Get Closer to Reply 1994’s Actress: Go Ara

List of the Top 4 Go Ara’s Movies

1. Dance Subaru (2009)

dance subaru

Dance Subaru is a movie starring Go Ara as the main character, Rizu Park. In addition to Go Ara, the film also stars Meisa Kuroki as Subaru, Yuta Hiraoka as Kohei, Miku Sano as Mana Kurena, Ken Maeda as Sada, Toshio Kakei as Amano, Kaori Momoi as Isuzu Hibino. The film is written by Masahito Soda (manga), Chi-ngai Lee and directed by Chi-ngai Lee, and was released on March 20, 2009 with a duration of 105 minutes.

This movie is about Subaru and her twin brother Kazuma, who share a dream of becoming ballet dancers, but their passion is discouraged by their father. After Kazuma’s death from a hereditary illness, dancing became Subaru’s only happiness, and she yearns to lose herself in dance. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she runs into cabaret owner, Isuzu, who recognizes the talent in Subaru and trains her in her nightspot.

But, to become a professional ballerina, Subaru has to overcome harsher challenges than merely satisfying the cabaret drunkards. Spurred on by her rivaling dance companions, Subaru enters an international dance competition, to vie for recognition and a scholarship to any top ballet company in the world.

Subaru and her companions soon discover that there are more to compete than the championship, and tests of friendship, betrayal and self-worth come one after another. Gradually the youngsters learn about themselves as dancers, as persons and as friends.

2. Pacemaker (2012)


In 2012, Go Ara re-participates in a film called Pacemaker and plays the lead role as Yoo Ji-Won. In addition, the film also stars Kim Myung-Min as Joo Man-Ho, Ahn Sung-Ki as Park Sung-Il, and Choi Tae-Joon as Min Yoon-Ki. The film is written by Jung Hyun-Woo, Lee Won-Jae, Ryu Hoon by and directed by Kim Dal-Jung, which was released on January 18, 2012 with a duration of 124 minutes.

This film is about Joo Man-Ho, who was forced to give up his dreams because of a critical leg injury, and to support his younger brother. He makes ends meet by delivering chicken for a friend’s fried chicken restaurant. Park Sung-Il (Ahn Sung-Ki), his old coach from his marathon running days, pays Man-Ho a visit.

Park Sung-Il wants Man-Ho to be the pacemaker for the Korean national team as it prepares for the upcoming 2012 Olympics. Man-Ho is even offered the chance to run in the Olympics as the pacemaker for the Korean team. Park Sung-Il accepts, but faces recurrence of his leg injury, which could prevent him from ever running again and must also contain his dream of becoming a champion marathon runner.

3. The Magician (2015)


The Magician was quite popular in 2015, besides starring Go Ara as Cheong-Myung, it also stars Yoo Seung-Ho as Hwan-Hee, Jo Yoon-Hee as Bo-Eum and Kwak Do-Won as Gwi -Mol. The film was released on December 30, 2015, written by Jo Jung-Hwa, Kim Dae-Seung, Lee Won-Tae and directed by Kim Dae-Seung with a duration of 122 minutes.

This film is about Hwan-Hee, who is the most sought after magician in the Moorangroo, a popular red-light district area in Uiji of the Joseon Dynasty. Hwan-Hee suffers personally from his abusive childhood. As a child, he was physically abused by Gwi-Mol, a magician from the Qing Dynasty. Hwan-Hee and his friend Bo-Eum finally ran away from Gwi-Mol.

Cheong-Myung is a Princess of the Joseon Dynasty. She travels to the Qing Dynasty to marry the Prince of the Qing Dynasty. She does not want to get married, but she has no choice due to her family. There, she meets Hwan-Hee near a cliff on the mountainside. Hwan-Hee is unaware that Cheong-Myung is a princess, but he falls in love with her. Cheong-myung also falls for Hwan-Hee’s free-spirited ways.

4. Phantom Detective (2016)

phantom detective

Phantom Detective is a film written and directed by Jo Sung-Hee which was released on May 4, 2016 with a duration of 125 minutes. Go Ara in this film participated as President Hwang, Lee Je-Hoon as Hong Gil-Dong, Kim Sung-Kyun as Kang Sung-Il, and Spirit Jeong-Eui as Dong-Yi.

The film tells about Hong Gil-Dong runs an illegal detective agency with President Hwang. They try to take down evil people following the will of President Hwang’s late father. Hong Gil-Dong is able to track virtually anyone down in an hour or less, except for Kim Byeong-Duk who has eluded him for many years. Kim Byeong-Duk is the man who killed Hong Gil-Dong’s mother. Hong Gil-Dong’s memory begins at the age of 8 when he was mother was killed.