K-Drama Review: A Fairytale Noona Romance in ‘I Need Romance 3’

I Need Romance 3: The Soundtracks

I Need Romance 3

Here are some recommendations from the official soundtrack of I Need Romance 3!

You by MBLAQ’s G.O

First, we have You by MBLAQ’s G.O! Since it was sung by a famous boy-group member, MBLAQ’s G.O, we obviously would hear the sweet voice from him! From the lyrics translation, the song is about the feelings that Joo Wan has for Shin Joo-yeon! Even though he was thousands of miles away from Shin Joo-yeon, the feeling he had for her never faded!

I waited for a long time

For the day to stand before you

I don’t know what to do with my racing heart

In my faraway memories, you are

What a lovely you are“.

Don’t Cry by Lee Hyo-ri

Next, there was Don’t Cry by Lee Hyo-ri! From the song title people might assume that it was a ballad/sad song, and it sort of was. From the lyrics translation, we could conclude that the song was about how Shin Joo-yeon no longer believed in any form of love since her relationship was failed previously.

Don’t cry, in this darkness

Don’t cry, feel me

Don’t cry, I won’t let go“.

Now and Forever by Jo Jung-hee

Last, but not least, there was Now and Forever by Jo Jung-hee! From the song title, it sounds romantic, right? Well, from the lyrics translation we could imagine the story behind it, that was about the love story between Joo Wan and Shin Joo-yeon!

I’ll be all around till you will find my love

I will turn around till you will see the truth

I believe in you, whatever happens

Let’s fall in love, why shouldn’t we fall in love?

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch I Need Romance 3

I Need Romance 3

I Need Romance 3 was a successful and popular drama, and here are 5 reasons why you should watch it, let’s check this out!

1. Related to Previous I Need Romance’s series

If you were a fan of the I Need Romance series that had been released previously, you won’t want to miss I Need Romance 3! Since the story line is related to the first two versions of the series, waching them first is helpful, if you haven’t seen them yet.

2. Relationship Between Noona-Dongsaeng

Even though some of other dramas also provided us with a love story between Noona-Dongsaeng, in I Need Romance 3 you could see the differences! You wouldn’t feel like the love story happened between Noona and Dongsaeng, since the characters were more mature and realistic, so there will be no childish love story within it!

3. Full of Multi-talented Actors and Actresses!

One of the reasons why people love to watch any number of dramas is because the actor or the actress who was cast in it. I Need Romance 3 also offers a cast with a lot of famous and great actors, such as Kim So-yeon, Sung Joon, Nam Gung-min, and many more!

4. Attractive Story Line

The story line of I Need Romance 3 was really interesting! It was a sweet and engaging love story between a man and a woman who had known each other since their childhood.  When they were reunited after several years, they were already adults and had their own lives. But still, the love that they used to share never faded!

5. Complicated Love Story

People are often drawn to a complicated love story, such as love triangles! I Need Romance 3 also has that for you, since the love between Joo Wan, Shin Jo-yeon, Kang Tae-yoon, and Oh Se-ryeong is quite complicated! Trust us, you’re not gonna regret watching this drama!

Well, that was all the information about I Need Romance 3 and all the drama details you need to know! Overall, the drama was great and for you who were looking for beautiful adult romance, I Need Romance 3 is highly recommended!

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