From Tablo’s Haru To Hong Kyung-min’s Rawon, Here Are Several Adorable Daughters From KBS’ ‘The Return of Superman’

Lee Beom-soo’s So-eul

The sixth daughter we’re going to talk about is Lee So-eul! Born on March 1, 2011, she is the first daughter of actor Lee Beom-soo and English interpreter Lee Yoon-jin. So-eul has a little brother who is three years younger than her, named Lee Da-eul, born on February 21, 2014. Alongside their father, the Lee siblings joined the cast of Return of Superman from episode 117 in 2016.

Since their first appearance, So-eul nd Da-eul have attracted viewers with their cuteness and adorable sibling dynamics. So-eul is more mature and takes a good care of her little brother, and baby Da-eul, with his cute face, was always copying whatever his sister did. The siblings are known as the SoDa siblings and are another popular sibling group, like the Song triplets.

Unfortunately, they quit the show in 2017. Their last appearance aired on May 14th, 2017. In the last episode, So-eul and Da-eul were invited by their mother, Lee Yoon-jin, to come to the set of their father’s film Uhm Bok Dong, which also starred the famous actor and singer, Rain.

SoDa Siblings had the opportunity to meet Rain and spend time with the K-Pop star. The easygoing personality of Kim Tae-hee’s husband made it easy for him to approach Lee Bum-soo’s two children. The maknae, Dae-ul, even invited Rain to play at their house.

Lee Yoon Jin also briefly shared a photo with the entire staff of Return of Superman on the last day of shooting. We’ll miss you, SoDa Siblings!

Watch SoDa siblings’ final episode below!

Yang Dong-geun’s Joy

The seventh daughter we’re going to talk about is Yang Joy! Born on October 11, 2015, she is the second child of hip-0hop artist Yang Dong-geun (YDG) and Park Ga-ram. Joy has an older brother who also appeared in Return Of Superman, named Yang Joon-seo, born on March 28th, 2013. They joined the cast of the show in episode 127 in 2016, and their final episode was in episode 162, in the same year.

Check out the episode where Joy’s little family has a new addition!

Hong Kyung-min’s Raim and Rawon

The eighth and ninth daughter we’re talking about are Hong Kyung-min’s daughters, Hong Ra-im and Hong Ra-won. Their father is the singer and actor Hong Kyung-min, and their mother is musician Kim Yu-na. Ra-won is the oldest sister, and was born on April 21, 2016. Her younger sister, Ra-im, was born on January 1st, 2019.

When Hong Kyung-min and Ra-won first appeared in Return of Superman in 2017, Ra-im wasn’t born yet. She later appeared in a special episode in 2019, and the Hong family became a regular cast member again.

Check out the cuteness of Ra-im and Ra-won in the video below!

H.O.T Moon Hee-jun’s Hee-yul (Jam Jam)

Moon Hee-yul, or Jam-jam, is the tenth daughter we’re going to talk about! She’s the daughter of HOT’s Moon Hee-jun and ex-Crayon Pop’s Soyul. Since both of her parents are celebrities and K-pop idols, it’s no wonder Jam-jam is such a cute baby! She was born on May 12th, 2017, and appeared with her father in Return Of Superman starting on episode 281.

Moon Hee-jun and Jam-jam replaced the family of Sechskies member Ko Ji-young, who left the show. Moon Hee-jun’s family joining Returns of Superman immediately became a trending hot topic among Korean netters, especially because his marriage in 2017 also stirred the public. Many suspect that Moon Hee-jun has long aspired to appear on the celebrity family reality show. There are also those who claim to see Soyul now having to become a housewife after leaving Crayon Pop.

Check out the cuteness of Jam-jam and her father in the video, below!

Park Joo-ho’s Na-eun

The eleventh daughter we’re going to talk about is the pretty Park Na-eun! Born on May 11th, 2015, Na-eun is the oldest child of footballer Park Joo-ho and his Swiss wife, Anna Park. They met when Park Joo-ho played with FC Basel and Anna was working at the stadium cafe. Na-eun has an English name, which is Eden. She also has a little brother who appeared alongside her in Return of Superman, Park Geon-hoo (Aciel), who was born on August 21st, 2017.

Park Joo-ho and his two kids became part of the cast of Return of Superman in 2018, after earlier keeping his family out of the spotlight.

Since the first broadcast, Park Na-eun has stolen the attention of many people because of her beauty and her cheerful, friendly, and compassionate nature. Na-eun, who is only four years old, can speak four languages, namely Korean, English, Spanish, and German. What a smart kid!

Check out the compilation of Na-eun speaking German in the video below!

And also check out the cuteness of Na-eun and her little brother, Geon-hoo!

Lee Dong-gook’s Jae-si, Jae-ah, Seol-ah, and Soo-ah

Now we’re going to talk about Lee Dong-gook’s four daughters! Lee Dong-gook attracted the attention of fans of Return of Superman because he has five children. The footballer  showed his five children, consisting of two pairs of twin girls and his youngest, a son. Lee Jae-si and Lee Jae-ah were fraternal twins, born on August 14th, 2007. Lee Seol-ah and Lee Soo-ah were also fraternal twins, and born on July 18th, 2013.

Check out the adorable interaction between the Lee family in the video below!

That was all the information we could gather for you about the adorable daughters from Return of Superman! Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to keep supporting them, and kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section, below!