Are You #TeamTaek on ‘Reply 1988’? Here’s Park Bo-gum and Hyeri’s Cute Moments Together!


Reply 1988: Park Bo-gum and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri’s Relationship

Drama lovers, do you guys know about the Reply series? I’m 100% sure you know about this series. It started with Reply 1998, starring Apink’s Eun-ji, then continued with Reply 1994, starring Go A-ra, and ended with Reply 1988, starring Girls’ Day’s Hye-ri. Among these three dramas, Reply 1988 is the most liked drama because of the nostalgic feeling it awakens in the viewers. Many people like this drama because the storyline has a perfect balance between love, family, friendship, and comedy. The setting, the soundtrack, the products used in the drama, and even the events happening in that era are made to appear as real as the ones in 1988. Applause for the crew that researched everything thoroughly for this drama!

As we all know, all the main cast in this drama are playing the characters of childhood friends who grow up together and have now reached the point in their lives where they have to choose their own life paths and even life partners. In the gang, Deok-seon is the only girl who lives in the semi-basement floor under Jung-hwan’s house. Jung-hwan, on the other hand, is the richest in the gang. Dong-ryoung is the funniest. Sun-woo is the smartest. And Taek is the most innocent and is a baduk genius.

The Romance Between Choi Taek and Deok-seon in Reply 1988

If you have already watched Reply 1988, you guys must have gone through the roller-coaster ride that is the relationship of Deok-seon and Jung-hwan or the relationship of Deok-seon and Taek. For some viewers, the ending was kinda disappointing because everyone expected Deok-seon to end up with Jung-hwan but it turned out that Deok-seon chose to be with Taek. The love story between Deok-seon and Taek was not very obvious since they only gave out small hints with their attention to each other, unlike how Jung-hwan treated Deok-sun. We could tell easily that Jung-hwan had special feelings for Deok-seon. Are you team Deok-seon x Jung-hwan or team Deok-seon x Taek?

For team Deok-seon x Taek, let’s have a little flashback!


They even spent had a good time together during the making of the movie.

#TeamJunghwan Won in Real Life

I know there was an inner conflict with the viewers, especially those who were on #TeamJunghwan. But don’t worry, Deok-seon and Jung-hwan still got together but in real life. Yup, Ryu Jun-yeol (Jung-hwan) and Hye-ri (Deok-seon) admitted that they’re interested in each other ever since they played together in the drama! Their agencies announced their relationship last year and they are still going strong until today. So basically, #TeamJunghwan won!

After Reply 1988

After the drama ended, Park Bo-gum (Taek) and Hye-ri (Deok-seon) are still close friends. Even though they are now busy with their individual schedules, all cast members are still close to each other as seen in their reunion picture uploaded by Hye-ri and Dong-hwi (Dong-ryoung) on their SNS accounts.