K-Drama Review: The Life of a Big Family with All Its Problems in ‘Father, I’ll Take Care of You’


Complicated Family in Father I’ll Take Care of You

Family is truly one of the most unique things in this world. Sometimes you just want to get away from them, but deep down in your heart you know you can’t live without them. There so many Korean dramas that focus on themes of family. Usually family-oriented Korean dramas have many episodes and complicated story-lines and are aired on the weekends. Weekend dramas are eagerly awaited by Korean audiences because the weekend is the time to spend with family. Therefore, It’s easier for weekend dramas get a higher rating than the dramas that air on weekdays. Father, I’ll Take Care of You is a drama about family and its full of top actors, in the bargain.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about the Korean drama ‘Father, I’ll Take Care of You.’ So, stay tuned!

Father, I’ll Take Care of You: Review


Father, I’ll Take Care of You is centered around an elderly couple who are excited to finally start their retired life together after twenty years and more of raising their children. Their hopes to spend their old age together with happiness start falling apart when their children return to live in their home.

The story begin with the first child, Han Seung-hoon and Seo Hye-joo, who suddenly goes bankrupt, can no longer rent a house to live. As a result, they return to his parents’ house until they can rent their own place to live. Knowing that his brother lives with his parents, the second child and his wife, Han Sung-sik and Kang Hee-sook, also moved to his parents’ house. Although very hard at first, their parents were forced to accept their children again.

Here are some of the best moments from the drama.


Hyeon-woo confessed to Jeong-eun. In this scene Hyeon-woo is headed to the theater to meet Jeong-eun, but he was late. Jeong-eun saw him run to her but still she was upset that he was late. However, he held her back and said, “Would you like to go out with me?


Han Seong-joon and Oh Dong-hee’s first encounter in Taiwan.


At the end, Sung-joon married to Dong-hee. Sung-joon’s brother, Hyun-woo, only has time to attend his little brother’s wedding before needing to rush back to the US.

The drama ended satisfactorily and all the problems were resolved well. For those of you who love family-themed dramas and complicated story-lines, this drama is an excellent choice.

Father, I’ll Take Care of You: The Cast


Main Cast

Kim Jae-won as Lee Hyun-woo


He is a talented representative of the world-class investment company, Golden Street. He returned to Korea after 23 years, to get revenge for the death of his father and to find his missing young brother.

Park Eun-bin as Oh Dong-hee


She acted as FGC group’s assistant writer, and ultimately, an innocent, pure girl. She lives in a rooftop room and works as an assistant writer with a slave contract. One day her laptop was stolen by her brother and she chased him to Taiwan. In Taiwan she met with Soeng-jun.

Lee Soo-kyung as Han Jeong-eun


Han Jeong-un is a travelogue writer who returned to Korea after many years of traveling around the world. In Korea, she met Lee Hyun-woo, who was a contractor worker in her residential area as well as her neighbor. Their first meeting was not good andthey kept fighting every time they met, but one day Jung-eun realized that Lee Hyun-woo was David Lee, the person she had met when settling in America. Since then their relationship has improved, and Jung-eun starts to like Hyun-woo.

Lee Tae-hwan as Han Seong-jun


Han Seong-joon is a successful director at a large company who has worked the past two years in Taiwan. He first runs into Dong-hee in Taiwan and they have a few bonding moments before they go their respective ways. Then he returns to Korea, and lives with his parents. There he finds out that the strange girl he ran into in Taiwan is now living in his villa’s rooftop room. Moreover, she is his in-law. Sung-joon is not his Father’s third biological son, but he was adopted by Han’s family and he is Hyun-woo’s missing younger brother.

Kim Chang-wan as Han Hyung-sub


Han Hyung-sub is the father of the family. He is a son of Hwang Mi-ok and a husband of Moon Jeong-ae. He had made Hyun-woo’s father commit suicide because of his false accusations of him as a school pickup driver that caused the accident.

Kim Hye-ok as Moon Jeong-ae


Moon Jeong-ae is Han Hyung-sub’ wife. They have been married for 40 years and have four children. They had been living with their children and her mother-in-law. And they feel so happy when they finally can live together with only her husband when their children have had their own lives.

Na Moon-hee as Hwang Mi-ok


Hwang Mi-ok is Han Hyung-sub’s mother. She is a new-generation grandmother who combines intelligence and beauty even at over 80 years old. Her father gave her the Gangnam land and she built a 3-story villa in Bangbae-dong. She moved to the 3-floor penthouse and handed over the first floor to her son who could not prepare for his old age.

Lee Seung-joon as Han Seong-hoon


Han Seong-hoon is the first child of Han Hyung-sub and Seo Hye-joo. After he and his Seo Hye-joo went bankrupt, they couldn’t rent a house, forcing them to move back in with his parents.