K-Drama Review: Let’s Travel Back in Time with the Drama ‘Reply 1994’!

The Soundtrack

These are some tracks that filled the drama to make it alive and emotional. Let’s check it out!

This adorable couple also sings one of the tracks from the Reply 1994 soundtrack, about their growing relationship. At the time, Do-hee was still 18 and Sung-kyun has a son, but they both play the characters very well!

The lead female actress also sings one of the songs from the soundtrack titled “Start,” the beginning of her complicated love story.

The song “Only Feeling You” pictures the strong feeling of Na-jung and the boys. Sang by Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon-seok, and Son Ho-jun.

The female singer DIA also participated in the creating of the soundtrack by singing one of the tracks titled “Farewell For Myself.”

This one was originally sung by Seo Taiji, but beautifully covered by Kim Sung-kyun.

This chill song is performed by the boy band B1A4, titled “With You.”

Titled “Seoul Here,” this song tells the story of how the student from outside Seoul live their lives in the new place and find new love and friendship. The song is being sung by Roy Kim.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch This Drama


Playing Riddles

We already know from the first Reply series that the viewers are in a position of detectives, who have to gather and arrange clues in order to guess who the main character’s husband is going to be in the future. The writer has cleverly written the story with such a plot twist that is very quickly going to get you hooked on it. You are probably going to ship the female lead with this one boy, only to quickly afterward realize that your ship has sunk.

The story is also packed in a refreshing way as the series is filled with a beautiful sense of humor, even funnier from the previous one. Also, as the slice of life type of drama, we can relate to the everyday situations and issues the characters are facing, such as stingy friends, supporting our favorite team, various difficult personalities of our friends, love, friendship, etc. All of these things make this drama very relatable to our ordinary lives.

Impressive Acting

You might not know the cast of the series very well, or you might not have heard of some of them, but their acting has proven to be nothing short of impressive. The way the characters are developing throughout the series is very good, the boys are speaking the accent of their respective hometowns adding more fun to the story. Additionally, not only the chemistry between Na-jung and the boys is interesting, but also her parents Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa have incredible chemistry. Her parents acted as a couple in the previous series as well, Reply 1997 

Fun Yet Emotional

Although the story is wrapped by a fresh comedy, there are some moments in the drama that will definitely make you cry out loud! The packaging of the scenes is really good, so much so that one of the reviewers said that she has never cried for drama successfully and has shed tons of tears while watching Reply 1994. 

Strong Bond Among Best Friends

If you want to see an example of a perfect friendship, this drama will show you well! There’s a scene in drama where Chilbong falls down, and all the kids are freaking out, worrying about him, whether he is okay in the right hand. Another heartwarming scene is the moment Samchunpo accompanies Yoojin’s deaf mother. Also, when Haitai enlists for military duty.

Flashback to the Era of the 90s

As can be seen from the title of the drama, the story is set against the background of the era of the year 1994. One of the most iconic is Seo Taiji and Boys high popularity at the time, the rising of K-Pop industry and groups. The other iconic moment of the 90s are video cassette, the monetary crisis in 1997, the pager, the first generation of handphones, laptops, online games, and even the World Cup. If you are a 90s liner you must be feeling this moment so well!

It’s a Yes or No?


Obviously a Yes! Overall, Reply 1994 is a drama worth watching. From the development of the story, characters, the background, everything is worth A+ grade. You can enjoy the light story of the problematic daily life, seasoned with love sparks and some fresh comedy. It also teaches us that the first love might not be forever, sometimes we have to let it go to the place where it belongs.

That’s all regarding the synopsis, cast, soundtrack, and the distinctive features of Reply 1994. Do you have any thoughts about it? Don’t forget to share them in the comment section below!