Get Closer to Reply 1994’s Actress: Go Ara

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Get Closer to Korean Actress, Go Ara

Go Ara is an actress and model from South Korea who debuted under Artist Company in 2003. At a young age, she constantly moved around Korea because her father was a soldier. When she was in junior high, she was recommended by a friend to audition for the talent agency SM Entertainment. After joining SM Entertainment, she started to train with the other trainees under the same company in the fields of acting, singing, and dancing.

Before becoming an actress, she had won Model of the Year in 2008, Go Ara is a very multitalented woman. Also in 2003, she became the winner of SM Entertainment 5th Anniversary Teen Model Contest. Let’s look at the full profile of Go Ara!

Full Profile of Korean Actress, Go Ara

go ara

Name : Go Ah-Ra

Date of Birth : February 11, 1990

Age : 28 years old

Profession : Actress and Model

Height : 170 cm

Weight : 45 kg

Zodiac : Aquarius

Blood Type : A

Religion : Protestant

Education : Chungshin Girls’ High School, ChungAng University (Theater degree)

Hobbies : Listening to music and playing the flute

Language : Korean, English, and Japanese

Agency : Artist Company

Fun Facts About Go Ara’s Eyes

The eye are the most important sense in us; without eyes, all the people know we could not see. Like basically, most eye colors are black, but some people have eye colors like brown, blue, gray. Many artists use soft lenses to support the beauty of their eyes.

Without us knowing it, the actress Go Ara has an eye color that changes in every appearance. Let’s take at look at  Go Ara’s eye changing in every appearance.

1. Go Ara’s Hazelnut Eyes

go ara

2. Go Ara’s Greenish Grey Eyes

go ara

3. Go Ara’s Bright and Light Eyes

go ara

4. Go Ara’s Darker Eyes

go ara

5. Go Ara’s Light Brown Eyes

go ara

Go Ara’s Height and Age

go ara

Go Ara has a height that is quite perfect for her size as an actress and model, which is about 170 cm. At the age of thirteen, she decided to go into the entertainment world as a model. Go Ara was chosen to play the lead female, Lee Ok-Rim, in the 2003 KBS teen drama Sharp. Her role as an ambitious and confident middle school girl catapulted her to instant stardom. She reprises her role in the sequel, Sharp 2.

There have been many movies and dramas starring Go Ara since the age of 12 until now. Go Ara already has talent in the entertainment world since childhood.