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Jaemin and Chenle


Jaemin and Chenle are members who are close to each other. Just for information, Chenle is the youngest member (maknae line) with Jisung. Because Jaemin is the only child, Jaemin loves Chenle as much as his own younger sibling. Jaemin even said that Chenle is a very cute little brother. Likewise with Chenle, although Chenle is often seen bullying Jaemin, but Chenle loves Jaemin because Jaemin really cares about Chenle very well.

Chenle is a member from China who started training only three months before debuting with NCT Dream. Although they haven’t known each other for a long time, Jaemin always takes good care of Chenle and Chenle also considers Jaemin to be a big brother he can rely on.

Here are the adorable moments between Jaemin and Chenle. Let’s check them out!


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Jaemin and Haechan

We Heart It

Jaemin and Haechan are members who are close to each other because they were both in the same pre-debut group and unit. They were part of the SM Entertainment pre-debut group SM Rookies and in the NCT teen unit, NCT Dream. They became trainees under SM Entertainment in the same year. They are also 2000-line members who attend the School of Performing Arts in Seoul, South Korea. The two of them are close after undergoing training at the same time. Although often exposed to Haechan’s ignorance, but that is what makes them become close and share affection.

Haechan once told the beginning of his meeting with Jaemin in an interview. “I entered SM a month earlier than Jeno and Jaemin and I was the only one who was very young. The youngest hyung among the other hyungs was Jaehyun hyung. When the hyungs asked, ‘Do you want to do it together (practice)?’ By myself, I say, ‘Okay, okay… ‘”

Hearing Haechan’s story, Jeno didn’t want to lose either. He said, “Jaemin and I came together (to the agency) when we were 14 years old on the same day and same time.” Jaemin denied by saying that Jeno was his senior by three hours because Jeno came three hours earlier than Jaemin.

“Haechan acted like a senior at the time,” Jaemin added. Jeno, Jaemin and Mark even thought that Haechan was older than them.

There are adorable moments between Jaemin and Haechan from pre-debut until now which you can check out below.

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