Learn More About the Relationship Between Jaemin and the Other NCT Dream Members

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Meet NCT Dream’s Na Jae-min

Na Jae-min was born on August 13th, 2000, in Jeonju, South Korea. He is a South Korean dancer, singer, songwriter, and actor under one of the Big Three agencies, SM Entertainment. He is the youngest boy group member from SM Entertainment’s NCT and his subunit is NCT Dream. He is a lead dancer, sub-vocalist and one of the two main rappers of NCT Dream. He also joined as a visual line on NCT Dream with another member of his group, Lee Je-no.

On August 24th, 2016, he made his debut with the subunit NCT Dream with the single “Chewing Gum.” On December 1st, 2016, SM Entertainment announced that he will go on hiatus from NCT Dream due to health issues, until March 5th, 2018, when he made a comeback with the single “Go” in a joint album with 18 other NCT members. They made a massive comeback with the album Empathy, and started with the unit name NCT 2018. On September 3rd, 2018, Jaemin made a comeback with six other NCT Dream members by releasing the mini-album We Go Up and this album was their last album with Mark Lee.

Jaemin is the most loving member and cares for all of the NCT Dream members, especially to members younger than him. That’s why Jaemin can easily get close to other NCT Dream members. Because he is the most loving member, Jaemin has never been seen angry with other members even though the other members always avoid him. Jaemin said he was raised by both parents who loved him very much and also he grew up with lots of love from his fans. That is why Jaemin is the most loving member on NCT.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about Na Jae-min’s relationship with the other NCT Dream members. Starting from his relationship with Jeno, Mark, Renjun, Haechan, to the Maknae (youngest member) Jisung. So, keep reading everyone!

Jaemin and Jeno: BFFs Since Forever!


If you mention one of the groups that are on the rise in the K-Pop industry, some of them will definitely mention the boy group NCT under SM Entertainment. Not only do they have different subunits and members from different countries, but they also have various songs that appeal to many people out there.

Recently, it was revealed by their fans that members Jeno and Jaemin have a very loving relationship between them. For their fans, they might already know that the two members are the same age and entered SM Entertainment at the same time. Since then, they have built a very close friendship between the two of them. They also joined the pre-debut group from SM Entertainment, SM Rookies with other SM Entertainment trainees who are now debuting as NCT members. In fact, they had been one of the students from the same school, School of Performing Arts, Seoul, South Korea. Many fans were happy and made exasperated when they saw the interaction between the two of them and hoped their friendship would last for a very long time.

In addition, both of them made their debut under NCT DREAM in 2016. With their faces known to the public, both of them gained popularity and many fans also liked their relationship. Within three years of debuting, the two teenage boys have grown into young men who are extraordinarily handsome and extremely talented. They also occupy the same positions in their group NCT Dream, which are rapper, dancer, vocalist and also visual of the group.

These are the adorable moments between Jaemin and Jeno from pre-debut until now. Let’s check them out!

Pre-debut from SM Rookies


From debut until now

We Heart It

Jaemin and Mark


There is no doubt about the closeness between Jaemin and Mark Lee. Jaemin and Mark got close when they both became trainees under SM Entertainment and joined the pre-debut group SM Rookies. Mark and Jaemin got closer because they both debuted under the same unit, NCT Dream. Mark is the oldest member and leader who graduated from NCT Dream in 2018. Jaemin and Mark are close because they are members who care for one another. They both are members who always put other members first ahead of themselves. Because of their closeness, Jaemin always trusts Mark in everything. The two of them even often talk about music together and Mark always gives input to Jaemin about what Jaemin has to do in each of his performances. They often share thoughts about anything. In a press conference program that he stars in, tvN’s My English Puberty 100 Hours, Jaemin said that Mark was the NCT member he always relies on.

“NCT Dream’s Mark is a member from Canada. When we traveled overseas, I relied and relied heavily on it. Because I depend on it when there are activities abroad, I can’t do anything without it.”

These are the adorable moments between Jaemin and Mark from pre-debut until now. Let’s check them out!


Jaemin and Renjun


Jaemin and Renjun are close since they both became trainees under SM Entertainment. Although Renjun was not included as a member of the pre-debut group SM Rookies, Jaemin and Renjun were close because they were members born in the same year, 2000. Over time, Jaemin and Renjun became very close even though they sometimes look like Tom and Jerry. In an interview from last year, Renjun even revealed that Jaemin was a member who always touched him with the little things he did.

“Because today is Jaemin’s birthday, I will say good things about him,” Renjun said. “Jaemin is known to be very attentive to fans. When you already know him, he is very caring and pays attention to the smallest things and often makes me touched. That’s why right at 12 o’clock at night, I say happy birthday,” he continued. “I gave him a sugar cube suitable for drinking with coffee. That’s the most expensive sugar sold out there, hahaha.”

Below are the adorable moments between Jaemin and Renjun. Let’s check them out!