K-Drama Review: ‘It’s Okay Not to Be Okay,’ a Healing Drama about Childhood Trauma

Touching the chest without permission

In episode 3, Moon Kang-tae is seen changing his clothes when suddenly Ko Moon-young enters the room. Kang-tae, who is shirtless, looks surprised by the presence of Moon-young. Go Moon-young who looks fascinated tries to touch Kang-tae’s chest more. This scene was considered by netizens as normalization of sexual harassment.

Talking about genitals

Still in episode 3, netizens complained about the scene where Moon-young talks about Kwon Gi-do’s (Kwak Dong-yeon) genitals. Kwon Gi-do is a patient suffering from a manic disorder that causes him to often appear naked to attract attention.

He even deliberately took off his clothes in front of the CCTV and decided to run away from the hospital. After seeing his genitals, Moon-young said, “Is this what people call teeny-weeny weenie? Because it’s small?”

The suggestions of sleeping together

Yep, we are still in episode 3 (so far it’s the most controversial episode). In one of the scenes, Moon-young looks at Kang-tae and says something inappropriate, “Why are you so cold to me? You were really excited that night. Yes, I’m aroused. I admit it. Do you want to sleep with me?” She said it in the hospital lobby where there were many patients and visitors.

This is considered sexual harassment because Moon-young openly invites him to sleep together out of the blue after bothering him in his workplace.

What do you think about these controversies?


The 5 Reasons to Watch This Drama

kim soo hyun seo ye ji its okay not to be okay

After telling you all of the information about this drama, we have concluded some of the reasons why you should watch it. So, here are 5 reasons why you should watch It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.

Unusual female lead

seo yeji ko moonyoung

In this series, you will not meet innocent and sweet female characters like in Korean dramas in general. As someone who tends to be anti-social and lacks empathy, maybe Ko Mun-yeong (Seo Yea-ji) is hard to like at first. But as the story progresses, you can see another side of her that is very honest and warm. Gradually, you will open up to her character, especially as she begins to drop her walls.

Portraying mental health issues

its okay to not be okay drama patients

It’s not often that you see a Korean drama openly talk about mental health issues such as autism, PTSD, or anti-social disorder. But, in this drama, you will see a broad spectrum of mental health portrayals.

A love story full of chemistry

moon kangtae ko moonyoung kim soohyun seo yeji

Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji showed extraordinary chemistry in this drama. If it is usually a male character who chases a female character, this series shows the opposite. Moon-young is obsessed with Kang-tae and tries to do anything to get his heart.

A bromance that makes you fall in love

moon kangtae moon sangtae kim soohyun oh jungsae

Aside from the romance, the audience will also witness the sweet bromance between Moon Gang-tae, Moon Sang-tae, and Jo Jae-soo. There is no need to doubt Kang-tae’s affection towards Sang-tae. Aside from that, the caring friendship between Jae-soo and the Moon brothers will also make you melt.

The fairytale animation

fairytale animation it's okay not to be okay

Throughout the first episode, there are several fairytale-style animations. One of the reasons for this fairy tale visualization is that the main character’s story is related to the introductory fairy tale played in the opening episode. In addition, the animators also created the animation as a visualization of Go Moon Young’s fairy tales. We guarantee this fairytale animation is refreshing for K-drama lovers!

So, those are all the things that you need to know about the drama It’s Okay Not to Be Okay! What do you think about this drama? Are you interested in watching it? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!