K-Drama Review: ‘Coffee Prince’ is Another Classic Korean Drama Rom-Com That You Shouldn’t Miss!


Coffee Prince Shatters Gender Norms and Stereotypes

The K-Drama Coffee Prince is one of the Korean Dramas that appeared in 2007, several years after the booming of Full House. It has to be admitted that Coffee Prince got the same amount of spotlight attention as Full House did. Additionally, the drama is of the same genre that has easily stolen our hearts in the past, namely a romantic-comedy. In this drama, one of the main characters is pretending to be a man to get a certain position in a job; she does everything that a man does, nobody takes notice of her being a woman. The drama story really breaks gender rules and stereotypes and not to mention the comedic side which will entertain you even more. Stay tuned to read a more detailed rundown of the review of Coffee Prince on Channel-Korea. (Warning: SPOILER ALERT!)

Coffee Prince: Review


Coffee Prince is a frontal romantic-comedy drama with a total of 17 episodes. This drama starts with Goo Eun-chan who struggles to feed her family meeting Choi Han-gyul who has to act as his lover (gay lover to be exact) in order to convince his grandmother. This relationship, later on, starts to grow between them. At first, Han-gyul doesn’t notice at all that Eun-chan is a woman and is completely baffled by his own confusing feelings for a man and his sudden turn to homosexuality. Eun-chan, who has already developed feelings for him is in an awry position, whether to reveal her identity or not. Moreover, their relationship gets even more complicated when Han-Yoo Joo comes their way. Han-gyul has a crush on her. This drama contains an array of complicated relationships, however, the genuine feelings are divine and they always bring happiness at the end.


The photo above shows their carefree relationship as friends (as bros, soulmates) until they develop feelings for each other.


The screenshot above shows the first time they act as a gay couple in front of Han-gyul’s grandmother. When they first kiss each other, Han-gyul still hasn’t realized that Eun-chan is actually a woman.


Their relationship goes on and this still captures their brother and younger brother connection. Han-gyul takes care of “him” while making breakfast.


This still above shows Han-sung and Yoo-joo’s bittersweet relationship. They really deserved each other but with a complicated story beforehand to learn about their true feelings. They eventually ended up together.

Coffee Prince: The Cast


Go Eun-chan (played by Yoon Eun-hye)


She acts as a man, although she is originally a woman in the drama. She would do anything to support her family, become a delivery-man, a taekwondo teacher, she would sew stuffed animals, even be a driver for jjangjangmyun delivery. Her dad is already dead, and she has only her mother and her sister to take care of. She is a hard-working character.

Choi Han-gyul (played by Gong Yoo)


He is the typical rich, arrogant, and playboy character. His grandmother has a big food company with many branches where he got his money from her. Tired with him coasting life with family money, his grandmother forces him to go on blind arranged dates. Then he hires Eun-chan, who he assumes is a girl, to become his lover as a gay couple.

Choi Han-sung (played by Lee Seon-gyun)


Choi Han-Sung is Han-gyul’s cousin who is a music producer for a movie soundtrack. He loves Han Yoo-joo who left him and moved to New York. Later on, he starts developing feelings for Eun-chan but Yoo-joo comes back to reconcile their relationship. He knows that Han-gyul has a crush on Yoo-joo but he ignores that.

Han Yoo-joo (played by Chae Jung-ahn)


She is popular, selfish, and arrogant. She left Han-sung who loved her wholeheartedly to be with someone else (D.K) in New York to gain success in the art world. After she got what she wanted, then dumped D.K and came back to Korea. She tries to approach Han-sung again to get his heart, she knows that Han-sung still has feelings for her and can’t ignore her.

Coffee Prince: The Soundtrack

  1. Lalala, It’s Love – The Melody

Listen to this song, you will automatically think about the K-drama Coffee Prince. This has been the number one soundtrack of Coffee Prince, a catchy and playful melody.

2. White Love Story – As One

This ballad song could soothe your day with its beautiful music. This song captures the love between the characters in this drama.

3. Humming Urban Stereo – Keopi Han jan

This song is about drinking one cup of coffee. This song is like a café song and is related to their coffee shop theme. Sung by Humming Urban stereo featuring Yojo, the Korean indie band, this song has soothing melody and is beautifully crafted for this drama.

4. Go Go chan – Tearliner

This song sang by Tearliner featuring Yocho has a cheerful melody. It is a good song to begin your day with.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Coffee Prince

  1. This drama has value for the independent and hard working woman.

Despite her family condition, Eun-chan didn’t give up to her reality. She worked hard to find a job and do anything in good-term to get money.

2. This drama shows that selfishness and egoism will not bring you happiness.

3. The compelling storyline.

Love feelings between men may intrigue some people at first, but after all the relationship development is quite interesting and complicated.

4. Great chemistry and outstanding artists.

The chemistry between Gong Yoo (Han-gyul) and Yoon Eun-hye (Eun-chan) is undeniably making this drama more attractive.

5. Fascinating music soundtrack.

The songs that they have used for this K-Drama are so lovely and easy to listen, especially combined with the visual of the modern yet warm decoration of the coffee shop.


So, those were all the information about the K-Drama Coffee Prince, the beautiful and interesting rom-com drama. Kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!