Get Closer to Reply 1994’s Actress: Go Ara

Go Ara in Korean Drama: Hwarang


Hwarang was a Korean drama written by Park Eun-Young and directed by Yun Seong-Sik aired by KBS2 for a total of 20 episodes. This drama was quite a popular drama in 2016, but some consider that the drama is not good enough. The drama is about an elite group of male youth in the Kingdom of Silla.

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Since the airing of the first episode, Go Ara reaped a lot of bad criticism. She was called the cause of the failure of the drama Hwarang because her acting was not good enough to play Ah-Ro. Although told as a cheerful character, it turns out a lot of spectators who do not like the character Ah Ro, who eventually led to the suspicion of causing the failure of this drama. In response to this, not long ago in an interview, Go Ara finally spoke about her role.

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“I never really think about rating, I think working together with players and crew is more meaningful Hwarang has a unique color as a drama and because the audience says enjoy while watching, I do not want to limit it just by focusing on things like ratings,” Go Ara said.

“I’m starring in this drama because I hope to be excited while shooting a drama and wanting to get the spirit of the young soul, so I hope Hwarang is not just talked about in numbers.” she continued.


She also talked about her acting with Park Seo-Joon and Park Hyun-Sik. “I relied on the two of them a lot while we were filming. There will be a lot more scenes where Ah Ro, will warm your hearts and female viewers will be able to continually empathize with her.”

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When asked what her personality is like, she said, “I’m bright and more simple than you would expect. Many people view me as stable and firm but I’m actually quite clumsy.” Complimented about her pretty looks, she replied, “It’s always nice to hear that because it means people are viewing me favorably, but I do not dwell on it that long.”

Go Ara’s Appearances on Running Man

1. Go Ara on Episode 80

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In Running Man episode 80, Go Ara is accompanied by T-ARA’s Hyomin and Actress Im Soo-Hyang. The theme of running man episode 80 is Charlie’s Angles, so Go Ara, Hyomin, and Soo-Hyang get a mission from Charlie to eliminate all Running Man members.

On this episode, Go Ara sustained an injury while shooting Running Man. She fell when she ran too fast. “She crashed during filming on January 17th, and it did not have a serious impact on her career, just a scratch.”

2. Go Ara on Episode 139

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On episode 139, Go Ara guest starred with Lee Yeon-Hee. The theme that was lifted for this episode was That Winter, That Wind Blows. The men of Running Man meet in a cafe in long coats and order drinks. Couple teams are formed with the waitresses who bring out the drinks. After some games of couple piggyback tag and dodge ball, a big plot twist is added and they must find out which two are siblings.

3. Go Ara on Episode 298

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The theme of Running Man episode 298 is No Man Race, in which is the participants will guess and find one No Man in the race. Besides Go Ara, Lee Je-Hoon and Kim Sung-Gyun are also guest stars.