Yeon-woo reminded Choi Kang-seok of himself as a young man, which is why even though Go Yeon-woo didn’t have the good educational background, he still got a chance to show what he could do.

This series is highly recommended! Even though the drama mostly focuses on two male lead characters, you won’t get bored with them or with the story-line! Suits is full of unusual cases and gives you an idea of what it might be like to work in a law firm! The show also has an element of romance through the relationship between Go Yeon-wo and Kim Ji-na’s (played by Go Sung-hee).

The drama also gave us important moral values, such as accepting the consequences for the mistakes that we’ve made, being honest about who you truly are, and always remembering that no matter how small or large the mistakes, there will always be punishments for them. Overall, the drama is highly recommendation to watched, especially for those viewers who love legal-oriented dramas.

Here are is general information and official poster for Suits:


Title: Suits

Genre: Legal drama

Directed By: Kim Jin-woo

Written By: Kim Jung-min

Starring: Jang Dong-gun, Park Hyung-sik, Chae Jung-an, Go Sung-hee

Network: KBS

Episodes: 16 episodes

Scenes in Suits

You won’t get bored with the bromance between Choi Kang-seok and Go Yeon-woo!




Romantic moments between Kim Ji-na and Go Yeon-woo!



So how does this series end?

After being involved in a lot of cases and issues, the Kang & Ham law firm was facing some problems, so the firm was renamed the Choi & Kang law firm. People eventually realized that Go Yeon-woo didn’t have a law license when he was hired, and that he didn’t graduate from high school. Eventually, Go Yeon-woo surrendered himself and went to the police.

Through Go Yeon-woo’s trial, Choi Kang-seok was there and saw Go Yeon-woo give his last statement before he went to the jail for two years for forging his qualifications and pretending to be a lawyer. Sometimes Choi Kang-seok visited Go Yeon-woo in jail and brought him some food.


Two years later, Go Yeon-woo was released from prison, and Choi Kang-seok was there to accompany him. Excitingly, Go Yeon-woo rushed Choi Kang-seok through and followed him to his car. Go Yeon-woo was asked where they were going and Choi Kang-seok only smiled mysteriously, and revealed that life won’t show you where the purpose is.

Even though the ending was quite unresolved, the series was full of amusing scenes and entertaining people! Suits drew viewers in with its story-line, and showed that every mistake has its consequences. No wonder Suits had a lot of fans, and most people loved the drama! So, what are you waiting for?

Suits: The Cast


Let’s meet with some of the main characters in the drama Suits!

Park Hyung-sik as Go Yeon-woo


Park Hyung-sik was cast as Go Yeon-woo. Technically, he was an ordinary man who was very intelligent. He was hired by a prestigious law firm to be an associate under one of the senior lawyers. He always worked hard to prove to Choi Kang-seok that he was capable and worth it. Go Yeon-woo became involved in a relationship with Kim Ji-na, one of the employees at the firm where Go Yeon-wo worked.

Jang Dong-gun as Choi Kang-seok


Jang Dong-gun played Choi Kang-seok, one of the senior lawyers at the Kang & Ham law firm. As a senior lawyer, he was famously known as an intelligent man and an arrogant perfectionist. He used to be a prosecutor, but he decided to leave and became a regular lawyer, instead. Even though there were a lot of people who didn’t like him, Choi Kang-seok didn’t really care about them and remained focused on his occupation as a lawyer.

Go Sung-hee as Kim Ji-na


Go Sung-hee was cast as Kim Ji-na, one of the employees at Kang & Ham. Even though she didn’t have one of the most central roles, she was the lead female character who was involved in a relationship with Go Yeon-woo. Kim Ji-na also helped Go Yeon-woo to solve his cases in his work in Kang & Ham law firm.

Chae Jung-am as Hong Da-ham


Chae Jung-am played as Hong Da-ham. He was Choi Kang-seok’s secretary at Kang & Ham, and was Choi Kang-seok’s right-hand man. Chae Jung-am also had the same characteristics as Go Yeon-wo and Choi Kang-seok in their funny moments and did great work.

Choi Gi-hwa as Chae Geun-sik


Choi Gi-hwa was cast as Chae Geun-sik. He was famously known as Choi Kang-seok’s rival, even though he couldn’t seem to beat Choi Kang-seok. He was a bit of an obnoxious baggart, but he made viewers laugh with his hilarious yet annoying behavior!