K-Drama Review: The Mystery of Belle Epoque’s Members is Revealed in ‘Age of Youth 2’

The Soundtracks

The first original soundtrack is the song from Kim Min-hong, featuring Drain, titled Age of Youth. In the video, you can see each characters meeting after Yoon Jin-myung comes back to Korea. The video also shows each character’s stories after season 1.

Another of the original soundtracks is from Addnine Project, and features Mo-ha with the song When the Cold Wind. In the video, you can see Yoo Eun-jae trying to overcome her heartbreak. No matter what she did, she couldn’t forget her sweet memories with Yoon Jong-yeol. In the video, Jo Eun also appears about her troubled relationship with her best friend. Overall, the story of the video is about separations that happened in the drama.

There’s another original soundtrack with Drain, and the song is titled Day Like to Day. In the video, the singer makes appearances along with showing other scenes from the drama. The scenes that appear are mostly from Song Ji-won when she’s investigating her own dream. The message in the video is friends are the place to come back to, and you can share your problem with them.

The last original soundtrack we’re discussing, although it’s not the last one for the drama, is from singer Ho-A, and is called Longing. In the video, you can see Yoon Jin-myung and Heimdal’s struggle with their work. Because of that struggle, they become close and learn to rely on each other. You can also see the Belle Epoque residents cheering for Asgard’s last performance. Unfortunately, not all OSTs were made into videos. To check more songs, here’s the Spotify link for you! Happy listening!


5 Reasons You Should Give ‘Age of Youth 2’ A Try


The first reason is because of the drama’s unique story theme. The story is a slice of life, coming of age friendship drama. Each of the main characters has their own story, with their own messages. The story also brings up sensitive topics such as gender and dating violence. Jo Eun’s character has short hair and a very close girlfriend. Many people think that she is a lesbian because of their appearances, but, actually, that’s just people’s prejudices about gender. Girls also can have short hair and wear boy’s clothes. The other topic is about dating violence, as happened to Jung Ye-eun. The writer for the show seems to want to raise awareness to viewers that violence can happen when you’re dating. Given the topics it touches on, it’s no wonder that so many of its viewers loved the show.


The second reason is each character’s background and personality. Every character has a great message for viewers. For example, look at Yoon Jin-myung. She’s struggling to have a job and feed herself. To cover her living expenses, she has to work several part-time jobs. Her personality is also nice. Because she is the oldest, Yoon Jin-myung acts like a mother figure at the Belle Epoque, to protect the others. Other than the main characters, there are other, lesser characters that are still unique. One of them is Heimdal, a failed idol. Not many dramas use a failed idol as one of their characters.

Heimdal, as a member of a failed group, has to work toward his dream at the expense of having time for himself. Both characters give messages to viewers about not giving up, no matter how hard life is. Don’t forget about the cameos! All the cameos in the drama are also great!. The boy-group Pentagon makes an appearance as Heimdal’s teammates in Asgard. Rookie boy-group A.C.E also appears, as Asgard’s rival, The Fifth Column. You can see Asgard’s performance in this video below!


The third reason is the actors and actress excellent acting. Their acting is really great even though some of them are relatively new actors, such as Shin Se-hwi and Lee You-jin. Each of the actors is able to show their character’s personality and made viewers relate to their story. For Lee You-jin, Age of Youth 2 is his third drama, but he gave a great performance as a nerdy student who falls in love with a pretty girl.


The fourth reason is the writer shows the viewers how to live in communal space through the drama. While it’s probably true that not many viewers will ever stay at a boarding house in daily life, the drama gives viewers a chance to know what it feels like to share your space with other people. The writer also shows how can you turn the strangers in your house as your best friends, through deep friendship and loyalty towards each other.


The fifth reason is the drama says some very relatable things about real life. One of them is about Yoon Jin-myung’s struggle to find a job. Even after she gets a job, Yoon Jin-myung still isn’t happy, largely because of the company’s environment. The drama shows us the reality that getting employed doesn’t necessarily secure your future. Not many jobs, even your dream job, give you the environment you’ve dreamed of. What you have to do is make the best out of it, and make yourself comfortable. From watching this drama, viewers will know the reality out there.


Overall, this drama is very fun and heartwarming! Not only will it make you laugh, it will also move you, and leave you in suspense. Age of Youth 2 really does have all the feels. Now, are you interested?