K-Drama Review: Survival Story of 9 People That Stranded on a Deserted Island in the Drama ‘Missing Nine’

The Cast

Missing Nine

Jung Kyung-ho as Seo Joon-oh

He is a leader, vocalist, and guitarist of the band Dreamer. He has been a trainee since he was a child and made his debut as a band member. The character is fussy, jerky, and annoying. He got lost on a deserted island with eight other victims, he and Bong-hee are very close. Seo Joon admits that he has an interest with Bong-hee, and he also said that he felt something weird if he saw Bong-hee.

Missing Nine

Baek Jin-hee as Ra Boong-hee

She is a women who survived a plane crash and was the first survivor to be discovered.  Although she was found safe, her memory just disappeared and she forgot everything about the accident. She tried very hard to get her memory back. She has a special relationship with Seo Joon.

Missing Nine

EXO’s Chanyeol as Lee Yeol

Lee Yeol is a former member of Dreamer. He’s calm and still appreciated Yeo Joon-oh, even though his fate was very different. He’s very good at writing and making songs. After Dreamer disbanded, he debuted as a solo singer.

Missing Nine

Choi Tae-joon as Choi Tae-ho

He’s the former drummer from Dreamer. Tae-ho doesn’t get along with Yeo Joon-oh, feeling that Yeo Joon-oh was responsible for Dreamer’s disbandment. After the group disbanded, he became known as a famous actor in Korea, but he’s also very arrogant.

Missing Nine

Lee Sun-bin as Ha Ji-a

She’s the most popular actress in Korea, and she’s like the Goddess of Korea Entertainment. She’s dating Tae-ho, but eventually they choose to break up. Unfortunately, Ji-a has a disease that makes it difficult to survive when she gets injured and she keeps many secrets of herself.

  • Oh Jung-se as Jung Ki-joon. Manager Joon-o is the only person who believes that the artists he handles can be reach their height of popularity again. Ki-joon is Ji-a’s former manager, who secretly loves her. He’s a kind person, patient and understanding.
  • Ryu Won as Yoon So-hee. She looks like a perfectionist, and is also very popular with her elegant style. Unfortunately, when she’s on the island, she decides to suicide. For her, it’s better to die than to live unclear.
  • Tang Hang-ho as Tae Ho-hang. He’s Jae-kook’s most loyal right hand. He and his boss never get or lived a shortage.
  • Kang Sang-ho as Hwang Jae-kook (Legend Entertainment’s CEO)

The Soundtracks

Special Episode

On January 2, 2017, MBC Entertainment announced the screening schedule for Missing 9 would begin on January 18. But before the show’s first regular episode, MBC released a special episode on January 12th. The special episode contained the introduction of each actor and actress, as well as the behind-the-scene filming process. Therefore, the audience could see Chanyeol’s appearance, Jung Kyung-ho, and Lee Sun-bin before the official screening. Here’s the video!

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Missing 9

  • The story is very stressful and needs extra energy when watching it.
  • This drama’s genre is very different than most other dramas. Missing 9 is about survival from something big and the problem must be solved, or must take refuge in order to stay safe from something that’s life threatening.
  • The actors and actresses give excellent performances, so that they can be felt by the audiences.
  • Besides that, EXO’ Chanyeol is part of the cast.
  • Missing 9 has a moral message, such as if we want to survive, we must think calmly, and try hard until finding the door to exit. And also teaches us to be careful of the closest person.