These Fanmade Photos of Red Velvet’s Irene and BTS’ V Will Blow Your Mind! Are They Actually Dating?

Their Moments and Interaction

The fans hopes and dreams for the couple don’t stem from nothing. They have interacted in a couple instances throughout their career. As the two are from highly famous and popular groups, they are often seen in the same events, such as award ceremonies and year-end shows. It’s easy to see that the two often stand next to each other during encore and ending stages, prompting fans to go into a frenzy over their interactions as seen below.

Not only is there proof in a form a moving picture, but there is also a video compilation of their interactions across their careers. This seems to be where most of fans have gotten the idea that the two are more than just acquaintances, as their slight and small interactions could actually amount to more in the eyes of the fans. The footage is taken from the period of 2015 to 2016, including the moment that is captured above.

The video includes their interaction in music shows and ending stages of award ceremonies. In 2015, Irene was appointed the new MC of the music show Music Bank. This makes for the perfect setting for the two to interact, as at the time BTS were promoting vigorously with songs such as I Need U and many more. As seen in the video above, they have interacted as she interviews him as part of one of the show’s segments, or even congratulated him when he wins an award.

Their interactions are not only related to music shows, although the bulk of it seems to stem from that, with end stages also providing a space for them to interact. These various interactions led fans to believe that the two are more than just acquaintances or co-workers. Despite all the compilations and ‘proof’ that seems to collect from the two, there are no concrete statements or meetings between the two that have been publicized to further speculation on the truth behind their relationships. So with that, it can be concluded that there is still no solid proof of the two dating.

So what do you think of V and Irene’s relationship? Are they really dating? or is it just something that the fans made up through the power of image editing? Comment your thoughts down below!