K-Drama Review: A Fairytale Noona Romance in ‘I Need Romance 3’

I Need Romance 3

The Latest Installment of the I Need Romance Series

As you can see from the title, we’re going to talk about I Need Romance 3! Have you heard about the I Need Romance series before? Since I Need Romance 3 is part of the I Need Romance series, it’s better if you ever heard of or watched it before! But don’t worry, Channel Korea will tell you the details about the series, so stay tuned!

I Need Romance was a drama series that was released in 2011. The drama series was a romantic comedy series from the tvN network. The series was starred by Jo Yeo-jeong, Kim Jeong-hoon, Choi Jin-hyuk, Choi Song-hyun, and Choi Yeo-jin. It told a story about three women and their complicated love-lives. Since the drama portrayed a story with a female, realistic way, the series became very popular, especially for female viewers.

And now, the new installment of the I Need Romance series is coming with a new concept in I Need Romance 3! Are you curious about the new installment? Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you I Need Romance 3 and all you need to know about this drama!

I Need Romance 3: Review

I Need Romance 3

The best way to begin is to briefly discuss a synopsis of the story. The drama was about about Shin Joo-yeon (played by Kim So-yeon), a woman who was already struggling in her love life. She was a stubborn and independent woman, and used to promise herself not to be sad again if her relationship with someone came to an end. There’s also Joo Wan (played by Sung Joon). Joo Wan was famous for his work in the music industry, and Shin Joo-yeon was his first love.

Shin Joo-yeon and Joo Wan had known each other since they were still young. Shin Joo-yeon’s mother used to be Joo Wan’s nanny, and Shin Joo-yeon used to help her mother take care of Joo Wan since his childhood. Little Shin Joo-yeon even taught Joo Wan how to play piano. When Joo Wan moved to a foreign country, he still wasn’t be able to forget Shin Joo-yeon.

Right after he returned to South Korea, he was deciding to live in Shin Joo-yeon’s home again, but Joo Wan didn’t expect that Shin Joo-yeong that he used to know had changed into someone he didn’t know at all. After almost nine years apart, Shin Joo-yeon had changed into a cold woman. She didn’t trust any form of love, and had given up on romance in her life.

The story was continued with the love life between the characters. Shin Joo-yeon fell in love with her senior in her work place, Kang Tae-yoon (played by Nam Gung-min), but her senior was still in love with Shin Joo-yeon’s friend, Oh Se-ryeong (played by Wang Ji-won), and Joo Wan struggled to make Shin Joo-yeon believe in concept of love and romance again.

If you are looking for a sweet adult romantic drama, I Need Romance 3 is highly recommended for you! From the drama, you’ll be get to see the romance story between the characters, and a realistic look at love in the adult years. Make sure that I Need Romance 3 is on your drama list!

Here’s the general information and official poster for I Need Romance 3!

I Need Romance 3

Title: I Need Romance 3

Director: Jang Young-woo

Writer: Jung Hyun-jung

Network: tvN

Episodes: 16

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Take a Look at Some Scenes I Need Romance 3!

Let’s take a look at some scenes from I Need Romance 3!

I Need Romance 3

The sweet moment when Shin Joo-yeon said ‘I love you’ to Joo Wan when he was asleep!

I Need Romance 3

Another moment between Joo Wan and Shin Joo-yeon, while they were stargazing together

I Need Romance 3

There was a moment when Shin Joo-yeon and Kim Tae-yoon were spending time together.

I Need Romance 3

The happy Shin Joo-yeon when she received a bouquet of flowers from Joo Wan!

Spoiler Alerts From I Need Romance 3!

So, are you curious about how their story continued? Don’t worry, we will tell you about that! The last episodes of I Need Romance 3 told us about the ending of Joo Wan and Shin Joo-yeon’s love story. They were finally united and they found the true meaning of love.

The last episodes also revealed the other characters love stories, including love story of Shin Joo-yeon’s close friends! Mostly, the ending of I Need Romance 3 was very satisfying. The ending closed with the lovable moments between Joo Wan and Shin Joo-yeon, and also with how Oh Se-ryeong accompanied Kang Tae-yoon to the airport and said goodbye, and that she would be waiting for his return.

I Need Romance 3: The Cast

I Need Romance 3

Let’s meet some of I Need Romance 3’s cast.

Kim So-yeon as Shin Joo-yeon

Kim So-yeon

Kim So-yeon was cast as Shin Joo-yeon. She was a stubborn and independent woman who no longer believed in love since her relationship failed. But she accidentally fell in love with her CEO, Kang Tae-yoon, even though her man from her childhood, Joo Wan, was looking for her because she was his eternal love.

Sung Joon as Joo Wan

Joo Wan

Sung Joo was cast as Joo Wan. He had known Shin Joo-yeon since his childhood, and he had been in love with her charm ever since then. Even when he moved to a foreign country, he couldn’t forget her. When he returned to South Korea, he was looking for Shin Joo-yeon, even though he didn’t know that she had changed.

Nam Gung-min as Kang Tae-yoon

Nam Gung-min

Nam Gung-min was cast as Kang Tae-yoon. Kang Tae-yoon was the CEO where Shin Joo-yeon worked. Even though Shin Joo-yeon used to say that she didn’t want to be involved in any form of love, she fell in love with Kang Tae-yoon. Sadly, Kang Tae-yoon was in love with Shin Joo-yeon’s friend, Oh Se-ryeong.

Wang Ji-won as Oh Se-ryeong

Wang Ji-won

Wang Ji-won was castas Oh Se-ryeong. She was one of the Shin Joo-yeon’s closest friends. But unfortunately, she was also the woman who Kang Tae-yoon was in love with, even though Shin Joo-yeon was in love with Kang Tae-yoon.