K-Movie Review: ‘The King’ Has Jung Woo-sung and Zo In-sung in a Korean Political Drama That You Don’t Want to Miss


The Dark Side of Politics and Law in South Korea

The King is a South Korean thriller produced in 2017. The movie is directed by Han Jae-rim and stars Jo In-sung and Jung Woo-sung as the lead characters. The King was released simultaneously on January 18, 2017, by Next Entertainment World, and made a profit of  $13.2 million USD.

The movie became popular as it touched on both politics and law. Also, the stars, Jo In-sung and Jung Woo-sung were a real plus in drawing audiences, as their acting and charisma had been stealing the viewers’ attention ever since the poster for the movie was released.

Jo In-sung, who played Tae-soo, gave audiences the best of his hard work in his role as a prosecutor. There is one legendary quote from this movie, “Sometimes to gain power, humans are able to take various ways, despite using dirt roads. People tend to be greedy and never satisfied with what they have achieved now.”

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The King: Review


The King tells a story about politics and law. Tae-soo (Jo In-sung), who was born in a poor family, decided to become a prosecutor after learning that power was the most important thing in life and that the law was the greatest symbol of power in the 1990s. After entering the most prestigious law school, he experienced resistance following the conditions of democracy in Korea. Tae-soo finally achieved his goal of becoming a prosecutor, but his life was no better than that of an honorary employee.

On one occasion, he joined a group of prosecutors who were strong with wealth and authority. He finally enjoyed life as someone who had hierarchical power, but because he was too swept up by the sweetness of honor, he also saw the other side of cruel life from there.

The first half of The King was normal. There is nothing strange that makes it different from other movies of its type. What’s more, Han Jae Rim was quite overwhelmed to maintain the tension of the story on several occasions, making the 134 minutes of action potentially feel too long. However, Han Jae Rim got rid of all these weaknesses with his impressive second half.


Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of changes and surprises that occur in The King. Park Tae Soo, as the main character, is not given enough time to show his development convincingly.  Luckily, Jo In-sung played the character quite impressively. He showed a young prosecutor who was quite intelligent and energetic, but often confused about his choices in life.

Overall, the movie succeeds in combining crime, law, and politics in South Korea. Also, it was able to build a strong background for Park Tae Soo’s story. The movie shows that the dark side is not always fine. The good bromance between Jo In-sung and Ryu Jun-yeol also warms the atmosphere and becomes an emotion that has never escaped Korean films. This movie deserves applause!

The King: The Cast

the king cast

This film is full of talented male actors. Let’s just see the characters!

Jo In-Sung as Park Tae-Soo

Jo In-Sung

Jo In Sung plays Park Tae Soo, a prosecutor who worked really hard to get where he is, and, by total luck, is able to make his way into Han Kang Sik’s circle of close prosecutors. Together, along with Bae Sung Woo’s character, they become unstoppable and are able to get whatever they want.

Jung Woo-Sung as Han Kang-Sik

Jung Woo-Sung

Jung Woo Sung plays as a hotshot prosecutor by the name of Han Kang Sik, who basically owns the city. Everyone knows who he is, and if you’re in his good books, you can look forward to living a life of total comfort. Kang Sik is the villain that we all love to hate, but also think is pretty darn cool.

Bae Sung-Woo as Yang Dong-Chul

Bae Sung-Woo

Ryu Joon-Yeol as Choi Doo-Il


Kim Eui-Sung as Kim Eung-Soo

Kim Eui-Sung

Here is a list of the other roles in the film:

  • Kim A-Joong as Lim Sang-Hee
  • Kim Min-Jae as Reporter Baek
  • Jung Sung-Mo as Park Myung-Hoon
  • Jung Eun-Chae as Park Si-Yeon
  • Park Jung-Min as Heo Ki-Hoon
  • Kim So-Jin as Ahn Hee-Yeon
  • Ko Ah-Sung as Ms. Kim
  • Jo Woo-Jin as Detective investigating Tae-Soo
  • Han Soo-Yeon as head hostess
  • Sung Dong-Il as Tae-Soo’s teacher
  • Jung Do-Won as prosecutor 1
  • Bae Yong-Geun as prosecutor 2