K-drama Review: ‘Reply 1988’ – A Story Of Friendship, Family, And Love

5 Reasons To Watch The K-drama Reply 1988

  1. OST

Reply 1988 has among the best OST lineups. Period. Some of the tracks are remakes of the original version, while others are new tracks. The OST gives great depth to the mood and the emotions of every scene in Reply 1988. All of the tracks are easy listening and will never get outdated.

2. Duk-seon’s first love and future husband

reply 1988 kdrama review

Who is Duk-seon’s first love? The side plot of Reply 1988 revolves around the love triangle story involving Duk-seon, Jung-hwan, and Choi Taek. Will she choose the emotionless but caring Jung-hwan or the smart and lovable Choi-taek? The answer lies in the final episode.

3. Reminiscence of good moments

By watching Reply 1988, viewers get to remember the best moments of their youth. The good old days when school was all about friendship and romance, when neighbors shared meals, when there were no social media and cell phones.

4. Excellent recreation of what Korea was like back in 1988

Viewers can see how Koreans valued family, friendship, and education through Reply 1988. Students spend most of their time studying in school or in study rooms. The family eats together at the dinner table. Kids and parents watch TV in the living room. Some of the scenes and commercials that are shown on TV are actual events and commercials played in that era.

5. Tons of funny scenes.

The characters in Reply 1988 are very well written. Hyeri as Duk-seon can make people laugh with her easygoing character and hilarious acts. Before being cast to play Duk-seon, Hyeri was already a famous idol, member of Girl’s Day. However, she was never too shy to ruin her idol image by acting as the silly and comical Duk-seon. Whenever she is around, Duk-seon always delivers tons of funny and entertaining scenes.

Reply 1988 is definitely the drama that every fan must watch and arguably, is the best from the Reply series. Don’t call yourself a K-drama fan if you still haven’t watched Reply 1988.

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