From Tablo’s Haru To Hong Kyung-min’s Rawon, Here Are Several Adorable Daughters From KBS’ ‘The Return of Superman’

Get to Know the Adorable Daughters from Return of Superman!

Are you a fan of Korean variety show Return of Superman? For those who don’t know, the concept of the show is about celebrity dads who are left alone for 48 hours alone to care for their children without anybody’s assistance, while their wives leave home to enjoy some relaxing time off. Before the 48 hours begin, the wives are shown leaving the house and they return to welcome their family once the 48 hours are over. During the two days, the fathers and children either do a task that the wives have left for the fathers to complete, or the fathers are exploring new activities with their children. Sometimes the celebrity dads friends stop by to communicate with the children

Sounds interesting, right? In Return of Superman, you can expect to see great bonding between the dads and their kids, and a lot of cute babies and adorable interaction between them. The show is popular worldwide and the kids in Return of Superman gain their own popularity for their lovely appearances, such as the Song triplets Daehan-Minguk-Manse, Lee Ha-ru, Choo Sa-rang, and many more!

In this article, Channel-Korea will be providing you all the information you need to know about the adorable daughters from Return of Superman. Stay tuned, and be prepared to witness their cuteness!

Choo Sung-hoon’s Sa-rang

The first daughter we’re going to talk about is Choo Sung-hoon’s lovely daughter, Choo Sa-rang, born on October 24, 2011, in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Sa-rang’s father is Japanese martial artist and judoka, Choo Sung-hoon, and her mother is Japanese professional model Shiho Yano. They were married in March, 2009.

When she first appeared in Return of Superman in 2013, Sa-rang was just two years old. Her style and intelligence are shown on the show, her funny face and cute voice are always entertaining and won’t bore you. She quickly became popular because of her cuteness.

Sa-rang likes to follow her father’s style, and she’s famous as Big Eater. She likes to eat, whether or not her mouth is still full of food, and she really loves to eat fruit, strawberries and blueberries, in particular. Sa-rang has 2 dachshund dogs named Kyoro and Buru.

She also has a close friend named Yuto. Many say if Yuto and Sarang were dating each other, they’ll be a cute pair!

Psst, they’re both still children, let’s wait until they’re slightly older to ship them.

If you missed her in Return of Superman, you check out Sa-rang’s special appearance below!

EPIK HIGH’s Tablo’s Ha-ru

The second daughter in our article is Tablo’s sweet daughter, Lee Ha-ru! She was born on May 2, 2010. Her father is EPIK HIGH’s frontman, Tablo, also known as Daniel Armand Lee or Lee Seon-woong, he is a famous rapper from YG Entertainment, a record producer, songwriter, and businessman. Her mother is Kang Hye-jeong, a Korean actress.

Haru has been a funny child ever since her first appearance on the show in 2013, when she was still three years old. She is good at talking, and also very firm. When asked what she likes most, she said really likes fish. Not only fish, Haru loves all animals. Such a lovable child!

Earlier, Haru had short hair that caused many to think that she is a boy. In addition to her hair, she also loves wearing hip-hop style clothes, like her dad. Haru is a beautiful child despite her short hair, she looks very pretty.

Haru is a skilled child, she is very good at moving her body, whether when dancing or at sports. She’s also considerate of younger children. In one of the episodes on Return of Superman, she offers strawberry milk to a baby and also puts on Song Minguk’s shoes.

As a celebrity’s daughter, Haru gets to meet other artists, including BIG BANG, who came from the same management company as her father, YG Entertainment. She really likes G-Dragon, but every time she meets him, she got shy.

Watch Haru and G-Dragon’s cute interaction below!

Do you want to see Haru on Return of Superman again?

Ki Tae-young’s Ro-hee

The third daughter we’re going to talk about is Ki Ro-hee! Born on April 12, 2015, she is the first daughter of actor Ki Tae-young and actress Eugene.

She was just eight months old when she first appeared in Return of Superman. Ro-hee is known for her cute laugh and adorable smile. Watch the episode of her getting a haircut!

Cuteness overload, indeed.

Unfortunately, fans had to say goodbye to Ro-hee in 2018 when she and her father decided to quit the show. Check out their final episode, below!

Uhm Tae-woong’s Ji-on

The fourth daughter in our article is Uhm Ji-on. Born on June 18th, 2013, Ji-on is the daughter of the famous Korean actor Uhm Tae-woong and ballerina Yoon Hye-jin. Many people said that Ji-on is physically more similar to her aunt, who’s also a Korean actress, Uhm Jung-hwa.

Ji-on began to be known for starring in the Return of Superman, replacing Lee Haru in 2015. She has very chubby cheeks and is one of the Big Eaters, after Sarang. She really likes to eat. Ji-on has a delay in talking, but she is very active and very funny. Her cute voice makes her even funnier when she talks.

Check out the episode of her speaking skill below!

Ji-on is very fond of her father. When when she saw her father sleep, she started crying because she did not want to lose him. In Return Of Superman, she and her father often came out together and Jion often cried because of her father, and her father also cried because of it. Their habit is often called The Uhm’s Drama. Very funny, don’t you think?

However, Uhm Ji-on left Return of Superman because her father had to return to his work in film and drama. Ji-on participated in the show on episodes 59 through 103.

Watch her final episode, below!

Jang Beom-june’s Jo-ah

The fifth daughter we’re going to talk about is Jang Jo-ah! Born on July 26, 2014, she is the first daughter of singer Jang Beom-june and actress Song Seung-ah. Jo-ah has a little brother named Jang Ha-da, who born on September 19, 2017. He’s also appeared in Return of Superman alongside his sister.

Jo-ah’s first appearance in the show is in 2019, starting from episode 268. Unfortunately, Jo-ah and her little family left Return of Superman the same year, after only being in 10 episodes.

Their father, Jang Beom-june, who is a member of the indie band Busker Busker, bid their farewell in the last episode with his family, which was broadcast on May 19th, 2019. In the episode, Jo-ah and Ha-da went to the Yeosu area with their father. Beom-june sang the song Yeosu Night Sea to his two children. He said that the song was created while he was still working part-time as a caricature artist.

He then sang the song on the beach, with his children singing beside him. Many people gathered to listen to the beautiful performance of Beom-june.

Watch their final episode below!