Red Velvet Members’ Personalities Based on Their Zodiac Signs

Red Velvet Zodiac Signs: The Complete Members of Red Velvet

The Complete Explanation of Red Velvet Members’ Personalities Based on Their Zodiac Signs

Do you believe in the zodiac? Well, maybe some of us don’t believe it, but many people out there do. Those people believe that every person born in this world has their own one, or more astrological signs; signs that determine their destiny and all of their personality. Based on this reasoning many ReVeluvs have tried to search Red Velvet members’ zodiac signs so they can compare their personalities and check out their predictions.

So, are you one of these ReVeluvs who have been wondering about Red Velvet members’ zodiac signs? If you are, then this article is right up your alley! Channel-Korea will provide you with everything you need to know about the members’ zodiacs and their destinies that lie within the zodiac.

List of Red Velvet Members’ Zodiac Signs


In astrology, there are two zodiac systems: Sun and Moon. The Sun symbolizes our soul, ego, sense of self, and self-expression, while the Moon symbolizes our mind, emotion, sub-consciousness, and thoughts.

So, based on the theories, we can see Red Velvet members’ zodiac signs according to the Sun and the Moon. Here’s the list of their zodiac signs.

Member Birth of Date Sun Zodiac Moon Zodiac
Irene March 29th, 1991 Aries Virgo
Seulgi February 10th, 1994 Aquarius Aquarius
Wendy February 21st, 1994 Pisces Gemini
Joy September 3rd, 1996 Virgo Taurus
Yeri March 5th, 1999 Pisces Libra


Irene’s Personality Based on Her Zodiac Sign


Irene has both Mars and Venus energy in her Sun and Moon signs, since her Aries sun is in first decan (Mars ruled) and her Virgo moon is in third decan (Venus ruled).

Irene’s Aries Sun


Aries natives are really beautiful since their Mars energy is invigorating and exuberant to be around. The energy has made Irene very beautiful, but at the same time so intimidating. Irene is not easy to trust. She’s pretty sympathetic to others’ sufferings. Furthermore, she is honest and sincere with everyone around her, while hoping that they will give respect back to her.

Irene’s Virgo Moon


The Virgo moon is shown clearly in her expressive eyes. Even though she keeps her eyes less expressive when she’s staring at someone, those eyes are just magnetizing people around her.

Virgos are always productive and progressive. However, they tend to overwork, to the point of blocking emotions that they deem unproductive. Virgo moon also tends to be much shier. Sometimes, they can be hard on themselves for not being able to show their feelings of love.

Seulgi’s Personality Based on Her Zodiac Sign


Seulgi has both Aquarius sun and moon. Her sun is in the third decan ruled by Venus and/or Libra, and her moon is in the second decan ruled by Gemini.

Seulgi’s Aquarius Sun


People with Venus/Libra ruling their sun tend to have a charming and attractive aura. Her Aquarius sun brings her good fortune and popularity as she stands out individually. Aquarius can be incredibly romantic, despite being notorious and standoffish.

Seulgi is friendly to those around her and has an easy-to-talk-to personality. Her hard work and determination are fueled by her expression and ego.

Seulgi’s Aquarius Moon


Seulgi’s Aquarius moon in the second decan makes her so expressive. She is also quick-witted and a fast thinker. Her communication skills really help her balance her life stuff. She feels jealous sometimes, especially when she feels overlooked by others.

Wendy’s Personality Based on Her Zodiac Sign


Wendy has Pisces sun and Gemini moon. Both her sun and moon are influenced by Aquarius.

Wendy’s Pisces Sun


Wendy’s Pisces sun makes her look like someone from another world. She seems honest and willing to listen to others. Wendy believes in her intelligence and her ability to talk. However, like most Pisces, Wendy is pretty shy.

Pisces usually take their advice from their inner self. They’re good at seeing the bigger picture and these people are big dreamers as well. Her heart is really touched when someone notices her compassionate, giving, and kind nature.

Wendy’s Gemini Moon


Wendy’s Gemini moon is in the third decan. She is the type that needs to hang out with friends all the time, and she is a very friend-oriented individual. She might often appear more socially active than the rest of the members.

Gemini moons demand a stronger need for external responses. They make great conversationalists because they’re pretty open-minded and free-spirited. They’re also intelligent and highly upbeat to be around.

Joy’s Personality Based on Her Zodiac Sign


Joy has Virgo sun and Taurus moon. Both Virgo and Taurus are in decans that are influenced by Capricorn. Because of the influence, Joy is really an “earthy” queen since she has all three earth signs in her chart. All her earth sign placements love the simplified and natural stuff in her life.

Joy’s Virgo Sun


Joy’s Virgo sun affects her self-confidence and her emotions to not hurt others deeply. The Virgos also tend to suppress negative emotions to amplify positive ones. Virgos are easily embarrassed, and their shyness makes them feel uncomfortable. Inactivity can really drive people with Virgo sun because they need to feel useful and appreciated in their life.

Joy’s Taurus Moon


Joy’s Taurus moon has made her warmer with people around her with whom she has become acquainted. She is very touchy and loves people, but she often doesn’t say or express those feelings. Her serene personality can calm those around her, and she’s probably one of the most reliable members of the group.

Yeri’s Personality Based on Her Zodiac Sign


Yeri has Pisces sun and Libra moon. Her sun is in the second decan influenced by Cancer, and her moon is also in the second decan influenced by Aquarius.

Yeri’s Pisces Sun


Yeri’s Pisces sun makes her intuitive and she has a strong relationship with her inner emotions. The Cancer influence makes Yeri often feel fluctuated and affected easily. She can feel so deeply sad, and she seems easy to cry. Yeri has a deep profound bond and connection to other people’s feelings as well.

Yeri’s Libra Moon


Yeri’s Libra moon has gotten a bunch of energy from its influencer, Aquarius. Yeri, and most Aquarius-influenced-Libras, tends to be a bit harder to crack down than the usual Libras. They are proud, strong-willed and easy to confront other people. Yeri is logical and critical, and she always makes sure that she makes decisions based on her wits and logic.

That’s all the information about Red Velvet members’ zodiac signs and their personalities. So, what do you think about the members’ zodiac-determined personalities? Are those personalities matched with the members’ personalities in the present day? Anyway, if you like this article, please kindly share it with your friends! See y’all in the next article!