K-Drama Review: ‘Something About 1 Percent’ Will Warm Your Heart with the Romance

Everything You Need to Know About Something About 1 Percent

Something About 1 Percent is a romantic comedy series starring Jeon So-min as Kim Da-hyun and Ha Seok-jin as Lee Jae-in. It tells about a contractual relationship determined by Lee Jae-in’s grandfather. Lee Jae-in comes from a rich family, he’s handsome and smart, but also arrogant. In order to inherit his family’s hotel, he’s forced into an engagement with Kim Da-hyun, who comes from an ordinary family and works as a teacher in a school. Unsurprisingly, Kim Da-hyun initially rejected the contract, but as the story unfolds, various conflicts arise that make the main characters experience something unexpected. Here comes the thrill of this drama!

More About Something About 1 Percent


Title: Something About 1 Percent
Korean Title: 1%의 어떤것 ; il%ui Eoddeongeot
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Year: 2016
Number of Episodes: 16 episodes
Broadcast: Dramax
Release Date: October 5 – November 24, 2016

Kim Da-hyun is an elementary school teacher, and she’s satisfied with her life as it is. She loves the children that she teaches, and her students love her, too. Her mother wants her to meet a man, and is always telling her to go on blind dates, preferably with a doctor or some other great man.

One day, when Kim Da-hyun has taken her students outdorrs to practice drawing nature, she found an old man who had fallen into a bush. Kim Da-hyun brings the old man to the hospital, but while they were there, she hears the nurses talking rudely about the man she found, saying they hoped he would be transferred to a different hospital. Kim Da-hyun immediately said that she was responsible for him, even though she knew nothing about him.


The old man was named Lee Kyoo-chul and turned out to be Lee Jae-in’s grandfather and the CEO of the hotel owned by SH group. After that incident, Lee Kyoo-chul told his grandson that he would be his successor with the SH group, on the condition that he marries Kim Da-hyun, the woman who so sincerely him. Lee Jae-in disagrees with his grandfather’s demands, but he follows the condition while making his own plans.

The two meet at the school where Kim Da-hyun teaches. After learning about the contract, Kim Da-hyun firmly rejects Lee Jae-in several times. But Lee Jae-in didn’t give up, he kept trying to persuade Kim Da-hyun to approve the contract. Certain conditions eventually force Kim Da-hyun to agree. Lee Jae-in suggests that Kim Da-hyun only pretend to be his lover for six months, saying they don’t need to get married, just be together. Kim Da-hyun needs a man and Lee Jae-in needs Kim Da-hyun to get his legacy, so both are bound by the contract.


Lee Jae-in comes from a wealthy background, and all the cousins are competing to become the next CEO. Kim Da-hyun comes from a background that’s very different. The formula for this story is one that comes up often in movies and dramas, it’s a cliché story about the life of a wealthy man and an ordinary woman, and also about a contract that justifies the relationship. It may be a common story, but it’s still the type of romance that people always love.

The conflict between the two main characters, Lee Jae-in and Kim Da-hyun, is very entertaining. It begins as a fake relationship, but both of them began to show their feelings. Combined with some comedic moments, the conflict in the drama is light and pleasant. The conflicts that occurred were easily resolved, leaving the plot focused on the relationship between main characters. The storyline isn’t boring, thanks to the natural acting. The ending is neatly arranged and will be satisfying for the pople who are following the drama.



The drama adapted from a novel of the same title, written by Hyun Go-woon in 2002. Due to the popularity of the novel, it was adapted for the screen in 2003. The first drama, under the same title Something About 1 Percent, was played by Kang Dong-won and Kim Jung-hwa in 26 episodes on MBC. Seeing the potential, the drama was given a reboot in 2016 as a miniseries, and kept fresh by casting Jeon So-min and Ha Seok-jin.