These Pictures of Red Velvet’s Irene and IZ*ONE’s Eunbi Make Them Look Like Long Lost Twins!

The Similarity of IZ*ONE’s Eunbi and Red Velvet’s Irene

There is a lot of talk about the similarities between one idol and another, both male and female. One of them is an IZ*ONE member who is considered similar to some other Korean idols. IZ*ONE, which was formed from the survival show Produce 48, indeed had a chance to be under discussion among netizens because their members and concepts were booming.

Now, let’s take a look at the IZ*ONE’s member similarity with other K-pop idols!

Red Velvet’s Irene and IZ*ONE’s Eunbi’s Similiarity

You can see that the similarity between Eunbi and Irene’s faces is undeniable. Starting from the shape of the jaw, the nose shape, lip shape, and eye shape are almost all the same as Irene. In fact, many netizens say that Eunbi and Irene are like twin sisters.

Other Produce 48’s Contestants Who Similiar with Korean Celebrities

Now, let’s take a look at another contestant from Produce 48 and their similarity with Korean Celebrity. Check this out!

Ahn Yu-jin and Jung So-min

Ahn Yu-jin has been getting talked about for her resemblance to Jung So-min. They even have the same jaw shape and, when they smile, their faces look the same as siblings. Ahn Yu-jin, who is a trainee from Starship Entretainment, does have similarities with Jung So-min.

Na Go-eun and SNSD’s Taeyeon

As you can see, with the same blonde hair and expression, Na Go-eun is the subject of conversation because of her resemblance to SNSD’s Taeyeon. Their face shapes and expressions are thought to be the same, even though Goeun has a slightly longer jaw. In addition, Na Go-eun in Produce 48 also has a beautiful voice like Taeyeon.

Kim Si-hyun and Bae Suzy

With the same pose, the same smile, Sihyun looks the same as Bae Suzy. Even when smiling, netizens were struck by the fact that Kim Si-hyun really was like a dupe for Bae Suzy. Sihyun even has the same eyes, lips, and nose as Suzy. What do you think?

Honda Hitomi and Kim Jae-hwan

This time, one of the Produce 48 contestants was compared to a male idol. Honda Hitomi and Kim Jaehwan have similarities in their faces and smiles. When Honda’s Hitomi’s face was viewed in profile, netizens remembered Kim Jaehwan and that the two celbrities had something in common. The shape of the nose and the shape of their cheeks do look very similar.

Jang Gyu-ri and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Can you guess which one is Jang Gyuri and which is Blackpink’s Jisoo? With the same clothes and the same smile, it’s hard to distinguish between Gyuri and Jisoo. They do have very detailed similarities on their faces. In fact, the shape of their jaws, eyes, noses, and lips are the same. Netizens were amazed how their faces could look so similar.

Kim Min-ju and TWICE’s Tzuyu

Finally, here are Kim Minju and TWICE’s Tzuyu. They both have very specific similarities, like Jang Gyuri and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. Even when Minju smiles and poses for selfies, many netizens see her as Tzuyu and they are shocked by her appearance. Her face looks the same as Tzuyu and many say that Minju is Tzuyu’s twin.

What do you think? Which Produce 48 contestant is very similar to other Korean idols? However, so far Minju and Tzuyu, Gyuri and Jisoo, Hitomi and Jaehwan are widely discussed by netizens because they have the same face. And keep giving them lots of support and love for their activity.